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8 Retaining Wall DesignsWooden Wall. This wood retaining wall has the look of a friendly fence. For longevity, use pressure-treated wood rated for ground contact. Landscaping cloth installed behind the wall prevents roots from growing through the boards.

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The Best Building Stone Retaining Walls Ideas. Treated wood retaining walls for the patio. To cover the horrible aluminum siding. Casey Michelle retaining walls.

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"Wood retaining wall with square timber, and interlocked joints." "Wood retaining wall ideas are always impressive with the great visual appeal and the sense of harmony in the landscape project. Such walls are an affordable" "Residential landscaping in Loganville and Lake Oconee.

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Amazing building a wood retaining wall building a wood retaining wall lehman lane wood retaining wall plans wood retaining wall steps. Outstanding build almost landscaping retaining walls almost landscaping wood retaining wall anchors wood retaining wall ideas treated wood retaining wall design.

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Wood retaining wall ideas pros and cons of the material. Wood is susceptible to insect attacks. Termites, for example, are the second biggest enemy to wood, after moisture and the damages are, practically, irreparable. You will have to replace affected parts or the entire wall.

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Retaining wall design ideas how to choose the right material. The upper ends are with antiseptic, and buried in the ground is best treated with hot engine oil, creosote, tar or bitumen. After this, the wooden retaining structures will reliably serve for many years.

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Sawn timbers are a popular choice in retaining wall construction and for in ground contact are usually unseasoned, treated or naturally durable. There is more flexibility for those used in above ground environments, with seasoned sawn timber also an option.