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They had composite decking there as their walkways and we were out one morning running through the geyser field. And it was very, very damp and humid and I was amazed at how slippery that surface got. I know that not all composites are like that and some that are textured, that have a grain pattern to them, are not going to be as slippery.

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If youve recently installed some timber decking and made the discovery that it can be a very slippery decking area when wet, rest assured, youre not alone. The good news is that there is now a professional and reliable solution to this problem easily fitted AFTER your decking has been laid.

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Choosing a Deck: Plastic or Wood? - Houzz Jul 30, 2013 "Manufacturing costs are very low, versus a composite decking board that .. You even confirm my original diatribe by saying, " My current deck .. We are very cautious when walking on this in cold weather AND STILL SLIP Slippery When Wet?

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The vinyl and plastic decking are typically slippery when wet.. looked very nice. Id like to get my hands on. my name will not be on adeck. How to Make Decking Non Slip - Wood Finishes Direct

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A smooth, slick surface results in slipping, so the more texture your deck has, the less slippery it will be. The purpose of most non-slip coatings is to add a bit of subtle texture to wood decks so your shoes get a better grip.

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Slippery Decking Solution - An Instant Elegant Cure .,Slippery decking can be very dangerous but what are your options if you have already installed your decking? We have the solution to slippery decking. Stopping a decking from being slippery - Page 1 - Homes .,Stopping a decking from being slippery. Reply .

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The vinyl and plastic decking are typically slippery when wet. The biggest problem with composite around a pool is the mosture you are going to have to clean the deck at least every year because mold will grow on the composite.

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composite decking boards slippery on frosty days,PVC Deck Comparison , composite deck boards and even some celluar PVC board can become very slippery in. , is composite decking in the winter slippery.

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Does anyoneknow how to stop decking being/getting slippery. I have a bridge over my stream and a sitting area over my pond and though I have tried power washing them and scrubbing hard and have removed all the lichen, they are still very slippery and I can soon see myself ending up in the pond if I cannot solve this problem.

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Some issues with composite decking Composite decking is made of a combination of wood and plastic. This combination is intended to reduce chance of rot and extend the life of the deck

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The smooth service on most bamboo decking makes it very slippery when there is any build up of mold and mildew. compare composite decking vs bamboo decking materials, bamboo reviews, ekologixcompare bamboo decking materials to plastic decking materials resized 600. EASE OF INSTALLATION

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Traditional timber decking becomes very slippery when wet, the most common Composite Decking on a Boardwalk is a Very Bad Idea 6 days ago Oil and water do not mix, and when this is attempted, you get a very slippery surface.

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is plastic decking slippery - Wood Plastic Deck Suppliers While wood has always been a traditional material when it comes to porches, patios and decks, composite decking is a modern counterpart that combines natural


Our new deck is horribly slippery, even when it's not wet. I'm constantly afraid of falling and am very concerned about how bad it will get once it starts snowing.

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How To Make Decking Safer When It Rains. the reason for decking becoming slippery in the rain, be very careful, if youre doing this job on a DIY basis, to