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Live Boldly: Put the Floor on the Ceiling

A trend of late has been to put wood flooring on the ceiling a throwback to blue Victorian porch roofs. Wood tongue-and-groove or beadboard, however, is not the only type of wood you can put on your ceiling.

Install Tongue-and-Groove Wood Floors on a Ceiling HGTV

Add architectural interest to a flat drywall ceiling with tongue-and-groove wood floors. Tongue and Groove Ceiling. Add architectural interest to a flat drywall ceiling with tongue and groove wood floors. A bright sheen on the ceiling paired with gold accents on the light fixture and wallpaper keep this space feeling open and interesting.

Type of Flooring to Use on an Unheated Porch Hunker

If you have an unheated porch area and you would like to put in a new floor, you should consider using laminate, carpet, ceramic or resilient flooring. These types of flooring are quite sturdy and will not be affected by extreme temperatures. Hardwood flooring can warp when installed in an unheated area.

Wood for Covered Porch Ceilings The Tongue and Groove Store

People ask me all the time if our tongue and groove planking is suitable for porch ceiling applications. The answer is a resounding YES Ever since people have been building porches, they have been finishing off the ceilings with wood.

Hardwood floor on covered/screened porch? This Old House

Hardwood floor on covered/screened porch? I am making plans for my rear deck that includes building a roof, screened walls, ceiling fan/lights and hardwood floors. This will be my best attempt at creating an outdoor dining room.

Front Porch Part 3 of 3. Where we sand and stain the floor

The porch flooring is IPE or Brazilian hardwood or something I do not really understand. If you do, good for you, but please do not try to explain it to me because I no longer care. What I DO care about is that it means your stain options are limited.

Laminate Hardwood Floor On Ceiling?

Re: Laminate Hardwood Floor On Ceiling? I've seen it years ago in Avalon with engineered hardwood flooring. I would consider a plywood backer though, for ease of install.

Can you insulate under a porch floor Hometalk

Can you insulate under a porch floor. The guy who enclosed the porch for us did insulate the ceiling and did lay insulation underneath, but neighbors cats have

What Type of Wood Is Used for a Front Porch Ceiling? eHow

Plywood is also a popular choice for porch ceilings because it is inexpensive and comes in large sheets that minimize installation time. Plywood can also be painted to match your porch. When choosing plywood for a porch ceiling, choose a quality, exterior-grade product to give you the longest-lasting ceiling possible.

Moisture and Swelling Issues for a Porch Ceiling

Moisture and Swelling Issues for a Porch Ceiling. If the wood is installed at 7% MC typical MC for much milled wood that has not been stored outside , then it will increase its MC to 12% MC and that will be about 1% swelling. For a 10 ft ceiling, that would be well over an inch. Sapwood and heartwood shrink the same.

Hardwood Flooring --- Can It Go On Ceiling ?? HELP

We found a great deal on some unfinished hardwood flooring at our local store. We will be getting ready to start a new rec room. We are on a super tight budget. Because this flooring is SO AFFORDABLE I was wondering if there is anyway that it can be installed on the ceiling? Car siding is not in our

2019 Install A Hardwood Floor Costs

Underlayment will be installed on clean, level subfloor. Flooring will be acclimated, culled, and blended. Hidden nailing will be used to secure surface. Fee is inclusive of all aspects of the project, such as thorough planning, acquisition of equipment and material, preparation and protection of installation site, and meticulous cleanup.

Is Exterior Plywood Good for a Porch Floor? Home Guides

If you use it for the floor of an uncovered porch, it will warp and delaminate unless you take extraordinary precautions. It's more appropriate for a covered porch floor. Hardwood Floors: A

What Type of Wood Is Used for a Front Porch Ceiling? Home

A home's front porch is three-season room, which means that any exposed ceiling wood should appear as stylish as if it were used for indoor decor while at the same time meeting the weather-resistant needs of exposed lumber. One material that has served this purpose for generations is beadboard,

Using Click Lock Wood Flooring on the Ceiling Unique Wood

Lightweight Flooring is the Way to Go. Engineered wood flooring is the most popular choice for tongue and groove wood ceilings. Consider the weight and opt for wood species such as bamboo or pine. Made from softer wood, these flooring planks will place less strain on the ceiling joists and subfloor.

