pedestal decking systems

Pedestal for Wood Deck - The Pedestal System

The Pedestal for Wood Deck is the ultimate solution , designed and tested to bring any type of plank to a new height, whether made from wood tiles, planking or self-supporting composite material.

AWS Pedestal System: Pedestals for Pavers on Roofs and Decks

It snaps together just like the full pedestal system with available component shim pieces. For wood and joist decks The AWS Joist Plate is the solution to an age-old problem.

Elevated Deck Systems Pedestal and Paver Component Supplier

Elevated Deck Systems specializes in providing the industry with pre-manufactured elevated decking components for commercial and residential applications. We supply pedestal/paver components for installations over unlevel or sloped surfaces that require drainage and a level surface with no visible drains.

Pedestal Paver Support Systems for Roof Decks - Ezypave

Pedestal support systems save considerable time and expense compared with building decks using traditional deck foundation structures of bearers are sleepers, which can be particularly important for decks on rooftops in existing high-rise buildings.

Eurotec Deck Support Plastic Adjustable Pedestal PRO M - 10

Rated 5 out of 5 by Koz from I used this super easy deck support system on my low level deck, the 4.33 in.-6.30 in. Deck Wise Compatible Adjustable Pedestal

The Pedestal System

That's right, the Pedestal System is the only product on the market that's capable of reducing noise levels to as little as 25dB. The award-winning Pedestal System can be used with tiles, pavers and timber decking to create raised floors on, green roofs, balconies, water features and terraces.

How to Install a Pedestal Supported Deck System

With any elevated deck installation using a pedestal system, the following basic requirements must be met. Decks must not exceed the load capacity of the pedestals. The substrate should slope slightly to give positive drainage. Roof decks must comply with all local building codes including fire regulations and wind uplift.

Floating Deck Systems Waterproofing - Plazadek by Duradek

The Plazadek System Waterproofing Membrane for Floating Deck Systems. Floating or pedestal roof deck assemblies can be an ideal low-maintenance deck surface on high traffic areas when properly installed.

Mataverde Eurotec Deck System - Seven Trust Decking

The Mataverde Eurotec Rooftop Deck System combines Mataverde hardwood decking with European engineering to create the optimum rooftop, balcony or patio deck system. We discuss rooftop deck materials, rooftop deck installation and what makes our rooftop deck pedestals superior.

Deck Turf Raised pedestals decking -

Deck Turf - Synthetic raised pedestal Turf Decking System Utilizing a strong commercial grade fiberglass panel to support the turf of your choice over our pedestal systems. Ideally used for raised floor applications such as roof decks. Deck Turf is the ideal compliment to our wood decking or porcelain pavers on raised pedestal decks.

Altitudes Pedestal Adjustable Screw-Jack Deck Tile System

24 x 24 Hardwood Deck Tile Elevating System The DeckWise , Altitudes Pedestal System has been engineered to build perfectly horizontal decking over underutilized spaces such as sloped roof tops and plaza areas.

Pedestal Decking System -

RSW is proudly distributing the Eurotec Pedestal Decking Systems made by Eurotec. The adjustable pedestal PRO Series are suitable for wood, paver, stone and composite terraces and balconies. The adjustable pedestals are available in three different adjustable height ranges.

Iron Woods Roof Deck Tile, Decking and Pedestal System

Iron Woods Self-Leveling Pedestals, Deck Tiles, and Conventional Deck Systems provide unique and cost effective solutions for the construction of both roof top and conventional decks. Iron Woods Deck Tiles and Decking System was developed to provide a stable wood deck surface for any deck construction where there is a lack of good

Seven Trust Deck Tiles - Specialty Lumber Solutions

Seven Trust Deck Tiles create an elegant roof top deck or terrace. Deck tiles allow architects and planners to achieve level deck surfaces on rough grades. Seven Trust deck tiles and Hanover pedestals pair beautifully to suit a variety of surface slopes. Elevator Pedestal System. Hanover Elevators are ideal for projects between 2 and 24 in grade.

Substructure: Eco Decking System Aluminium

The Eco Decking Aluminum Profile System is an aluminum substructure for terraces basaed on pedestal decking accessories for laying RESYSTA decking boards.

Pedestal Paver System for Roof Decks - Wood Deck Tiles

Pedestal paver systems enable elevated decks or exterior raised flooring to be easily installed on rooftops or over sloping or uneven substrates without requiring an expensive supporting structure of beams or bearers to be constructed, which in many cases will not be permitted on a roof deck surface.

Deck Pedestals -

The DeckWise Altitudes Pedestal system lets you build an elevated, all-natural hardwood deck. Build over uneven surfacespipes, drains, or slopeswithout needing to construct expensive framing. The Altitudes Pedestal system is designed to support 24x24 hardwood deck tiles.

Archatrak Adjustable Deck Supports Pedestal Paver Systems

Eterno screwjack style pedestals are one of the most innovative decking support systems available with a range of unique features that not only provide superior performance, but enable faster and easier installation for all pedestal supported paver applications.

EuroTec Pedestal Decking System - J and W Lumber

Clickfoot pedestals can be used for decks ranging in height from 3-3/4 to over 24 from the top of the roof or patio to the top of the decking boards. Once the Clickfoot pedestals are in place, the Aluminum System Profile joist or track clicks into place.

Pedestal Systems Coverdeck Systems

Hercules ScrewJack Pedestal. The Hercules Pedestal System is designed to provide an durable support for a raised surface. This system can provide noise reduction along with improved drainage and precise joint spacing.

Versadjust Bison Pedestals Elevated Deck Systems

Supporting a joist and plank deck on a pedestal system. The Joist Top component allows you to attach your joist to an adjustable pedestal, keeping it off the waterproof membrane. It allows you to install a plank deck while providing efficient draining and airflow beneath the deck.