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Deck Joist Sizing and Spacing

Joist hangers are used to attach the ends of joists to the face of a beam or a ledger board. If you identify a crown in the board, you should always install it upwards. The crown will eventually settle after completing construction and should stiffen in the proper position after drying.


Open Joist floor trusses stored outdoors should be covered for protection from weather. In the interest of safety, bundles of Open Joist should remain banded until ready for use. Care should be exercised when cutting bands on bundles. Avoid excessive flat-wise bending of Open Joist trusses. Only use Open Joist floor trusses for their intended purposes.

install composite deck over existing wood deck

FAQ - Latitudes Composite Decking and Composite Railing - Similar to FAQ - Latitudes Composite Decking and Composite Railing Latitudes composite decking and railing are made of wood and plastic and is Latitudes Marine deck boards should be installed on maximum joists spaced 24" ..

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Written installation instructions and a guarantee for the products use in conjunction with vinyl floor coverings should be furnished by the manufacturer. f Wood Subfloors with Concrete or Gypsum Toppings

Underlayment--Perpendicular or Parallel to Joists?

Plywood sub-flooring is almost always there are NO absolutes laid perpendicular to joists as a part of normal construction. The question may come into play with the second layer if one is required

Installing parallel to the joists : Yikes I Have Problems

Installing parallel to the joists. I have already installed porcelain tiles in the entry and hall areas with an underlayment of Durock cement board. This tiled area adjoins the living area and my intention is to have the wood floor at exactly the same level and running front to back. The problem is that the joists 2X8s 12 inch on centres

Pressure Treated Wood Uses, Limitations and Safety Considerations

Limitations and Safety Considerations Marine Use, Southern Waters Salt or Brackish Water This would make you think that wood decks should be installed with

Installation and Preparation of Plywood Underlayment for

Subfloor Preparation. Plywood underlayment should be installed only on a dry subfloor. Mois- ture, which may accumulate when the subfloor is exposed to weather during construction, can cause expansion of the dry underlayment panels if the subfloor is not allowed to dry adequately.

Running With the Joists This Old House

According to the National Wood Flooring Association, for example, finish flooring that runs parallel with the joists should have a layer of ½-inch plywood underlayment on top of the existing subfloor with the long dimension perpendicular to that of the first layer , or 2x6 blocking between the joists on 24-inch centers.

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Wood expands and contracts mostly because of changes in moisture content. Composite decking, on the other hand, expands and contracts with changes in temperature. Deck builders ignore these facts at their own risk. Wood decking should be installed at a moisture content that's appropriate for the climate.

Ultimate Marine Dock Board

TanDeck is a highly durable and resilient marine dock board engineered for residential boat docks and private commercial marinas. Ideal for pier waterfront properties and structures, it allows you to enjoy your investment without spending your free time maintaining it.

Plywood Decking: A Good Alternative?

Plywood decking is essentially thin sheets of wood glued together to make a thicker sheet. The plywood decking is installed on top of the decking joists in one or more large sheets instead of individual pieces.

Running With the Joists This Old House

Running With the Joists. According to the National Wood Flooring Association, for example, finish flooring that runs parallel with the joists should have a layer of ½-inch plywood underlayment on top of the existing subfloor with the long dimension perpendicular to that of the first layer , or 2x6 blocking between the joists on 24-inch centers.

Seven Trust Decking Installation Instructions and Tips

Seven Trust Decking Installation Instructions and Tips. Proper safety equipment should be worn at all times. Wear safety glasses when working with hardwoods. Warning: dust masks are required when cutting and sanding hardwoods, as hardwood dust can potentially cause breathing problems. Be careful lifting hardwood lumber.

Installing Plywood Decking Over Floor Joists

When installing decking you should lay the pieces so the long dimension of the plywood extends across the joists and the short dimension runs up the joist length. Laying your first piece in the outside corner of the floor you want the long dimension of the plywood to lay across six joists with the final edge ending up in the center of the 6th joist.

