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Products made from recycled plastics There is a need to broaden awareness of the range of products already available that use recycled material. Featured here are a few of the products you can buy that contain post consumer plastics.

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Das k├Ânnte Sie auch interessieren. Another study by WRAP and Valpack suggested that annually around 1.6 million tonnes of recyclable plastics enter the UK household waste and recycling system, yet only half a million tonnes are being recycled. Whilst householder behaviour has an impact on the supply of materials for the reprocessing sector,

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Innovative recycling programs can take foam packaging and turn it into plastic products such as insulation, picture frames, building products for your home and more foam packaging. Check out this video that shows how its done .

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Products made from recycled plastic. Over the last 10 years more and more products have begun to be produced using recycled plastics. These products span a huge range: from skateboards to reusable bags to even sunglasses 8 . The opportunity for more and different types of recycled plastic products is nearly endless.

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4. Buying in bulk and recycled plastics . Bulk buying is a great way to ease into reducing your plastic consumption. Not only does it cut the total amount of plastic you consume, but also reduces the carbon footprint of shipping the products. Even better if you can bulk buy from brands that use recycled plastic.

Half of plastic bottles that are recycled end up as waste

Of 30 billion plastic bottles used by UK households each year, only 57 per cent are currently recycled, with half going to landfill, half go to waste.

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Because once is not enough, all of our products are made from 100% recycled plastics and are fully recyclable.

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Plastics Recycling. Nearly all UK councils now offer householders some form of plastics recycling as part of the local authority waste collection system and this is generating increasing annual tonnages of post-consumer plastics packaging waste as the input material to the recycling sector.

Recycled plastic could supply three-quarters of UK demand

Plastic recycled in the UK could supply nearly three-quarters of domestic demand for products and packaging if the government took action to build the industry, a new report said on Thursday. The UK consumes 3.3m tonnes of plastic annually, the report says, but exports two-thirds to be recycled. It is only able to recycle 9% domestically.

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Recycled Plastic Lumber or Plastic Wood is an eco-friendly alternative to traditional building materials. Kedel Ltd design and manufacture products for the UK and international markets. Recycled plastic construction reduces our carbon footprint.

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The Plastics Industry Recycling Action Plan PIRAP sets out the commitment and plans of UK companies to help meet recycling targets for plastic packaging waste and achieve wider economic and environmental aims through a series of focused actions.

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British Recycled Plastic is a trading name of Low Carbon Products Ltd. We offer a range of high quality 100% recycled plastic landscaping and construction products and outdoor furniture.

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British Recycled Plastic, a trading name of Low Carbon Products Ltd, offers a range of high quality 100% recycled plastic landscaping and construction products and outdoor furniture. Our range is long lasting and virtually maintenance free, offering a cost effective solution that will lower the carbon footprint and reduce the whole-life costs

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The Ethical Plastic Recycling Company. Recycled UK provide plastic recycling services with integrity - earn more for your waste plastics, reduce your landfill and increase your revenue.

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Recycled. Solway Recycling manufactures a wide variety of products made from 100% recycled plastic. Many of our products have won awards and have numerous recommendations from farmers and customers alike. Due to the versatility of our products, a number of designs can be achieved to suit your particular surroundings.

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Products made from recycled plastic such as Ikeas Kungsbacka kitchen range and Adidas Parley trainers have been released with much fanfare. However, these products tend to represent a tiny proportion of the marketplace and often contain a limited amount of recycled plastic.

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To reduce the use of plastics that are difficult to recycle, certain supermarkets in the UK have signed a Plastic Pact that aims to stop the use of unnecessary plastic in packaging by 2025.

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Every year, more than 100 million tons of plastics are manufactured across the globe. Around 200 billion pounds of new plastic material is thermoformed, foamed, laminated and extruded into millions of packages and products. Consequently, the reuse, recovery and the recycling of plastics are extremely important.

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The products of California company Green Toys are made 100% from recycled milk jugs. Between their wide range of toys and the brands Green Eats line of dining utensils, the company has recycled over 44 million jugs to date.

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New range of surf and home products made in the UK from recycled ocean plastic. Here is a sneak peak of one of the products to be made from ocean plastic waste and post-consumer waste. We have been experimenting with recycling local plastic waste streams and finding the right materials that work for our products and have found HDPE to be the ideal.

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Duraplas recycled plastic wood is renowned as the material of choice in the UK by fabricators owing to its high quality and durability. This is due to the companys high-quality manufacturing methods and careful control of materials which produces the UKs highest quality recycled plastic profiles.

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Recycling Economic Facts. Producing plastic products from recycled plastics reduces energy requirements by 66 percent. Around 2,000 pounds of oil, the amount of water used by one person in two months time and two peoples energy consumption for one year can be saved by recycling just one ton of plastic wastes.