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Timber Retaining Walls

A timber retaining wall not only gives a fantastic natural look and feel to your house and garden it is also the most cost effective way to retain or divid your yard. There are many different types of retaining walls and as your Outdoor Timber Specialists we supply all types of timber for residential retaining walls to commercial retaining walls.

Compare the Cost of Wood or Timber Retaining Walls

Wood retaining walls are typically built with pressure-treated timber, and theyll last 40 years or more, when treated or preserved properly. This Costimate provides you with detailed wood retaining wall costs for materials and labor and DIY installation is an option too.

How to Build a Pressure Treated Retaining Wall Hunker

Since wood does not bear an equal amount of pressure, per square inch as does concrete or other masonry, opt for a stronger material if your wall will be higher than 2-feet. Pressure-treated lumber makes a nice retaining wall.

Treated Lumber

Marine-Treated Lumber. If you are looking for treated rough lumber components for yourbulkhead or retaining wall, please call us 800 816-0335. For a super long-lasting bulkhead or retaining wall, use poly coated wood on your wood components. Poly coated wood defends wood from attacks by marine borers, termites, and UV rays.

Pressure Treated Lumber

If you are looking for treated rough lumber components for your bulkhead or retaining wall, please contact us. Marine-Treated Wood for Use In Water. For a bulkhead or retaining wall that stands the test of time, apply our polymer coating to your rough treated lumber components. This special polymer wood coating defends treated wood from attacks

Treated Pine Sleepers Bunnings : Retaining Wall Timber Build

Retaining Wall Timber Build Retaining Wall Timber o move the earth, build a retaining wallby the time you're done, you'll feel as though you've moved half the planet. Because a retaining wall is going to be in contact with the ground, make sure you use lumber that's rated for ground contact.How to build a timber retaining wall.

2019 How Much Does a Timber Retaining Wall Cost?

But if you like the look of timber and aren't looking for a retaining wall that will last half a lifetime then look for durability class 1 timber species or timbers that have been preservative treated to a rating of H5.

Do it yourself

Build A Retaining Wall / to find a simple system for installing a retaining wall in a just a day. for a sleeper thickness of 75mm for strength and less timber

6 in. x 6 in. x 8 ft. 2 Pressure-Treated Timber

Lumber, pressure-treated lumber, wood, pressure-treated wood, pine lumber, pine wood, 6 in. x 6 in. x 8 ft. lumber, 6 in. x 6 in. x 8 ft. wood Acquire the 6 in. x 6 in. x 8 ft. pressure-treated pine lumber, that's paintable and stainable and ideal for retaining walls, decks, stair support posts and walkways at The Seven Trust

Building a timber wall

Pressure-treated timbers are typically what you use for a timber retaining wall. The fun fact about pressure treated wood is that it is warrantied but putting it in continuous contact with the ground voids the warranty.

Timber Retaining Walls

Timber Retaining Walls. These retaining walls have been used for a long time in Australia. Initially constructed from original Old Railway Sleepers, our research tells us that around 15 years was a fairly average life span for these class 1 Timber Hardwood walls.


TIMBER QUEENSLAND LIMITED TECHNICAL DATA SHEET 9 TIMBER RETAINING WALLS Revised March 2014 Page 1 Timber is a preferred material for landscaping purposes. Retaining walls in particular contribute significantly to the surroundings when constructed from timber. The natural appeal and versatility of timber is ideal for this application.

What to Know Before You Build a Wooden Retaining Wall

What to Know Before You Build a Wooden Retaining Wall. Call 811 By or rated by the manufacturer for construction with pressure-treated wood. And, finally, if the retaining wall is holding

Build a Retaining Wall

Build a Retaining Wall. The lumber for this wall will be ACQ pressure-treated 6-by-6 and 2-by-8s with double hot-dipped galvanized fasteners. tinted wood