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AWS Pedestal System: Pedestals for Pavers on Roofs and Decks

Looking for the AWS Pedestal Calculator? Use this handy tool to help plan your deck of any size Over 3,000,000 AWS Pedestals have been installed since 2000.

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pedestal roof deck system price Image ResultsMore Pedestal Roof Deck System Price images. Price Request; Used on roof deck, Tile Tech Paver Pedestal System helps create secure, ..>> Roof Pavers and Adjustable Pedestal for Roof Decks, Terrace Manufacturer of Roof Pavers with Adjustable Pedestals.

pedestal roof deck system price

Harmer Roof Outlets and Deck Supports Modulock is a fully engineered pedestal system capable of providing Description Dia Code List Price £ Code List price Rooftop Equipment Supports - RCI, Inc. of a roof system.

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Bison is proud to be the leader in the rooftop decking industry providing modular deck tiles, modular decks, pedestal pavers, roof deck systems, roof deck tiles, roof Used on roof decks, pool decks, plaza and terraces.

Level.It Bison Pedestals Elevated Deck Systems

Set pedestals directly over smooth surfaced roofing membranes on structural decks without attachment. Bison Deck Supports elevate the deck above or around roof penetrations, allow water to drain, and keep the substrate below accessible for maintenance.

Pedestal Paver System for Roof Decks

For pricing or further information on the Eterno range of decking supports, porcelain pavers or Seven Trust wood deck tiles for a complete pedestal paver system, call us on 866 206 8316 or send us an e-mail.

Westile Roofing Products

Plaza Pavers are high density concrete pavers that have a minimum compressive strength of 8000 psi. It is suited for use as a plaza deck component providing a durable yet elegant roof surface.

pedestal roof deck system price

E5 2015a Price List - Navis Oy , Elan , Scandinavia Yachts. mixing tap with pressurised water system, lockers, cupboards grab rails on coach roof, jack line attachments on deck, 12V socket on steering pedestal 95.

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roof deck pedestal system costs Wausau Tile's concrete Pavers can help transform your outdoor walkways, plaza and decks. Wausau Tile's Roof Pavers roof deck system is a strong and durable solution .

Pedestal Paver Support Systems for Roof Decks

best roof pedestal option for higher deck elevations due to extra wide 4 1/2 diam. screwed columns and sturdy extension elements. can be used for deck elevations up to 39. lower cost up to 22% lower in cost than SE Series. only 4 pedestals cover the range 1.125 to 6.5 c.f. 5 pedestals for SE Series.

Rooftop paver pedestal system

Roof System Accessories. Terra-Tab spacing tabs allow for perfect 3/16" 4.76 mm joints. Optional 1/8" 3.18 mm tab area available for the 5A and 6A tabs Average installation calls for one Terra-Tab per paver on a standard square or rectangular deck. Decks of other designs will require more Terra-Tabs.

pedestal roof deck system price

Pedestal/Roof Deck System Components Terra-System One Components. Bisonip provides the decks support innovative products including the Deck Flooring Supports, Deck Supports, Pedestal Supported Decks. AWS Pedestal and Joist Plate Systems: For All Roof Deck Pavers. which is easily available locally at a very low cost.

Deck Pedestals and Deck Supports Adjustable Deck Supports by Bison. The final product price may change based on the combination of size/type/finish/style you choose. Starting at: $10.99 The final product price may change based on the combination of size/type/finish/style you choose. Starting at: $2.99 The final product price may change based on the combination of size/type/finish/style you choose.

Adjustable Paver Supports Big Rock Supply

SE7 Eterno Adjustable Pedestal supports are available to adjust from 7.25" to 10.75''. it's unique self leveling head compensates gradients up to 5% and the unique adjustment key allows the installer to level and adjust the support without removing the Paver.

Wood Plank Roof Decks Adjustable Support Pedestal Roof

"Structural deck tiles can be used as modular flooring system for any roof deck or hardscape. They are durable yet easily removable. Both electrical and irrigation can be run underneath. They can be placed over a joist system or raised pedestals.

Archatrak Porcelain Pavers for Exceptional Outdoor Landscapes

On adjustable height pedestals or steel rails for elevated roof decks, over compacted sand or gravel for broad area landscaping, or set in mortar for driveway paving and other heavy duty applications, porcelain pavers bring style and elegance to all exterior paving and elevated deck projects.

Roof Pavers and Adjustable Pedestal for Roof Decks, Terrace

Roof ballast, functional design, color and durability all come together with Tile Tech roof and deck pavers. Pedestal Paver systems are the ideal solution for roof ballast, plaza decks and terrace converting them into functional and attarctive spaces.

Iron Woods Roof Deck Tile, Decking and Pedestal System

PEDESTAL OPTIONS. Timber Holdings offers several pedestal options based on surface and elevation requirements. Iron Woods pedestals can be utilized for projects that require roof to deck surface tile elevation heights from 1-3/4 up to 36 and loads up to 2000lbs per pedestal.

Level.It Bison Pedestals Elevated Deck Systems

Strong. Perfect for decks up to 12" in height, Deck Supports are rated to carry up to 750 lbs per pedestal with a FS:2 Factor of Safety of 2 .

roof deck pedestal system costs

Pedestal and Roof Deck System Components - Wausau Tile Price Request; Pedestal/Roof Deck Systems; EcoPremier; Custom Precast Concrete; Terrazzo Tile and . Pedestal/Roof Deck System Components.