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Architectural Details: Wall Cladding - Flat Siding

Flat Siding Description : This type of siding is fabricated from 24-ounce copper. Its profile is designed to provide very tight joints between panels, and very flat wall appearance with minimal shadows.

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Metal Siding, Metal Wall Panels, and Metal Cladding Styles and Options From the mid 1900s to around 1980, aluminum siding was quite popular. It mimicked wood bevel siding , with its horizontal plank appearance.

Flat Lock Panel Colorbond - Design Cladding

Flat Lock Panel Colorbond Flatlock panel in its simplest form is a flat sheet with four folded edges. It requires a plywood substrate for support as it has little structural integrity on its own.

Architectural Details: Wall Cladding - Horizontal Flat Lock

12.7. Horizontal Flat Lock Systems. Description: This type of wall panel is basically identical to flat seam roofing applied on a vertical surface. However, neither solder nor sealant is required in the joints, since the vertical surface provides positive drainage. The panels are typically 18 x 24 inches, with 3/4 inch folds on all four sides.

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Metal Facade Cladding Solutions: Flat Lock Tiles, Reveal Panels, Diamond Flat Lock Tiles, Corrugated Exposed Fastener Panels, Standing Seam Wall Panels

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Since 1966, RHEINZINK has manufactured zinc roofing, zinc wall facade cladding and zinc gutter systems and is currently the only zinc manufacturer with two alloys.

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Flat lock panel is a wall cladding system that uses overlapped metal panels so that a nearly flat appearance is achieved. The Flat lock panel system belongs to the rain-screen family weather resistant, ventilated wall cladding installed over a waterproofing membrane .

Flatlock Panel System, Longitudinal Flat Seams

Flat Lock Panels offer a simple yet elegant cladding solution that provides a longitudinal flat seam. The system uses a simple interlocking fold on all four sides and can be installed either horizontally or vertically.

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PALCLAD Pro Pro Hygienic PVC Wall Cladding System; Support. Palram is a leading manufacturer of PVC and polycarbonate flat and corrugated panels for roofing

Wall Panels, Horizontal, for Commercial or Retail Metal Roofing

PAC-CLAD Flush Panels are designed for wall, fascia and soffit applications where a flush or flat appearance is desired. A rounded interlock leg and concealed fastening system improves the flush appearance while providing additional strength.

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Search 10 Flat Wall Cladding from leading External Wall Finishes manufacturers including; Kingspan Insulated Panels You can see a full list of manufacturers of Flat Wall Cladding here. Other popular types of External Wall Finishes include; Rendering, Rainscreen Cladding and External Wall Panels.

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We specialize in Roof and Wall Metal Systems and Custom Sheet Metal Fabrications. We have an innovative solution for virtually any application suited for the advantages of metal roofing and siding. Architectural Metal Cladding

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Architectural Wall Panels Multiple Looks. One Source. With an ever-expanding offering of finishes and textures, our AWP product series make it easy to turn design intent into reality. From conception to completion, Nichiha is the perfect partner in bringin

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Nichiha USA, Inc. - Fiber-cement exterior cladding and siding for Commercial and Residential Construction.

Flat Lock - Interlocking Panel Interlocking Cladding

The simplicity of the wall cladding system allows for easy installation. The Flat Lock system can be run horizontally or vertically ensuring long flat seams. This panel system is a reliable, aesthetically pleasing option for any wall panel location, even when the building shape is geometrically complicated. The panels are available in VM Zinc

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MasterFormat: Sheet Metal Wall Cladding Roofing and Siding Panels Wall Panels Petersen Aluminum Corporation - M-42 and M-36 Panels Description: Petersen offers a complete line of exposed fastener panels, allowing for creative design flexibility in a cost-effective yet architecturally attractive metal panel.

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Metal Wall Panels/Siding. Western Wave Wall Panel 7/8" Corrugated PBR/R-Panels Western Rib 7.2 Panel Metal Flat Sheets for Roofing and Siding Applications

Flat Lock Wall Tiles - Sheet Metal Supply Wall Cladding

Flat Lock Wall Tiles are a versatile wall cladding solution that offer a simple grid-like design with clean lines and nearly limitless design possibilities. The tiles feature four-way interlocking hems that allow the panels to overlap and lock into place with galvanized or stainless steel clips.

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Metal Wall Panels. Flat Lock Wall Panel; Architectural Metal Cladding, Inc. offers a wide variety of metal types and you have the option to custom size the Roof

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The flat lock panel system is weather resistant, ventilated wall cladding installed over a waterproofing membrane. Flat lock panels offer a simple yet elegant cladding solution characterized by a longitudinal seam on a horizontal, vertical, or diagonal bias.

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Rainscreen Cladding and Architectural Panel Systems. We provide engineered exterior wall cladding systems designed to simultaneously outperform while saving time and cost. NorthClad is a family owned and operated business located in the State of Washington.

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Top 60 Best Exterior House Siding Ideas Wall Cladding Designs Texture, definition, color, and protection are all the hallmarks of a well-crafted home. While house siding was once viewed as a strictly architectural mode of reinforcement, home experts are now looking to this time-honored implement for added aesthetic appeal.