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Detailing for suspended ground floor for West Yorkshire Victorian mid-terrace house. Answer: Ideally a fibrous insulation such as mineral wool or sheeps wool performs best between timber because it will take up thermal movement and cut down air movement around the insulation.

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Timber . Ground Floor . Prefab Cassette Floor Collaboration. Systems. Technical Manual. Written for frame and truss manufacturers Introduction Selecting a system Design Fabrication Installation Case Study. Project funded by FWPA

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Timber floor structures are engineered, designed and built to achieve structural compliance as well as acoustic, re and in some instances, thermal performance. For most oor designs and installations it is the serviceability checks that dictate the spacing and size of oor joists or the depth of solid oors.

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The same studies also highlighted that models might underestimate suspended timber ground floor heat loss; in the case of the field study, the in-situ measured whole floor U-value U wf was estimated to be 1.04 ± 0.12 W/m 2 K, nearly double model estimates .

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How to insulate suspended timber floors. There are a few ways to insulate a suspended floor, but the best, most breathable way is to hang insulation under the floorboards. This insulates the floor, but still allows some air to circulate, preventing the timber from getting damp and rotting.

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Different types of ground floor suspended flooring . Suspended timber floors need to have spaces underneath ventilated via air 'bricks' through the outer walls and gaps in any internal walls so that the air can move across the building underneath the floors to prevent the build up of moisture in the timber which could lead to fungal attack.

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constructed with suspended timber ground floors whose thermal performance has not been extensively investigated. The results are presented from an in-situ heat-flow measuring campn conducted at 27 locations on a suspended timber ground floor, and the estimated whole-floor U-value compared with modelled results.

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This practical guide offers best practice advice for insulating under a suspended timber floor. Hook-On Cassette Facade the amount of ground floor insulation

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Suspended Timber Floor As a requirement of the Building Regulations the structure should be protected against the growth of weeds and other plant-life. The ground should have a layer of concrete poured across and there should be a ventilated gap of at least 150mm between the underside of the timbers and the concrete, to prevent moisture

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Timber Floor Cassettes increase on-site safety and can dramatically speed up construction. The use of cassette floor panels has become increasingly popular

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Suspended Timber Floor Construction Thanks for the reply Heinbloed. The way that I'm looking at detailing the floor is as a semi traditional suspended timber floor with concrete subfloor, tassel walls, wall plate, joists at 400mm centres, insulation between, Vapour barrier/air tightness membrane over, OSB or other substrate and timber flooring.

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Raising the floor level up above the ground acts as a barrier to damp coming up from the ground. Unfortunately, a consequence of this is that the floors can be quite draughty, with air bricks required to keep the timber dry.

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Ground Floor Hollow or Timber Floor. Hollow floors, also known as suspended or timber floors, are simply timber joists suspended across and supported by load bearing walls under the floor. The ends of these timber joists are built into, or suspended by joist hangers from the external walls of the property.

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Floor Cassette Systems Suits both ground floor and upper storey applications particularly in timber truss and frame solutions with the development of a

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Timber . Ground Floor Systems. Prefabricated timber ground floor systems delivered by Australias Frame and Truss manufacturing sector. Timber ground floor construction is far from a new concept; what is new, original and innovative is the delivery method and the market offering

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Floor Construction. in both concrete and timber suspended floors, but for other floor required as it is supplemented by heat from the ground floor.

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Project to develop timber ground-floor system number of cassette systems spanning between loadbearing walls on normal suspended timber floor.