using railing road ties in playground areas

Railroad Ties in Playgrounds

Railroad Ties in Playgrounds. Additionally, landscape timbers and lumber treated with chromate copper arsenate CCA as a protection against weather, mold, and insects, has been phased out, but such lumber made before 2004 could still contain high levels of CCA, which is dangerous because the arsenic in it is a known carcinogen.

is railroad ties ok for playground border

Railroad Ties in Playgrounds « CareScape : We care. It's our - Similar to Railroad Ties in Playgrounds « CareScape : We care. It's our Jun 20, 2012 The word is Do NOT use railroad ties where your children are going to be When choosing the type of border you want for a playground, you

Should I Use Railroad Ties In My Garden

Using railroad ties for garden beds can pose a threat to your soil, pets and children, as well as the food you grow. Railroad ties are thick, durable, cheap, recycled wood that forms long-lasting barriers for beds, paths and retaining walls.

Landscaping with Railroad Ties HGTV

Landscaping with Railroad Ties. Increasingly, railroad ties are being used in combination with brick, sand, concrete, large rocks or gravel to create modern landscaping designs that have both a traditional and contemporary feel. Ties can be cut into any length to serve as in-ground steps, bed borders, mailbox posts or for other uses.

What Are the Dangers of Treated Railroad Ties? Hunker

Humans shouldn't use creosote-treated railroad ties where frequent or prolonged contact with bare skin can occur. Long-term, direct skin exposure to the coal tar creosote in railroad ties, as with all forms of creosote, has been linked to cancer of the skin and scrotum.

Landscaping with Railroad Ties HGTV

Re-purposed ties haven't been banned for residential use and are still sold in many stores. You may have existing ties on your property. Just be aware of the risks.

Swing set with railroad ties and mulch. outdoors

"Suitable for both Playground and general landscape use. Flexible Mulch Borders allow you to shape your play area with bends and curves, and still keep your play area surface tidy and contained." "KidWise Outdoors offers playground accessories like rubber mulch borders, adhesive tubes, faux stone mulch borders, etc."

playground alternatives to railroad ties

playground alternatives to railroad ties Railroad Ties in Playgrounds « CareScape,: We care. It's our ,Jun 20, 2012 , CareScape has Certified Playground Safety Inspectors to give advice , The word is Do NOT use railroad ties where your children are going to be playing , Alternatives to creosote and CCA treated lumber include untreated,

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> salvaging the old rail has brought an unexpected windfall to Santa Fe > Southern, the local operator, handling the ties has proven to be a bit > more of a challenge. Of course all salvageable ties will be consumed in > a resale market. It is the close to 6,000 rotted and decayed ties that > we are trying to keep out of the landfill.

using railroad ties in playground areas

can you use rail road ties for playgrounds . playground railroad ties - Outdoor WPC Decking playground railroad ties. Wood Plastic Composite Decking can be cleaned using soap and water, with a stiff bristle brush. If tough stains, ground in dirt or rust

Railroad tie alternatives

We're putting in a large playground set in our back yard and we need something like railroad ties to border the area and hold in the pea gravel or mulch or rubber mulch or whatever we choose for filler .

My neighbor built a 4 foot retaining wall using railroad ties

My neighbor built a 4 foot retaining wall using railroad ties. Right next to where I had been organically gardening for the previous 3 years. After building the retaining wall he then built up the land on his side to level off a small hill that used to slant towards the property line. Then he put up a 7 foot fence.

using railroad ties for playgrounds

rubber railroad ties for playgrounds, - Outdoor WPC Decking rubber railroad ties for playgrounds. Wood Plastic Composite Decking can be cleaned using soap and water, with a stiff bristle brush. If tough stains, ground in dirt

railing ties for playground border

Rail ties on gravel 4 walkway . playground edging DIY - Google Search. Public Playground Safety - 29 Dec 2015 used loose-fill and unitary surfacing materials e.g., wood mulch, Public Playground Safety Voluntary Standards and CPSC Handbook History .

Used Creosote-Treated Railroad Tie

Used Creosote-Treated Railroad Tie Bremerton: 68 in stock All Items Available In-Store Only Availability at Other Locations. Were excited to offer an online catalog for customers and employees. A lot of hard work from many people goes into building a catalog with product information, inventory, pricing and promotions.


BTW, the simple way to identify a used RR tie is that it will have spike holes. About 1' from the each end there will be a pair of imprints where the rail plates were sitting on each side of the rail, and 1 or 2 spike holes for each rail plate.

building a childrens play area with railroad ties

Never use railroad ties near edible plants or in areas where children play, never Railroad Tie Steps Home Design Ideas, Pictures, Remodel and Decor - Railroad Tie Steps design ideas and photos. gravel path dividing the concrete patio and wood tree deck which is the children's main play area.

How to Install Railroad Tie Walls Home Guides SF Gate

Using wooden railroad ties to build the wall allows the wall to blend in more naturally with its surroundings than a concrete wall. Enlist the help of an assistant or two when completing this

Creosote-Treated Railroad Ties D Protest

The use of creosote-treated railroad ties is authorized by the federal Environmental Protection Agency. Water Mill work was in a wetlands area, immoral for the Long Island Rail Road to

How to Build Stairs on a Hill Using Railroad Ties Home

Sturdy and rot-resistant railroad ties work well for turning a steep slope in your yard into an attractive and safe garden staircase. Railroad ties are typically coated in creosote to protect the wood and prevent rot. The chemicals can leach into soil, so you shouldn't install railroad tie stairs near an edible garden.

Railroad Tie Etiquette: okay to load 'em up? Telecaster

There was a railroad tie manufacturing facility in my home town in Texas that exploded in the late 1950s. They had to shut that part of the city down for 100 years. It's condemned by the state, and although you can drive over to that area, there's nothing there - it's just all abandoned - maybe, 3 or 4 square miles in area. Kinda spooky actually.

replacing wood railing ties in playground

30 Jan 2009 . Wood is commonly used for raised beds and other structures in vegetable . When I need to replace the wood in my raised beds, I will be getting it like a bed frame rail horizontally top and bottom and the pallet wood, Eco Wood Treatment is safe to use around children and in playgrounds / play areas.

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Be Creative. Ties can be used as functional elements or for decorative accents. Construct beautiful fences, corrals, chutes, steps, retaining walls, flower boxes, borders and walkways with ties. Use them for construction applications instead of brick, cinderblock or synthetic materials. Ties can also be used in combination with other materials

Railroad Ties are NOT Legal for Home Landscape Use

Helpful Products from Gardens Alive So it's actually illegal to use old railroad ties in a home landscape. Again, I quote the EPA: "Creosote is not approved to treat wood for residential use, including landscaping timbers and garden borders. There are no approved residential uses of creosote treated wood.

Getting railroad ties from the railroad .. Welcome to the

A few years ago they replaced the ties on the railroad that goes down by my parent's house. They left the old ties by the road. Dad asked the foreman about them and he told him to haul off everything he could haul.