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Wood Fence Styles. The versatility of wood allows homeowners to choose from different styles of fencing for their homes. While only six styles are mentioned in this blog, wood can be customized to suit any landscape, function, or style. Rail fences are typically seen along the borders of farms, large areas of land, and gardens. These fences allow homeowners to keep their pets, livestock, or garden safe without blocking the view of their land.

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There are many different styles and options for wood fences available, and choosing the best options for your yard may seem overwhelming. To make your selection easier, we have designed four fence options, all of which can be upgraded to meet your budget and vision for your new backyard.

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Wood invokes a sense of warmth, beauty and harmony with the environment. These factors make wood a very common fencing material for enclosing yards and open spaces such as pastures.

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Wood Plank Fencing. Wood planks create a good sound barrier to eliminate street noise and sounds from neighboring houses. Pine, cedar, redwood and locust are just a few of the types of wood used for wood privacy fencing, according to the HooverFence website.

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There are two basic types of panels: The boards on a solid panel fence butt against each other. One side of the panel shows the faces of the pickets while the other side shows the rails. Shadowbox panels, right, use alternating boards on each side of the fence rail to give the fence the same look

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Fence materials also vary from wood, metal structures, stone fences, vinyl fences etc. It is advisable before you decide on your fence style to consider initial cost and of course the maintenance that will be required at times.

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This is a picture of a standard wood privacy fence in someones back yard. The main types of fences are the following: Wood Fences; 20 Types of Fences.

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Barn Wood Style Fence Add a healthy dose of country styling to your front yard with this low barn wood fence. Comes simple and functional, but with a lot of pastoral wholesomeness.

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When the Focus Is on Form. In choosing between types of wooden fences, consider their potential for compatibility both with your house style and with your landscape-design style: Split-rail wood fences and other wood fence designs marked by rough and rugged posts and rails have long been a favorite with: Ranch-style houses Landscape designs

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Wood fencing comes in many styles and different types of wood. It can be left to weather naturally which means that is practically maintenance free. Staining or painting a wooden fence can provide a different kind of look. This can look nice, but requires continuous fence maintenance throughout the years.

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Another PVC picket fence in white with light purple flowers flowing through and over the slats. A white picket fence surrounding a beautifully landscaped backyard. The entrance to the interior of the yard is marked with a trellis. A wooden white picket fence separating two sections of a garden.

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Wood fences come in a variety of styles and heights to match your backyard needs. Wood privacy fences are typically about 6 feet tall to block the view into the yard from neighboring houses or streets. Local zoning regulations often dictate the maximum height allowable. Wooden picket fences are usually shorter with wider gaps between

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When designing and installing a fence for your yard, there are a lot of options. Iron fences are common in the front yards here in Capitol Hill. However, in the backyards, privacy fences are much more common. The following images include options for wood fences, but options are not limited to the ones presented here.

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There are countless fences styles made from all kinds of materials, including iron, steel, vinyl, glass, and wood. Wooden fences are the most widely used, and a classic direction for fences. This is why wooden fences come in the widest variety of styles.