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Whether you are building a restaurant, wood bridges, ropes course, support saddles, or treated fender systems; we are a custom manufacturer and can produce the materials you need if you cannot find them -- such as:


Little data are available on the thermal expansion of natural solid wood, plywood, impreg, compreg, and papreg, and none on staypak, and hydro- lyzed wood, plastics and laminated sheets.

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Re: pressure treated wood shrinkage By far, you'll always get your bang for your buck at a local lumber yard, like the above poster said. Yes it does cost a little bit more, but the quality decking you can buy is worth the investment.

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Pressure-treated wood that has been properly treated and installed for its intended end-use can be expected to last for many decades. Ongoing tests sponsored and monitored by the USDA Forest Services Forest Products Laboratory confirm this finding.

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Question I am trying to calculate shrinkage of pressure treated lumber for a customer. The people where I have my wood treated say they do not know the moisture content after removing it from tank.

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The wood itself does very little expansion or contraction, however the moisture in the wood expands and contracts quite a bit. Whenever there is a freeze the moisture in the wood expands by about 10%.


Wood is a hygroscopic material that absorbs moisture in humid environĀ­ ments and loses moisture in dry environments. Therefore, the moisture content of wood is a result of atmospheric conditions and depends on the relative humidity and temperature of the surrounding air. Under constant

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Un-maintained Treated Pine DeckI just returned from visiting a client whom inherited a pressure treated pine deck and was disgusted with its condition. His initial intent was to tear down the entire deck and start over. He truly liked the look of wood and understood maintenance was involved but he didnt realize that treated pine

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What kind of wood should I use if I end up replacing the strips? A. To Replace wood expansion strips it's best to use pressure treated lumber. Use 1x4 treated lumber and masonry sand. Place the 1x4 in the joint and wash sand in and around the 1x4 on both sides. This will stabilize the 1x4 in place and the pressure treated wood will last for years.

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The Southeast Leader in Pressure Treatment Sunbelt Forest Products is a leading manufacturer of high-quality pressure treated lumber headquartered in Bartow, FL and locations throughout the Southeast.

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arsenical-treated wood products. The sheets provide information about the preservative and the use and disposal of treated-wood products see Syn-opsis of EPA-Approved Consumer Information Sheets for Wood Treated with CCA, ACZA, Creosote, or Pen-tachlorophenol . The commercial wood treater is bound by the EPA regulation and can treat wood only

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Working with wet treated wood is a very bad idea unless you like shrinkage, cracks, gaps, squeaks, etc. Let your framing and decking dry out first. Here in Oregon that means buy the wood and store it in a DRY place.

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Pressure Treated Wood Foundations Explained Preservative slows the reduces expansion and contraction. It makes the wood impermeable to water. The outer surface

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The Shrinkulator helps you estimate dimensional changes in wood, either shrinkage or expansion, based on changes in the woods moisture content. It is applicable to wood whose moisture content is at or below the fiber saturation point about 28% .

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Treated wood tests are intended to provide relative corrosion information of items in contact with preservative treated woods and typically use humidity and elevated temperature to accelerate corrosion rates.

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I had a house built with a double drive, and 4 inches of concrete poured over Mesh/wire. with treated lumber for the expansion joints. That was 15 years ago. The joints have degraded Moderately, but the drive cracked otherwise,,,but not at all because of the expansion joints. Steven Wolf

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WeatherShield - 2 x 2 x 8 1 Pressure-Treated Lumber - Ideal for decks, playsets, landscaping, and other outdoor projects, this lumber is pressure treated to protect against termites, decay, and rot.

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Redwood expansion joints are used in various concrete applications to control surface cracking where an expansion joint is required.

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The moisture in wood is chemically bound in the walls of the wood cells and cannot freeze, and expansion and contraction continues at below freezing temperatures. Wood does acclimate more slowly at lower temperatures. Wood will expand on warmer days and contract on colder days.

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He used 4000 PSI concrete that is 4 inches thick and every 10 feet or so he used 2x4 pressure treated wood as the control/expansion joints. They didn't make any actual cuts into the concrete for the joints, which I thought was the norm.