what is a porch on a second floor called

Patio, porch, lanai, veranda: What's the difference

A porch is an extension to the exterior of a house, generally at the same level as the floor inside. It usually has a wood floor and generally has a roof. It may be on the front, back or side of the home and a home may have multiple porches. The sides may be open, screened, glassed or have lattice.

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About this Plan. A second floor covered porch catches your eye as soon as you see this Traditional home plan designed for a narrow lot. Inside, a formal parlor can be closed off should you need a study. The remaining first floor rooms are all open to each other, making the space seem huge. Three large bedrooms occupy the upper level with

what is a porch on a second floor called

what is a porch on a second floor called Porch Designs and Ideas: Build a Two-Story Porch or Double Porch May 31, 2013 There are many ways to build or add on a second story porch.

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"Second Floor Deck with Screened in Porch Design and Stairs - Decomagz" called a gable, at the top." 68 Best Second Story Deck Ideas Images .

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Coming up the drive, you will notice a large front porch or wraparound porch with the door centered, second-floor dormer windows and a gable roof that often runs parallel to the main road. The roof frequently flares out to cover the porch, which is an important part of the home plan.


Loggia. A Loggia is a covered exterior corridor or porch that is part of the ground floor or can be elevated on another level. The roof is supported by columns or arches and the outer side is open to the elements.

What are the differences between a balcony and a porch?

Sometimes the covering is a second floor overhang vs a separate porch roof. This one is a partially covered porch and partially uncovered porch. It is a main level of the home exterior seating area attached to the home Above is an enclosed back porch. Sometimes these are screened porches without glass in the windows.

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Two Story Porches: Build a Porch Way Up High. I would love to have a sleeping porch on the second floorI heard once yrs ago that a second floor is good because

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Balconies, porches, and patios a primer on the of outdoor seating. portico A porch or walkway with a roof supported by columns, often leading to the entrance of a building from Latin porta meaning gate veranda A porch or balcony, usu. roofed and often partly enclosed, extending along the outside of a building.

What do you call second story walkway of strip mall or motel?

What do you call second story walkway of strip mall or motel? Verandas are essentially an extension of a front porch along the ground floor. and the second

What is the difference between a porch and a veranda, a

Veranda is a Portuguese porch. A balcony is usually a small platform on the outside of a building, enclosed by walls or balustrades, sometimes supported by columns or console brackets. The platform is projecting from the wall of a building, and is usually above the ground floor. A balcony is a small second floor porch.

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A long open porch in the front of a house usually with railings is also called a Verandah. Deck is a raised planked add-on that has railings, typically adjoined to the house. Decks do not have a roof, but may have a arbor. open spaced plank cover Patio is paved area that is ground level..usually concrete or pavers.

What is the correct name for a deck on the second story of a

Source s : I work for a company that does services for construction on the second floor. Technically you can call it either a balcony or a deck. In general usage, a balcony would be a smaller uncovered structure protruding from a home, building or inside a theatre. A larger floored but unroofed space would be a deck.

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Many plans show 3-4 chambers and a bedroom on the second floor. This single "bedroom" is always a tiny room as compared to the chambers, often with no closet. It is frequently located near the top of the stairs from the first floor. The small room in this location is what many folks have told me was the "fainting room.".

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Why do older homes have exit doors on the second floor but has no porch? SAVE CANCEL. already exists. Would you like to merge this question into it? MERGE CANCEL. already exists as an alternate of

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Balcony is an outdoor structure, an extension of the house or buildings upper floor. A house can have more than one balcony in each floor. These are platforms that jut out from the walls of the building, enclosed by walls, supported with columns, railings or balustrades with at least one meter in height.

What do you call 'porch' but in a building apartment

On the ground floor, it's called the patio or the terrace. If you're talking about the front porch of the apartment building and you don't want to use the term porch, you could also call it the front stoop. I agree with James. If it's on the second floor or higher, it's called a balcony.

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"1923 Cottage Bungalow Floor Plans 3 bedroom house looks like it would fit as a tiny house" "1923 Olsen and Urban - Hollow-tile Cottage Bungalow - Books of a Thousand Homes - Olsen and Urbain, Architects *a sleeping porch on the second floor "