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Refinishing teak handrails Ragged Sails

Refinishing your teak handrails back to looking like new is easy. Refinishing Teak Handrails. The handrails on my boat have taken a beating over the years

Teak Deck Refinishing

Tim Gilliam. I am as passionate about the services our company provides as the day I started as Teak Masters' only employee in 1997. For 2 decades I have been obsessed with continuing to developing state of the art refinishing techniques and application of the finest cutting edge wood coatings modern science can create.

How to Finish Teak

How to Finish Teak. Author: Mike Smith Remove the platform during the autumnal haul out and refinish it over the winter. How to Strip the Finish on Your Boat.

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- first remove the teak that you want to refinish. - strippers are fine, but quite frankly I'm not fond of the chemicals that remain in the wood. My boat has a lot of teak, I sanded every piece. With the right tools it's really no big deal. - DO NOT sand until you are changing the dimensions of the piece - just to the wood.

Boat Deck Repair: How to Refinish a Boat Deck

A deck repair involving the refinishing of a boat deck is a project that can be handled by most any do-it-yourselfer. Refinishing a boat deck is similar in process to refinishing a patio deck. Refinishing a boat deck is similar in process to refinishing a patio deck.

DIY: Refinishing Wood on a Boat

Often the hardest part of refinishing wood on a boat is getting the old finish off. Unfortunately, there is no magic solution. It usually takes a combination of methods, all involving a large tub of elbow grease and a bucket of patience. Often the hardest part of refinishing wood on a boat is

Properly Restoring Teak Boats

Cleaning Teak on Boats. If your teak is dark brown from old, oxidized dressing, or weathered grey from neglect, the first step is a thorough cleaning. The severity of the discoloration of the wood will determine the severity of restorative measures required.

TeakGuard Teak Protectant

TeakGuard guards teak wood on your boat and outdoor patio furniture. Unlike teak oil and other teak marine products or treatments, TeakGuard protects wood much longer with less care, cleaning, maintenance and refinishing.

DIY: How To Refinish Household Teak

Above: In Longs master bath, the sink and bathtub have teak surrounds. Above: After Longs refinishing efforts, the teak looks as good as new. The Sink. Above: Like the wood on a boat, teak surrounds need to be stripped and resealed periodically. Above: Because the sink was used daily, its surround was in worse shape than the tub surround.

Refinishing Teak Swim Deck

Good Morning Everyone,I would like to refinish the teak swim deck on my 1986 CC Ski Nautique. Refinishing Teak Swim Deck: Post Reply The boat went in April

Boat trim refinishing

Boat trim refinishing. new wood when i got the boat. the feller i bought it from told me to buy one of the teak refinish kits and when done it will look like new

Refinishing Wood

Re: Refinishing Wood - Teak or Varnish I have found the absolute best and longest lasting product is made by Sikkens. The name of the product is Cetol marine finish. It is put on like a varnish. 3 coats is suggested.This stuff is awesome.

Cleaning Interior Teak Cruising World

Does your boat have a teak interior? Follow these reader-suggested steps to keep it gleaming. From the Archives: Cleaning Interior Teak. to refinish

Teak Care

Oiling teak on boats is a time-honored tradition. Oil intensifies the colors and grain patterns of wood and gives the wood a rich, warm appearance. Because it simply enhances the inherent beauty of the wood more like salt than sauce oiling is arguably the most attractive of all wood finishes, and it restores some of the teak's natural

Refinishing A Fiberglass Boat

To restore your boats luster, it may be possible to get away with a refinish. But keep in mind for older boats, a repainting might be in order as well. Tips For Dealing With Fiberglass. Refinishing your fiberglass boat means working primarily with fiberglass. Here are a few tidbits youll need to know:

How to Refinish Boat Wood Teak Hunker

Over time, you boat woodworking will begin to age and you will need to know how to refinish boat wood teak in order to refinish the boat woodwork. The wood teak floors in a boat are just like a normal wood floor when it comes to refinishing them, but refinishing the wood floors on a boat must be done more often then in a home, as the water from

What To Do With Tired Interior Teak?Commuter Cruiser

First I removed it from the inside of the boat why get more dust below than absolutely necessary. We have a lot of interior teak that needs refinishing

How to maintain and caulk teak decks on boats.

Re-caulking of structural teak decks is a continuous process which commences about 10 minutes after the deck was first laid and continues until the boat is abandoned. Teak should never be laid over steel plate decks. Inevitably the teak seams will leak and the trapped water will rust the steel causing it to swell and lift the teak off.

How to Varnish Wood on Boats

It is especially important to varnish all around a work piece, particularly if it is made of teak and installed on boats, because any place where moisture can enter under the edge of the varnish will eventually cause the finish to lift.

How to Restore Teak on Your Boat

Pollutants can quickly stain a teak boat, transforming the beautiful golden brown into a mottling of dingy black, brown, and grey. Restore teak boats back to their original condition, removing dark stains from pollution, by following these simple steps.

HowTo Refinish A Teak Deck For Your Boat

Subscribe An overview and step by step of how to refinish / re-seam the teak decks on your boat A list of materials used

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Re: refinishing Teak trim and platform The condition of the teak really determines what path you will want to follow. When I detail boats, I use a 50/50 solution of ammonia and water. With a 3m scrub pad, I work the solution over the teak. Careful with the 3m pad around the gelcoat, but the ammonia, won't hurt it. Wear gloves to protect your hands.

How to Refinish Teakwood Home Guides SF Gate

Refinishing teak requires sanding to remove the aged surface of the wood before applying a protective teak oil finish that enhances the woods natural luster. Clean Teakwood.

Teak Cleaning and Refinishing FAQ

Teak is the most common wood found on pleasure boats, although many wouldn't use the word pleasure in the same sentence as teak. Teak wood contains natural oils which help prevent it from rotting or deteriorating in the marine environment.