what can i put on railing to keep cats from jumping up

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You can put away step ladders and maybe the garden furniture and you can chain up wheelie bins to prevent them from being moved around the garden. Danger to domestic cats and wildlife

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The cats seem to look at it as a ceiling even though they can scale part of the lower mesh. But I have run across problems with trees along the back fence. I do have some "tree-guards" on the big trees, but my cat can still scale the back fence and somehow get through a gap that may be created in the mesh I put there as a ceiling.

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Can you fasten something to the balcony railing? I've attached white plastic fencing to my 2nd floor deck railing to keep my cats from tumbling off. We fastened it with staples and zip ties.

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My husband thinks we can put up a net what will catch her if she jumps up there and falls. I would rather use something to prevent her from jumping up there entirely because I don't trust a self installed net to hold a 9 lbs cat being dropped on it.

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Alternatively, shake a can of coins to make a loud noise that startles your pet companion. Booby-trap the upstairs window. Stack empty soda cans to form a pyramid on the windowsill. When your cat jumps into the window, the cans will fall and startle her, making her think twice about jumping up again.

Help please Advice needed how to stop kitten jumping on

Ours take great pride in slinking up and down the bannister, we just trust their balance and leave them to it The kitten is the only one who fits through the railings and she uses it as a shortcut, usually landing halfway down the stairs and carrying on her merry way. She can't do it at the moment though as she has a cone on her head.

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Basically you walk up stairs and to your left is my daughter's bedroom door and a short railing that over looks the front door below. However if you go strht there is a long railing that is the length of a whole room below.

How to prevent cats from jumping off an INDOOR balcony

How to prevent cats from jumping off an INDOOR balcony? you can try a motion detector air sprayer that will keep the cats away from the are whenever

How to prevent cats from jumping off an INDOOR balcony

Answers. Try to spray lemon or orange sent around the area, if that doesnt work keep a water squirter handy and every time you see him do something bad squirt him, and let him know that its bad. Also, cats can survive very long drops. No need to worry that much about it.

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Answers. Your not going to be able to keep them from climbing the fence. The only option is to not allow them to go outside. If you can get permission from your landlord, you can build an outdoor enclosure that will allow the cat to be outside, but not get out of the yard. Soft Paws may work, but with it being chain link, I don't think it will.

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Best Answer: If you can't be home all day, maybe get the old lady a squirt bottle, when your cat jumps the fence, she can spray him. Or, to get him to stop pooping in you rneighbors garden, you or her could put down lava rocks or something that he wont like around there,

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By the time they can get up onto the railing they should be able to stay there rather than stumble off, and should also be getting smart enough to work out the distances and whatever. I say should because my adult cat used to jump onto our stair rail and misjudge, leaving him sailing down two floors worth of stair well.

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I have a balcony that has iron railings. I also have 3 cats that love to hang out on the balcony during the warm months. I put an old bamboo blind across the railings and it looked great but the wind tore it to shreds after a few months. What can I use to cover the railings that looks cool but won

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If your cat can only get on the countertop with help from a chair, move the chair and eliminate the boost. Provide legal jumping targets. Invest in or build a climbing tree or a cat tower for your kitty. Make it interesting enough to hold the cat's attention, and once in a while, "sweeten the deal" by hiding a tasty treat at the top.

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Works On Any Fence. Install 5 ft. or higher. Cats can climb trees, go out on overhanging branches, drop down on a roof top or fence, and exit a yard. The TREE GUARD prevents this. Use them on trees with branches that are close to fence or house roof. The illustration shows two different ways it can be installed.

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This will keep the cats in, but I will have to put more plastic panels on the other side to help keep the raccoons out, but that's a whole other challenge, because raccoons can find many other way

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My cats enjoyed jumping through the bars on my patio. I fixed this by putting up chicken wire with some zip ties. The chicken wire was tall enough it stuck up over the top of the balcony railing. Then I snipped the top edges to be spiky. My cats tried to jump up once and realized it wasn't a good place to perch because of the spiky bits.

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In theory, cats will not climb a reverse overhang or jump out and over something when they can see strht down. I found the first part to be true so far, but my neighbor's cat definitely disproved the second part. The unwanted visitor managed to get in my yard, but he could not get out until I let him out and has not been back since.

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If you can keep your cat interested enough in toys that stay on the floor in particular, you may also be able to keep them from becoming interested in jumping onto countertops. Change the available toys occasionally so they don't get bored and start jumping on counters for new stimulation.

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Set the crate in a place where the cat can have a good view of the outdoor scenery around your balcony and beyond. Chose the largest crate you can fit in the balcony. Remember that cats love to be up high to get a good view of what's going on. Consider placing a high perch inside the crate, so the cat can sit higher up.

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It can be nailed along the top of the fence to aid in deterring cats. Wire or String Either a taut wire or string can be strung between small posts on top of the fence.

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If your cat wakes you up early in the morning, your first inclination is probably to try and get back to sleep. However, in most cases, its simply not possible to do that with a cat either jumping up and down on you, attacking your feet, of pulling your hair.

Help please Advice needed how to stop kitten jumping on

Advice needed how to stop kitten jumping on bannister Can you put something on the piece of floor he has to stand on to jump from? Fwiw my cat jumped up on

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"45 degree angles prevent cats from jumping up on fences. Saw it on Jackson Galaxy and thought it might be a Chicken solution " "Cats are bold animals that love to roam and explore their territory, although it can be dangerous to let your cat explore alone. Outdoor cats can get into toxic chemicals, be hit." "45-degree angle Cat Proof Fence.

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Remove your cat from the window if you catch her jumping into it. Pick your pet companion up, firmly say "no," and put her on the floor. Don't pet her or look at her -- just remove her from the window and walk away.

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Make cat food available around the clock if you believe your finicky feline is jumping on cabinets in search of food. Keep her food bowl filled if she's not overweight, and remove any food near or in the cabinets. Alternatively, put child-safety locks on the cabinets so you cat can't get in them.

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You can put a cat door in the bottom of the door that goes to the balcony. If it is a sliding door, you can get one of these - Cat Doors for Sliding Glass Doors If you want more details, feel free to ask me questions in a comment.

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And even then, do not let them jump onto the railings. Move your patio furniture away from the railings to help keep your pets and kids from getting to a level where they are more likely to fall over. You can also consider using outdoor cat enclosures on your balconies and decks.

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But is there a way to keep your cat from jumping on railings? Our railing is not that wide, and I get nervous all the time, and I have my older male cat who loves to jump up on it too, only thing is is he is twice her size, so I get really nervous too that he could fall off. He loves to jump on the railing and hang his arms down from it.

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But it would need to be long enough to prevent even a long jump, floppy enough to keep him from just jumping up onto the cardboard and solid enough to not allow clawing his way up. It also would need to not stick out so far as to completely block our access to the stairway we're ok with something a bit ugly and inconvenient to protect our kitty, but we do need to be able to get through .