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As such, most of the common areas were open-air terraces over occupied space below. Waterproofing over occupied space is a critical but often misunderstood and overlooked aspect of building envelope design in hotels and resorts.

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Learn the critical details for building a long-lasting and leak-proof rooftop deck over living space. Search This Site. About Us usage and basic waterproofing.

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Is this an exterior roof over occupied space? A shower? Why redguard the ply before CBU? To ease your ditra/unmodified worries I have the same , backbutter the tiles with modified, fill mat and tooth mortar bed w/ unmodified.

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When it was decided that a courtyard would be implemented into the WUSM/BJC Medical complex, the design team understood that waterproofing and protecting the occupied space below during construction would be critical to the success of the project.

Waterproofing Structural Concrete Decks over Occupied Space

The sealing of structural concrete decks against the passage of liquid water is discussed and covers design considerations and basic components of a waterproofing system. Advantages and disadvantages of various types of waterproofing membranes are described and available standards, trends and needs are summarized.

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Flat Roof Decks Waterproof and Walkable. This more-time, more-money approach can be a thing of the past with the single product solution of Duradek PVC membranes. Roof Decks with Duradek Ultra Vinyl Membrane: Duradek meets building code requirements as a roofing membrane over habitable space.

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. and concrete paving slab over . garages or occupied space, and . . Paving Systems Over Plaza Waterproofing Membranes: . Waterproofing a precast garage deck for occupancy below . . place a 2 to 3 inch concrete topping as a composite . waterproofing the concrete with . often over podium slabs above occupied space, .


Intensive green roofs are characterized by thick soil depths 200 mm 8 in ­1.2 m 4 ft , heavy weights, and elaborate planti­ ngs that include shrubs and trees. Intensive green roofs are installed primarily over con­ crete roof decks to withstand the weight requirements.

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Abstract: Fountains and pools over occupied space present a high risk of water penetration, in part because they place a constant and severe performance demand on the waterproofing components. Roofs typically only leak when it rains.

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The definition of occupied space varies depending on who you talk to, but in general it is meant to indicate interior space or other sensitive areas of the structure that must be protected with structural waterproofing. Structural waterproofing requires familiarity and experience with specialized products e.g.,

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Dings for a plaza deck with an occupied space underneath show a "roof system", basically pavers pedestals on membrane on insulation on concrete deck. Specifications indicate a "waterproofing system" for the same construction, basically pavers pedestals on insulation on waterproofing on the deck. Flood testing included in specs.

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PMMA Liquid-Applied Waterproofing. Terapro VTS Systems are available in unreinforced applications for use over unoccupied exterior spaces, and reinforced systems for use over occupied interior spaces. The Terapro VTS System is a liquid-applied, layered application consisting of one coat of primer, a filled waterproofing layer,


Waterproofing systems are a durable system that will protect your building for many decades. Plaza and Deck Waterproofing. A plaza deck system is any supported slab that provides green-scape, tree planters, or vehicle or pedestrian movement over an occupied space.

M-E Flooring

Waterproof flooring for equipment rooms over occupied space and other sensitive areas exposed to potential water leaks. M-E flooring is a troweled-applied, waterproof flooring system for mechanical equipment rooms, air conditioning rooms, and other areas above occupied space subject to water leaks.


Additionally, because plaza decks are typically installed directly over occupied space or spaces intolerable to water infiltration, it is critical that the protective waterproofing system is adequate, installed correctly, and functioning properly.


EXTERIOR ROOF / DECK FLOORS TCNA: Roof Deck or Balcony over Occupied Space, Drainage Mat, Mortar Bed Ceramic Tile. Dings are developed from the Tile Council of North Americas TCNA 2016 TCNA Handbook for Ceramic Tile Installation and the Terrazzo, Tile and Marble Association of Canadas TTMAC Tile Installation Manual.

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Cheminert SC Membrane. Waterproofing and crack-isolation membrane for slabs over occupied spaces and various floor and wall surfaces. Cheminert SC Membrane is a 100%-solids, epoxy membrane providing a waterproof layer beneath floor and wall surfaces. In addition to being fluid-proof, Cheminert CS Membrane isolates cracking

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The challenges of exterior tile installation, especially over occupied living space. Movement joints as well as mortar, waterproofing, and tile selections.

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M-E Flooring. M-E flooring is a troweled-applied, waterproof flooring system for mechanical equipment rooms, air conditioning rooms, and other areas above occupied space subject to water leaks. The flooring system is applied in troweled layers to form an elastic latex waterproof membrane and an integral waterproof base turned up at walls

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MacGruber22 .it is a concrete deck over occupied space. A silane/siloxane sealer is insufficient for such purposes. There HAS to be a waterproofing system that meets the following qualifications: 1. The minimum deck slope shall be 1/4:12. 2.

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Waterproofing Deck over occupied Space. 1. Install pressure treated ply wood over the joists 2. install flashing against the house and wrap the side of the deck with flashing 3. Waterproof the entire deck including the flashing 4. Install tongue and groove composite by gluing the compost on the membrane.

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Exterior tile installation over living space This week I got an email about tiling outside over an occupied room. This isnt something that Ive talked about so far but this is a high-risk situation and I wanted to expand on it a bit.