posts with bark on

Absolutely necessary to let cedar fence posts dry first

edit to add sorry, the bigger diameter the better for strength and if you can bury it another foot that might be better too. bark or no bark, it's up to you but I find it easier for cedar fence posts to be bark free.


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Black Locust Split Rail Fence Wood Split Rail Fencing

At Bark House , we only produce authentic wood split rail fencing and posts. The traditional early method of splitting was accomplished with a mallet and locust wedges. American Chestnut and Black Locust were predominantly used due to their rot resistance and wide availability.


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bark on round post fence

Round Timber Fencing - English Woodlands Timber Round timber fencing posts in Chestnut or Douglas Fir, full round or half round, w/bark or w/o, pointed or squared and matched with Chestnut cleft rails.


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Debarking lumber

Debarking is the process of removing bark from wood.Traditional debarking is conducted in order to create a fence post or fence stake which would then go on to be pointed before being planted.

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Leaving the Bark on Porch Posts

Leaving the Bark on Porch Posts There are several reasons why leaving the bark on an architectural feature is a bad idea, especially outdoors.

Black Locust Fence Post Advice

As to the bark, I bet it would be better to peel off the bark since most bark has little rot resistance and is a bug magnet. As to air drying, if you put an air dried post in the ground it will gain moisture equal to the ambient moisture in the soil, so an air dried post won't stay air dried-in-the-ground very long, especially in winter.

Black locust posts with bark still on?

The bark will release in what seems like all of a sudden some time over a year and after the posts have dried out. I'd use a hatchet to hack it out of the way where any insulators go after the posts are set so you can get it all off out of the way after it releases.


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Take bark off cedar posts? TexAgs

And if you're stapling the fence to the post as you normally do with wooden posts it shouldn't matter when the bark strips off and the wire is a little loose. When you're building the fence, you don't want to drive the staple hard against the wire to begin with.

Custom Tree Bark Scratching Post

For your custom tree bark scratching post, I only use posts that have suitable bark for cat claws. Thick and soft, yet dense and durable is the perfect description of the bark you'll receive for your cat. Custom sizes are available upon request.