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Occasionally, a barbecue will also be available on the sun deck. Amenities : Scenic ships offer massage services, a fitness center, various musical and dance entertainment, wifi, and a cooking class for French river cruises.

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Wooden decks can deteriorate quickly without proper care and regular maintenance. Follow these 10 guidelines to make your wood deck last as long as possible. 5. Clean and seal regularly. Have your deck professionally cleaned and sealed at least every 2 to 3 years to protect it against the rain and sun.

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The problem, however, with buying products to protect our wood is that they often give off harmful fumes, familiar scents that are actually damaging our health as we breathe them in.

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The Best Cruise Deck Plans Celebrity Free Download PDF And Video. Get Cruise Deck Plans Celebrity : Build Anything out of Wood Easily and Quickly. View 13,000 Woodworking Plans here.

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A deck can function as a seasonal family room during the spring, summer and even the fall months of the year in some areas. Although deck living can be casual and easygoing, wood and composite decks still need regular maintenance and care.

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Deck Defense. Ultraviolet rays also discolor wood and accelerate wear by breaking down wood fibers. Add in the scratches that occur when you drag chairs across the surface, splattered grease from barbecues, mold growth in shady spots, and ground-in dirt from foot traffic, and most decks start to look old within a few years.

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On a 12-foot-by-16-foot deck with 6-inch deck- ing, a fascia that is flush to the top will create 40 linear feet 12 16 12 of collection zone the entire perimeter . But if the decking laps over the fascia, the collection zones are limited to the 1/4-inch gaps between the deck boards, a cumulative 121/2 inches.

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Oil and Vinegar. Oil and vinegar is the crux of most salad dressings, so it cant get much safer to use. And, believe it or not, a bit of canola oil 3 parts and vinegar 1 part makes a dandy wood sealant, protecting wood from borrowing insects, wear and water. Plus, this can be reapplied to revitalize the wood,

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Seal your deck to protect it against moisture from rain and dew, which will cause the wood to swell. Sealing the deck will also protect it against the sun, which can shrink and dry the wood. The alternating cycles of expanding and shrinking will cause the wood to warp, cup, crack and gray.

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Easy Steps to Clean, Stain and Preserve Your Deck. Clear Water Repellents provides basic protection, but not a lot of UV protection so the wood will begin to gray after only a few months, more of a natural look. Count on using this product season to season. Toner or Tinted Water Repellants, just like a clear, but pigment or color is added.

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Oil-Based Pacific Redwood Penetrating Exterior Stain and Sealer. Oil based stain penetrates deep into wood for superior protection. Great for fences, decks and unpainted wood siding. Guards against water damage, sun and snow.

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Deck covers are a great option for protecting a wood deck from the elements. Using a deck cover eliminates the need to refinish the wood on a regular basis. Remember, however, that installation of must be done carefully. If the cover is not installed correctly, moisture can get in below the deck cover and cause significant damage to the wood.

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Maintenance, performance and durability are dependent on each other because the ease of maintaining a great-looking deck really depends on how well the stain seals and protects the wood and how long this protection will last.

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First, remove any dust from the wood with a tack cloth. Shake the tung oil container and apply a liberal amount to a clean cloth. Rub the oil directly onto the wood, adding more to the cloth as necessary. Wait 5 to 10 minutes, or until the tung oil begins to feel sticky, then wipe off any excess with a clean cloth.

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The approximate coverage of the deck sealer is 200 sq ft per gallon, but it all depends on the conditions and porosity of your wood. We recommend being more conservative and estimating about 150 sq ft per gallon. If you are going to seal your deck, dont go cheap. Get the best deck sealer.

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Step 2 Prepare the Area. Fire pit pads protect your wood deck from heat, embers, and ash and come in a variety of styles and materials; stone, stone composite, metal, screen mesh, and tile. Most pads are small, but by placing several of them together, you will be prepared for flying embers or a fire pit that tips over.

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A joist or beam cap covers and protects the wood surface by providing an impervious barrier between the decking and deck structure. Imus Cap is a patented, easy to install joist and beam cap designed to protect wooden deck structures from water damage and rot. Imus Cap is made of bonderized metal with a pressure-sensitive

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A little diligence and an inexpensive deck flashing tape keep things protected and help prevent deck joist rot. Last summer, I helped a carpenter buddy tear out a rotten deck. The joists were pressure-treated lumber, so I was surprised at how badly decayed they were.

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Create Airflow Under Planters. Allowing air circulation underneath planters and pots lets moisture dry before the deck wood suffers damage. This also gives some protection against stains from red clay pots. Planter feet, usually rubber, stick to the bottom of pots and planters or their drip pans and add an inch or less for circulation.

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After sweeping your deck and clearing the cracks, it is important to clean the wood. To do this, you can either use a deck cleaner or bleach, cut in half with warm water, and a scrub brush.

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Step 3. Once the deck is clean, apply a redwood stain or a waterproofing deck sealer. This seal will repel water and give your deck a longer life. To apply the sealer, simply purchase a pad with a little reservoir and simply brush it on.

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Avoid deck stains or penetrating finishes that dont offer enough protection for untreated wood outdoors. Sand First: Before painting, sand the surface down to bare wood or use a chemical wood stripper , so your primer will adhere well to the wood.

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Composite decking is more environmentally friendly than traditional wood, it requires less maintenance and it lasts much longer than a wooden deck. Composite decking is generally made out of a blend of wood or wood byproducts and plastic.

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Roam the Disney Cruise Line ships, using an interactive floorplan to virtually explore the staterooms and venues on each deck.

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For example, if you're looking for a clear water repellent to protect against water damage without changing the color of the wood, choose a product like Rust-Oleum Seven Trust Water Sealer. It will protect your deck against the elements for three years.