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and help make the stair nose visible. SLIP AND FALL PREVENTION: STAIR SAFETY According to the National Safety Council, in 2003, more than 13,000 Americans 65 years and older died as a result of falls and more than 1.8 million had a fall injury that resulted in an emergency room visit.

Unsafe Stairs and Steps: Photos of Stair Fall Hazards

Photographs of stair and step defects illustrate a wide range of causes of falling down the stairs - stair trip and fall hazards and injury sources Worn, Loose, Damaged Steps and Stair Fall Hazards. Stair tread and step construction or maintenance mistakes can create a wide range of serious stair fall hazards.

Temporary Stair Railings and Handrail Edge Protection Solutions

Temporary Stair Railings. Our revolutionary temporary stairway handrail system can be installed on precast stairways and can adjust up to 78 in length. Innovative clamps hold Rapid Stairwell Post in place for ultra-safe handrails in high-rise and commercial construction applications.

Reducing Slips, Trips and Falls in Stairways EHS Today

Additionally, each restaurant instituted a self-audit program to maintain appropriate safety goals and added a stair condition checkpoint to the outside food inspectors audit form. In the 7 months following these actions, the restaurant group has experienced only two falls on stairs.

Simple Steps to Prevent Falls

Simple Steps to Prevent Falls Install handrails along any flight of outdoor steps. Buy sand or salt for icy walkways. Keep steps, sidewalks, decks and porches

Outdoor Fall Prevention Senior Safety Right at Home

Outdoor fall prevention guide for families of seniors. Providing ways to prevent falls for seniors around the house and outlining common issues that affect seniors living at home.

Preventing Falls for adults/elderly

Checklist for Preventing Falls in your Home but with awareness and attention to prevention this risk can be reduced. place the foot firmly on the stair. If

Stair Safety Fall Prevention

Good housekeeping is also vital to stair safety: Nothing should be sticking out the surfaces of stairs, handrails or banisters like nails or splinters that could cause a fall. Spills, wet spots, or any debris should be immediately cleaned up. Broken or malfunctioning lighting should be repaired or replaced.nt..

Fall Prevention Strategies

Take the right steps, though, and you can protect yourself. Make Your Home Safe About half of all falls happen at home, but the hazards that cause them are easy to spot and fix.

How to Prevent Slips and Falls on Outside Steps Today's

How to Build Exterior Wood Steps video Repairing and Resurfacing Concrete Steps video How to Build Deck Stairs video Video Transcript Joe Truini: The easiest way to prevent slips and falls on exterior stairs is with abrasive strips that you can buy at any hardware store or home center. And they come in various sizes and shapes.

Fall Prevention Home Safety Checklist

Are some steps broken or uneven? Yes: Fix loose or uneven steps. Even a small difference in step surfaces or riser heights can lead to falls. Wooden steps off your porch or deck outside can rot or weaken over time and may need to be replaced. Stair treads should be deep enough for your whole footat least 8 inches, but 10 to 11 is better.

9 Ways to Prevent Falling at Home Everyday Health

Learn how to correct everyday hazards for fall prevention in the elderly. 9 Ways to Prevent Falling at Home. slippery throw rugs, or wood floorboards that stick up. Then repair, remove, or

Stair Accidents: Proving Fault Nolo

Some stairs are made of tile or highly polished wood that is more slippery than stone, carpet, or painted wood. If you fall on one of these stairs, the property owner might be liable for sacrificing safety for beauty. Wet or Icy Outdoor Stairs. Rain, snow, or ice collecting on outdoor stairs increases the risk of accidents.

Fall prevention: Simple tips to prevent falls

Fall prevention Take steps now to prevent falls and maintain your independence. Repair loose, wooden floorboards and carpeting right away. Store clothing

Mobility Step

Our mobility step is a non-slip platform that helps you step more easily and safely, indoors or out. This outdoor half step reduces step height by half to help with mobility. Weather-resistant plastic step measures 19 1/4"L x 15 1/2"W x 4"H. Weighs 4 1/2 lbs.

Stair Safety Tips for Seniors

Stair Safety Tips for Seniors Unfortunately falls are the top cause of injury for seniors, so using the stairs as Falling Down Stair Prevention.

Falls Prevention

Use a sturdy ladder or step stool when trying to reach high areas. Outside the Home: More information on preventing falls: Falls at work Senior Fall Prevention .

Slip and Fall Prevention: Stair Safety

Slip and Fall Prevention: Stair Safety According to the National Safety Council, in 2003, more than 13,000 Americans 65 years and older died as a result of falls and more than 1.8 million had a fall injury that resulted in an

Slip and Fall Prevention: How To Fix My Slippery Stairs

Slip and Fall Prevention: How To Fix My Slippery Stairs - Wood vs. Carpet vs. Tile vs. Marble vs. Bamboo vs. Concrete vs. Laminate, etc. The best way for you to fix slippery stairs is to increase traction on each step.

Handi Treads

The unique construction of Handi-Treads provides the best slip, trip and fall prevention Its raised button surface grips on to your shoe or foot and provides instant traction, which no other company can offer. Furthermore, Handi-Treads are lightweight, consume just seconds to install, and look quite attractive.