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Sikalastic polyurea systems are ideally suited to the waterproofing of podium deck slabs and compatible with Sika solutions for below ground waterproofing, thereby offering a one-stop-shop solution for waterproofing the entire structure.

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When using exterior wire-reinforced mortar beds, a drainage mat will aid the reduction of moisture retention dramatically. If tile is to be installed over an occupied space or the structure must be protected for other reasons, waterproofing AND drainage may be necessary.

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Pools and Spas Miracote offers a comprehensive array of waterproofing, restoration, repair and construction systems for pools, spas and pool decks. Each of our sealers, primers, membranes and decorative concrete overlay systems is a proven performer, with years of in-field applications and testing behind it.

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For multi-layered waterproofing roof and deck surfacing material designed for foot traffic and roof furniture. typical Uses Promenade decks and roofs, balconies, sun decks, play decks, mezzanines and roofs over occupied space.. FeatUres Material is applied in a series of trowel coats: latex

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buildings have Plaza Decks and are used for pool areas, tennis courts, decorative areas, etc. The occupied space below the deck must be kept in a watertight condition and the prod- ucts and methods of application of the waterproofing system are of great importance.

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Waterproofing and crack-isolation membrane for slabs over occupied spaces and various floor and wall surfaces. Elastatex 500 Urethane Decking Surfacing system for waterproofing balconies, walking decks, and semi-level roof decks aboard ships.

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Promenade decks and roofs, balconies, sun decks, play decks, mezzanines and roofs over occupied space.. Material is applied in a series of trowel coats: latex membrane with integral com- posite ashings, and a exible cementitious trafc surfacing.

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Waterproofing a precast garage deck for occupancy below. We decided on using a composite steel beam and deck system the column spacing below was not critical as the space was used for storage . A membrane was then placed above the composite slab with a protective board and then a 3" concrete topping/wearing surface.

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dearth of usable space means many urban projects Problems with Deck Waterproofing Walkable and Waterproof PVC Sundeck and Flat Roofdeck Installation and

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Exterior decks or plazas that form a roof over enclosed space Pools or fountains Toilet rooms and shower floors over occupied areas Mechanical room floors over occupied areas 2. General Performance Requirements a. Waterproofing systems must prevent the infiltration of water and moisture through specific building components. b.

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Below grade waterproofing both sheet and fluid applied applications. Coating applications that require a class A / 1-hour fire ratings over living or occupied space. Concrete staining, sealing, and polishing on new or existing applications.

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Flat Roof Decks Waterproof and Walkable. Nothing presents luxurious, private outdoor living space quite like flat roof decks. Duradek vinyl membranes provide an easy, one product solution that meets building code requirements for both a roofing membrane and pedestrian surface in a single application.

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Waterproofing and restoration coatings for walkways, balconies and pool decks. that require a class A / 1-hour fire ratings over living or occupied space.

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sloping structural deck over occupied space Figure 1 . The lower portion of the fountain and the structural deck beneath the fountains lower pool extend over a vehicular underpass. The structural deck consists of a reinforced concrete slab and is supported by a grid of steel beams and girders. The fountain's original primary

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Mapelastic AquaDefense is a premixed, advanced liquid-rubber, extremely quick-drying waterproofing and crack-isolation membrane for installation under ceramic tile or stone in residential, commercial and industrial environments. Mapelastic AquaDefense provides a thin, continuous barrier to protect adjacent rooms and floors below from water damage.

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deck over living space waterproofing. Waterproofing exterior deck over occupied space: How the deck Forums Shower and Bathtub Forum and Blog One that has tile and is located over living space. There is a lot living space. The waterproofing for the new deck is in fact the roofing material.

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Plaza Deck Design Primer. A plaza deck is a walking surface, which sometimes can accommodate vehicles, typically waterproofed to protect the underlying structure and/or occupied spaces below. Common surface treatments include concrete, ceramic tile, stone or other paving material, usually with a bi-level drain used to accept both surface run-off

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Flat Roof Decks Waterproof and Walkable. This more-time, more-money approach can be a thing of the past with the single product solution of Duradek PVC membranes. Roof Decks with Duradek Ultra Vinyl Membrane: Duradek meets building code requirements as a roofing membrane over habitable space.

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, to flake and crumble. These pavers were installed on a thin peastone setting bed over waterproofing membrane, and the internal drains on this plaza have only small, slow-flowing seepage holes at the membrane level. Photo 1 Freeze-thaw damage to stone pavers. Photo 2 Freeze-thaw damage to concrete paving slab.

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Overview and Key CSI Projects Involving Waterproofing Systems. In areas where ground water pressure is of concern, betonite panels or similar product are placed below the slab on grade as opposed to a conventional vapor barrier. Plazas and roadways located over occupied space must first be waterproofed prior to the overburden

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A priority in commercial deck design is making sure people can exit a building, particularly in an emergency. Chapter 10 of the 2006 IBC defines means of egress as a continuous and unobstructed path of vertical and horizontal egress travel from any occupied portion of a building or structure to a public way.