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Flat Concrete Substrate .blazeframe SAF2 Shaft Wall Post Tension or Structural Concrete Overhead Attach safeTrack profile FD21 Concrete Wall Counterflashing Detail FD21 Concrete Wall Counterflashing This detail shall be installed where the deck is supported by the wall.

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Once you're finished drilling, clean the dust from the hole. Concrete fasteners can't develop their rated strength when they're driven into debris-filled holes. Drive these initial mounting screws carefully with a cordless drill. Once the shelf is secured, bore the remaining holes, and drive the rest of the fasteners.

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Re: attaching galvanized posts to concrete wall If the wall won't hold an anchor but is fairly sturdy, Just drill all the way through the wall and use long bolts or all thread rod and bolt through the post to the wall.

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Attaching 4x4 posts to a concrete porch. Hello, and thanks in advance for your help. On the rear of my house there is a 6' x 14' porch. It is constructed of concrete blocks at its base with a concrete slab on top of the block. At one time this porch had a covering, but now it is open. What I want to do is put some deck railing around its perimeter.

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Fasten it with a clamp or some tape, or hold it in place with your hand. Drill a hole into the wooden board near the end with a masonry drill. Continue drilling strht down through the board and into the concrete. As you drill, pull the bit out every few seconds with the drill still spinning to empty out the wood and concrete dust.

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I'm installing a 6 foot tall panel fence, with posts every 72". There is 42" of retaining wall above the footer. and the wall is 8" thick. My thought is to screw a u bracket of some sort into the footer with tapcons or something similar, and then to bolt the post to the concrete wall using some type of a wedge anchor and epoxy.

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An object placed on a wall puts the concrete fastener into a shear loading situation the load is at a 90 angle to the anchor . The shear values are based on the diameter of the anchor and are not affected by embedment depth. The larger the diameter, the better the shear values will be.

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Does your upcoming project require you to attach a piece of lumber to a concrete floor or concrete wall? Not sure how to do it? Here is a very easy method for attaching that wood to concrete without using all those concrete anchors. You will need a hammer drill, 20 ounce hammer and some 16d nails.

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Use Panel Adhesive on Foam Insulation. When youre fastening foam boards to a concrete or block wall, make sure you use a construction adhesive thats specially designed for foam. Regular construction adhesive can melt through the foam, causing your panels to fall off 10 minutes after you put them up.

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If you are looking for a strong connection when attaching a timber frame post to a concrete foundation, and one side of the post is hidden, this Simpson STHD Strap may be the the answer you are looking for.

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Step 3. Attach a concrete drill bit into a hammer drill. Use a concrete drill bit the size of the concrete anchor. Place a piece of painter's tape on the drill bit to indicate the depth of the concrete anchor, the thickness of the metal and an additional 3/8 inch.

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How to attach a 4x4 to a concrete block wall I need to attached some pressure treated 4x4s to an existing block wall that is my current back fence. I want to top of the fence with something taller because its only about 5' tall right now and i am tired of looking at my neighbors while in my backyard.

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Attaching a fence post to a wall. Today we were erecting up a 4' high feather edge fence, one of the posts had to be placed at the end of an old garden wall. We attached it to the wall using m10 studding in Kem-fix about 200mm deep, then bolted the post to this after it had cured, maybe a bit over the top but its what i had in the van.

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Normally this would mean I would have to dig a 5' deep hole in the ground, put a 15' post in and fill it with concrete but in my case I have decking surrounded by a 6' high concrete block wall. What is the best way to anchor attach a 4x4x10 post to a 6' high concrete block wall?

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Building A Large Post Frame Garage Full Time-lapse Construction: You Want To Hang On Concrete Walls? How to Safely Attach a Deck to a House - Duration:

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Connecting wood to concrete can seem intimidating but, with the right tools, even an amateur craftsman can do it. You can fasten wood to concrete using 3 different methods, depending on your preference. Hammer-set concrete fasteners, concrete screws, and mortar nails are all effective ways to connect wood to concrete.

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Steel can be attached to concrete without screws or glue by using concrete anchors and bolts. Alternatively, you could cast the concrete with the metal embedded in the concrete. This is not the best approach because the metal will rust when embedded in concrete. In this case there would be no way of removing it after it had rusted and broken down.

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Welded Steel Knife Plate to Timber Post. There are several methods for securing a timber post to a solid poured concrete pier, slab or foundation. With a welded steel knife plate to timber post, a flat piece of plate steel with rebar fingers is embedded in to .