How to Install Deck Joists

Typically, deck joists will be spaced 16 from center to center. Measure and mark carefully every 16 along the beam and frame, or whatever supporting beams you are using to mount your joists. Grab a scrap piece of pressure treated lumber in the width/height of your joists which should be pressure treated lumber .

PLYfloor Installation Guide

PLYfloor Installation Guide. 2 The Type A Marine Grade glue bond and solid wood veneer in PLYfloor face grain across joists.

Latitudes Composite Marine Decking Brochure

This robust marine board is engineered for use on wide joist spacing where a maximum of 24" on-center spans are needed. Matching fascia is also available in ½"x 9.25"-12' lengths. Environmentally Friendly. Latitudes composite decking does its part to preserve the environ- ment.

Crowning your lumber Greenwood Construction General

Crowning your lumber. Just imagine if the floor, ceiling and roof joists were installed with the crown down,the floor, ceiling and roof would probably, if not immediately, very soon look like a bowl. Also if the crowns are not all the same then the floor, ceiling and roof will have noticeable rolls in them.

I-Joists Installation and Handling Tips

I-Joists Handling and Installation Tips. I-joists should be braced and nailed as they are being installed. Use correct joist hangers, blocking panels, rim boards and cross-bridging at joist ends. I-joist temporary bracing must be 1 x 4-inch minimum, at least 8 feet long and spaced no more than 8 feet on center.

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Other People Are Reading. A row of solid cross-blocking or bridging perpendicular to the joists should be installed 6 to 8 feet apart over the length of the joists and at each end. With blocking complete, the joist structure is ready for subfloor utilities, insulation and plywood sub-flooring.

I-Joist Installation Tips Norbord

These installation tips are supplementary to your manufacturers instructions and technical guides. Load handling: Each I-Joist must be braced and nailed using appropriate joist hangers, blocking panels and Rimboard or bridging at the joist ends. Use a minimum of 1×4 temporary bracing during installation to prevent I-Joists from buckling.

7 Common I-Joist Installation Mistakesand How to Avoid Them

This is where pre-planning and communication are essential: If problem areas can be identified ahead of time, the joist placement and spacing can be adjusted prior to installation, avoiding improper field notches that can affect the joists structural integrity. 6. Material Exposure Like all wood materials, I-joists are susceptible to moisture.

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Joist framing from opposite sides of a beam or girder shall be lapped at least inches. A single header is allowed in a framed floor opening if the dimension along the header is less than feet. SPF 2 is to be installed 16" on center in a residential living area with a dead load of 20 psf.

Should You Lay Hardwood Floors Parallel or Perpendicular to

As I understand the guidance, they want wood floor always installed 90deg. to the joists, even on a 3/4 nailing surface. They do say that 3/4 OSB is an OK subfloor for nailing 3/4 hardwoods. So, another factor to consider here is whether our reader is laying 3/4 hardwoods or thinner, in which case guidance might change.

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The I joists install in the same way as a traditional wood floor joist and make for a stiffer, squeakless floor. READ THE ANSWER Approved Engineered I Joist Manufacturers. Engineered I joists now have a uniform set of manufacturing rules for quality control.


If one joist is higher or lower than others, it may be reflected in the porch surface. Install Aeratis porch flooring on joists no greater than 16 on center 10 on center for stair applications . Installing Aeratis perpen- dicular to the house is recommended to help promote water runoff.

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The subfloor is the decking installed on top of flooring joists; the finished floor is then installed on top of the subfloor. The thickness of plywood panels in a subfloor is regulated by the spacing of the joists. This number is known as a span rating.


F. Wood I Beam joists must be supported on walls, beams, or in hangers. They may not be supported by a non-structural ridge board or by toe-nailing into a beam or ledger. G. Wood I Beam joists must be restrained against rotation at the ends of joists by use of rim joists, blocking panels, or cross bridging.