what can i use for a floor for a boat

What wood to use on inside of fiberglass boat? Boat Design Net

What wood to use on inside of fiberglass boat? rotting. the floor in this kind of boat is not structural to the hull but rather to keep the occupants off the

Pontoon Boat Vinyl Flooring PontoonStuff.com

Can I use this product to cover the floors in my Seven Trust aluminum fishing boat and will this adhesive work on aluminum. Yes our pontoon boat vinyl flooring will work for Aluminum Seven Trust fishing boat. You will need a Solvent based glue. You can find a solvent based glue at any home improvement store. What is the shipping weight of 26 ft of the vinyl.

flooring material for jon boat?

I've got a Sea Ark 1872 open boat with nothing in it but the back bench, it's tiller steering. I'm contemplating swapping to a center console set up but want to change out the old wood flooring prior to doing that and probably even if I don't swap . My question is what have people used for flooring material?

Help with ideas for wood floor on my 14

The framing must be attatched to the floor and side of the boat. When all that is done, install a pedistal of choice on the front deck, a removable seat in the center, and a swivel seat in the back for yourself. Go fishing and kick your feet up. Keep in mind this does add a lot of weight to the boat.

How Do You Replace a Boat Floor? Reference.com

To replace a boat floor, remove all items on the floor, take out the old floor, and use it to cut plywood for the replacement flooring. Coat the new floor pieces with epoxy, and attach them in place. Place fiberglass mat on the plywood, seal it, and lay a floor covering. Finally, replace the items on the deck of the boat. Keep Learning.

Polyurethane floor paint for boat?

Re: Polyurethane floor paint for boat? I have used regular porch 'n floor on a fleet of high-use fiberglass FJ's with reasonable results. The kids grind sand into the finish daily, so easy, cheap recoating was more important than the perfect mirror coat.

Boat flooring options other than carpet?

I took a charter boat out on Lake Michigan last year and they had a vinyl non slip floor and it was awesome. When I get a new rig, I will ask for it. If you go with Plywood, I just painted mine and put down sand. I have a form that I used to cut my floor out of that I can just trace on a new peice of plywood.

Simple Way to Install a Liftable Floorboard or Casting Deck

Simple Way to Install a Liftable Floorboard or Casting Deck in a Boat So, heres the simple way to create a liftable floor or deck board in your aluminum boat.

Floor boards for jon boat The United States Catfish

You can most assuredly add a floor to the jon boat. However, everything has a trade off, in this case, weight which will go against the maximum capacity for the boat. It probably would be a small thing. You may try some rubber mats instead of wood, as sound deadening qualities would be much better.

4 Mistakes to Avoid When Repairing a Rotting Boat Floor

The best thing you can do when fixing a boat floor is to use epoxy. You do need to make sure that you use an epoxy that is waterproof. You do need to make sure that you use an epoxy that is waterproof.

What size plywood for floor? River Daves Place

For you ski locker you can use aluminum or wood, if you glass a lip of wood to the bottom of the floor it is a better bond than screwing in a piece of aluminum. Once you are glassed in you can use a router and get a nice round edge as well and then make a lid to fit.

Advice on building a boat floor

Lizard Man, Here is a thread with some pictures of some floors and maybe some ideas you can use. I would use maybe some aluminum angle for your supports and marine grade plywood.

How to Use Treated Wood for Aluminum Boat Floors Gone

How to Use Treated Wood for Aluminum Boat Floors. Once fairly dry, you can prime with a stain-killing primer. Killz works well for this. Paint the whole section including bottom sides and between the floorboards. Snip a small corner off on each section as a finger hole to help with removal and paint that edge as well.

Using Marine Paint for Wood Floors Apartment Therapy

Using Marine Paint for Wood Floors. In particular, he recommended marine paint from George Kirby Jr.'s Paint Company, a locally made Boston boat paint which has been around for more than 150 years. We used a color called Yacht White they can color match to any color and we couldn't be happier.

can i use fiber glass resin to create a boat floor? Yahoo

can i use fiberglass resin with strands to create a floor in a fiberglass boat with out using marine plywood if the fiberglass resin is 1 inch thick. their is expanding foam in the base in the hull of the boat the original floor was a thin coat of fiberglass over the top of plywood. that ply wood has rotted. i am trying to exclude the plywood

can i use fiber glass resin to create a boat floor? Yahoo

Answers. Use the wood, just laminate it first with a layer of epoxy on both sides, all corners and edges. then put a layer of fiberglass on that you will have a stronger longer lasting floor - I guarantee it. Besides, what you are talking of doing is going to cost you a small fortune in epoxy.

Plywood for boat flooring??? Michigan Sportsman

Epoxy WILL last longer, and yes poly resin will eventually let some water through but lots of old aluminum boats did nothing but paint the wood, and in lots of cases it still lasted 30 years. Any fiberglass boat pre about 1980, and any resined floor/transom/etc. prior to the same date would originally have been done with poly.

Redoing Floor In Boat

Having done lot's of wooden boat repair work S Cal charterboat for 10 years , if you're going to seal the wood, look into West Marine's 2 part marine epoxy. You don't want to drill holes the same size as the screw, just a small hole so the plywood doesn't crack apart when the screw gos in.

Carpet or Vinyl for Boat Flooring Which is better?

Comfort. Carpet makes a boat feel homelier and therefore you get more relaxation from it. This is not a very practical advantage however for many people comfort is a large part of boating. Boating is often used to escape the stress of everyday life and therefore comfort and relaxation is very important.