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Welded Fence Mesh Vinyl Coated - Plastic Mesh Fence

Vinyl Coated VC welded wire mesh and fence has a longer life and is more attractive than plain galvanized wire mesh. This is a welded wire mesh product. Many of the specifications feature a Galvanized After Welded GAW mesh core wire that is coated with a thick layer of PVC, tightly bonded to the wire.

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Plastic Netting Garden Fencing High strength, lightweight plastic netting for garden fencing, Barrier Fencing Mesh. Chicken / Rabbit Wire. Deer Control Fencing.

Poly Fence Roll Comparison - What do I need?

If you need fence material as a barrier around a garden, as a backyard fence house to back yard back to house again , or a complete perimeter including driveway we only recommend rounded strand poly fencing or semi-round poly fencing. Round Strand Product Details: Critterfence 700 Poly Fence Mesh These are our most popular poly fence rolls

PTM Green Polypropylene Mesh Fence - 5'8" x 49'3" - TMG58493S

What makes the TM15849HD more heavy duty than this PTM Green Polypropylene Mesh Fence - TMG58493S? 1 Answer According to the manufacturer, the difference is that the HD model's threads are sewn more tightly together, giving it a higher mesh count.

Deer Fence Rolls by McGregor Fence Catalog

Introduction: Polypropylene, Metal Hexagrid, and Welded Wire Fence Rolls. We offer two leading kinds of deer fencing: polypropylene fencing, which is the more traditional invisible deer fencing used today and metal hexagrid deer fencing, which is stronger, longer-lasting, less visible, and more elegant, but also more expensive.

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Plastic Barrier Fencing and Pins. EXTRA TOUGH - Using high density HDPE our barrier fence will out perform all rival products. The safety barrier fence can be used for cordoning off areas on constru

PTM Black Heavy Duty Polypropylene Mesh Fence - 5'8" x 49'3

Thank you for your inquiry. The PTM Black Heavy Duty Polypropylene Mesh Fence - 5'8" x 49'3" - TMI58493HD is made to attach to an existing fence to create a privacy barrier. This is not made for stand alone fence.

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Poly Fencing and Mesh Garden Fencing Keep animals in pens or out of crops with poly fencing and mesh garden fencing is an economical solution. You'll find a large selection of poly fence sizes available in green or black.

150' Polypropylene Mesh Fencing for Smartpole Fence Systems

Fence fabric is constructed from a woven polypropylene mesh with 1/2" squares. Fence roll measures 4' x 150'. Fabric available in dark green, red, royal blue, and black.

Poly Deer Fence Deerbusters

Trident Poly Deer Fence is made of semi-rounded strands, making them lightweight, durable and nearly invisible. The flexibility of this plastic square fence mesh makes this yard fencing easy to install, repair and store if being used during only during growing seasons.

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Polypropylene mesh fencing ; Both are 7 ft. tall and 100 ft. long ; Mesh openings for the Easy-Up Lightweight Fence are 3/4 in. x 3/4 in. Mesh openings for the Heavy-Duty Deer Fence are 5/8 in. x 3/4 in.

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Plastic Net Fencing FREE shipping on qualified orders over $75.00 to the continental US. 2" x 2" mesh; UV-stabilized polypropylene; 165' Roll $44.95 : 330' Roll

Deer Fence Mesh Green - Fence-Material

Magna deer fencing is a strong, polypropylene mesh fabric that keeps deer out of your crops year round. The fabric is lightweight and easy to install; just attach it to trees or posts around the perimeter of the area to be protected.

Tenax Actual: 100-ft x 7-ft Net Folded Black Polypropylene

Tenax Actual: 100-ft x 7-ft Net Folded Black Polypropylene Extruded Mesh Rolled Fencing Enter your location for pricing and availability, click for more info for pricing and availability.

Dog fencing rolls to create your own do it yourself dog fence

Rolls of poly dog fencing mesh to create your own DIY dog fence. Available in many different sizes, lengths and strengths based on your project.

Polypropylene Mesh and Netting

Most Rigid Mesh Tubes are extruded from polypropylene resin. A select number of our flexible Tubular Mesh Sleeves are extruded from polypropylene. Or check out our plastic Woven Mesh products for a selection of mesh made from polypropylene fibers. See the list below for a broad selection of diamond and square extruded polypropylene net mesh.

Extruded Plastic Mesh for HDPE Safety Fence and Turf

Plastic netting is mainly used in petroleum, chemical industry, chicken, rabbit and poultry breeding, aquaculture, tree guards, snow fencing, grass protection mesh, turf reinforcement mattress mesh and other industries. Orange Plastic Mesh Safety Fencing: Safety fence is also named as warning barrier and snow fence.

Poly Dog Fence Rolls Easypetfence

The HD Maximum Strength C-Flex fence from TENAX has a certified breaking load of 950 pounds and a life expectancy of 20 years; and thanks to the 1.75-inch by 1.97-inch black plastic mesh fencing design, the dog fence appears virtually invisible from 20 feet away.

Tenax Deer Fencing: Heavy Duty UV-Resistant Polypropylene Mesh

A great alternative to wire and electric fences, and it will last for several seasons due to UV inhibitors added in the material. Black mesh is available in two sizes to choose: a 1.75-inch x 2-inch mesh with standard strength of 600-650 lbs/ft breaking load; and b 1.77-inch x 1.96-inch mesh with extra strength of 700-750 lbs/ft breaking load.

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Tenax Actual: 500-ft x 14-ft Ornex LM Black Polypropylene Extruded Mesh Rolled Fencing Enter your location. for pricing and availability. OK. ZIP Code