709 wood beam porch ceiling Photos

Ceiling fans on a paneled ceiling can be functional and complete the look of a screened-in porch. For this fireside porch, Atlanta Decking and Fence also added extra details such as recessed lighting, curtains and molding. Sleek white outdoor sectionals create an inviting space to entertain and relax outside.

Featured Style: Flooring on the Walls and Ceiling

Featured Style: Flooring on the Walls and Ceiling. We have two great options. First, you can use decorative wall panels hardwood strips mounted on wooden backing. Theyre versatile and easy to install. Second, you can simply install flooring on the wall. We have numerous suitable options, including prefinished hardwood, laminate,

How to Install a Beadboard Porch Ceiling This Old House

Step Ten // How to Install a Beadboard Porch Ceiling. For an exotic-wood ceiling without the cost or weight of solid boards, use engineered flooring, which

Install a Wood-Plank Ceiling

Installation. Use a hammer and strike block to close the joints and lock the planks together. Also, check the ceiling for square. If the diagonal measurements in each corner arent the same, you should create a square strht line as a starting point. Measure from the far wall to the tongue of the starting row.

Laying Plywood for the Front Porch Ceiling

Part 3: Laying Plywood for the Front Porch Ceiling Placing Hardwood Floors Over Concrete Repairing Squeaky Wood Floors Eliminating Basement Moisture Fixing Vintage Double-Hung Windows

How To Build A Cedar Porch Ceiling

Cedar Porch Ceiling The Moulding. Step 4 // Last step was to measure and cut the cedar cove moulding. The fellas used a chop saw for this, and and cut the moulding on a 45 degree angle on each end. It doesnt particularly matter where you start with the moulding long side, short side, no difference.

Engineered Wood Exterior Trim and Porch Ceiling

Bob also meets Lisa Francis from the Engineered Wood Association on the front porch of the Habitat for Humanity house to watch the installation of the MDO being used for the outdoor space's ceiling. Part 2: Manufacturing MDO Plywood.

5 Ways Wood Ceilings Will Warm Your Home

Porches. Wood ceilings need not be limited to indoor spaces. A wood-clad porch ceiling has a wonderfully cozy and inviting feel. Just be sure to use a material that can withstand exterior temperature and humidity levels, such as cedar or cypress.

How to Install Ipê Wood Flooring on a Porch Today's Homeowner

Ipê is a dense, tropical hardwood which grows in South America. Ipê makes a great flooring material for porches and decks, since the wood is naturally resistant to moisture, fungus, insects, and rot. When installing ipê flooring: Predrill all screw and nail holes due to the hardness of the wood. Use stainless steel screws or nails for installation.

How to Install a Plywood Ceiling Hunker

Plywood serves capably as ceiling material in garages, shops and rec rooms when aesthetic design is not an issue. Some ceilings that appear to be beadboard are actually routed plywood. Take it up a notch and use hardwood plywood in media rooms or dens, or add a special touch to vaulted or dropped ceilings.

Porch Ceiling Installation

Project: Ranch Expansion, Episode 18, Part 1. The farmer's porch ceiling is assembled with V-groove pine, and the hardwood flooring from the kitchen is recycled in the living room. Bob visits an exciting new kind of urban renewal project-- a grassroots development corporation, Nuestra Comunidad, which is converting an old abandoned building

can engineered hardwood be used for outdoor patio ceiling

can engineered hardwood be used for outdoor patio ceiling. engineered wood porch ceilingengineered wood porch ceiling. engineered wood flooring just might be