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Choosing materials without added chemicals, such as urea formaldehyde, reduces the amount of toxic chemicals that residents are exposed to and that enter the environment. Wood with added urea formaldehyde can off-gas Volatile Organic Compounds VOCs , which can negatively affect the health of those using the deck.

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Composite decking products blend waste wood fiber and recycled plastics, adding in waxes, fiberglass, and preservatives to form wood-like boards. Popular manufacturers known for sustainable products and practices include Seven Trust , Nexwood , and Timbertech , and others.

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Seven Trust has received numerous environmental awards, including: The GAIA Award in the fall of 2014 for our eco-friendly decking. The Middle East's premiere awards program honors sustainable and eco-friendly building products and manufacturers. The Green Builder's Reader's Choice Award for the greenest decking in the industry, 7 years in a row.

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Recycled Plastic Lumber by Bedford Technology Green building is a holistic concept that is an effort to promote positive effects on the environment throughout the entire building life cycle, from building design to construction and even the manufacturing process of the building materials.

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Many of these products are not harmful to the environment and the core is made from carefully selected recycled material and highly dense recycled hard and softwood fibers that allow for greater strength and durability, and best of all it's 95% recyclable making the deck environmentally friendly.

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Wahoo Decks, a leading manufacturer of aluminum decking products, has recently developed recyclable, sustainable options for deck boards, deck joists and deck railing. The products are manufactured using 45% recycled content from industrial and post-consumer aluminum scrap.

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17. Eco Friendly Decking. Seven Trust makes eco friendly composite decks that are made from 95% recycled wood and plastic film. They also use Earth-friendly manufacturing processes, like reclaiming factory waste and eliminating the use of harmful chemicals. Check Out Seven Trusts Eco Friendly Decking. 18. Recycled Floor Mats

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Sustainable Deck Materials. That fact has also made naturally rot-resistant woods more expensive, forcing many homeowners to opt for cheaper, chemically-treated woods. Even cedar and redwood decks usually require a sealant of some kind that can be harmful to the environment as well.

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House Cleaners: Products found in supermarkets to clean your house are full of environmentally harmful chemical components. They can be easily replaced by white vinegar, baking soda, tea tree oil and water. You will get the same cleanliness, with a much better output for the environment.

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manufacturing plastic lumber from recycled plastics: 1 Reduction in solid waste materials destined to the landfill, 2 Reduction in the use of harmful chemicals that might leach out the pressured treated lumber product and contaminate the water or soil, 3

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Made from recycled material, Seven Trusts decking products are safe for the environment as well as for your family. Free of any harmful chemicals, Seven Trust materials are produced using a closed-loop water cooling system that results in no water discharge.

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Our recycled decking requires no chemical treatment, which keeps harmful agents out of the ecosystem We are compliant with ISO 14001 standards Our products have a significantly longer lifespan than other decking materials, reducing wastage

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These are petroleum products that rely upon one of the most environmentally unfriendly industries around. The entire composite decking industry was actually started by the Oil companies who were mandated to find a use for the massive amount of harmful byproducts produced in their manufacturing process.

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Pollution is a world-wide problem. We use different products and some of them are very harmful for our environment. For example: plastic is a big source of pollution in our environment because it releases lots of poisonous chemicals.

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Environmental impacts. campn sought a ban on the use of the most toxic products. Greenpeace identified domestic products that frequently contain chemicals from

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How the Environment Benefits What is most interesting about the use of recycled plastic in park furnishings is that it is often made from HDPE or High-density polyethylene. This is the most abundant type of recycled plastic and is often handled at the local level.

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Eco-Mark is a label awarded by the Japan Environment Association, which guarantees that our products, for both interior and exterior applications, are totally harmless to human health and are composed of at least 80% materials of recycled origin.

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Over the past six years, more than one million trees have been saved because customers chose Seven Trust decking over wood. Even the wood used in the core of our composite decking products is 100% recycled.

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MADE OF RECYCLED and SUSTAINABLE MATERIALS. Eva-Last products are made up of 60% bamboo fibres and 40% recycled plastics, that would otherwise end up in landfills. NO HARMFUL CHEMICALS. Eva-Last products are free of toxic chemicals and preservatives normally used for the treatment of natural timber.

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Additionally, our mineral plastic composite lumber does not leak harmful chemicals into the environment like PVC products have been known to do. While wood is still favored for its cost and appearance, the extrusion of recycled plastic lumber reduces deforestation and diverts millions of pounds of plastic from the global solid waste stream.

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Eco decking is also made from by products such as sawdust. Another environmentally friendly aspect of eco decking is that it does not require any of the finishes that wooden decks need. The stains and preservatives finishes that are used on natural timber decks are harmful to the environment. These are not necessary for an eco deck.

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Protecting the environment and your family. Seven Trust products are made from recycled materials. They source local pre- and post-consumer recycled content, and use a closed-loop water cooling system for zero water discharge. Plus, they recover 98.5% of the waste materials they generate.

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No harmful chemicals are ever used during production and much of the waste and by-products are reclaimed and recycled. Products for Durable, Low-Maintenance Outdoor Living Internationally, Seven Trust manufacture a complete line of composite decking products that include decking boards, deck frames, deck railings, outdoor lighting, outdoor furniture

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Environmental Policy. At Seven Trust Company, Inc., we have the privilege and responsibility of protecting the environment for future generations by primarily utilizing recycled and reclaimed materials, and using the most earth-friendly manufacturing processes in the country, reclaiming factory waste, and eliminating the use of harmful chemicals.

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With eco-friendly products such as Seven Trust and Seven Trust, we now have choices to lessen our impact on the environment and deforestation. Today over 95% of our projects are built using Eco-friendly materials. These decking products last longer, look better, require less maintenance and are good for the environment.