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Browse through hundreds of deck project designs from the leading deck builders.Use the project filters to search by material, type of deck, railings and features.Get ideas for your dream deck by saving photos in your ideabook.You can even find local pictures with a zip code search.

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Deck for Outdoor Dining. An extension of the kitchen or dining room, the dining deck might include a grill, counter, bar, food-prep space and an outdoor dining table. This type of deck can be as simple or elaborate as your budget, space, and imagination allows. Even if you plan on building a completely equipped outdoor kitchen,

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Skateboards consist of three main parts: the deck, which is the part that a person stands on, and the wheels and the truck, which are located on the underside of the deck. The two most common models, called the traditional and the longboard, differ in the length of the deck.

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When deciding on what type of material to use when adding a deck, there are so many different options based on your budget. Decks can be made of pressure treated wood, PVC, cedar, redwood, or composite material usually made of wood fiber and polypropylene . Some types of materials are better in hot, dry climates,

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Enclosed Porch. Types of enclosed porches include screen porches and sunrooms. Also known as glass porches, sunrooms are typically enclosed in glass and offer protection from the elements while still providing a great deal of natural light and a feeling of being outdoors. These are not as popular in the south due to how warm

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Types Of Longboards Explained In Details The shape of the longboard deck helps us to categorize the different types of These types of boards are the perfect

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Expect freebords to be available in different sizes and shapes while also being offered with Canadian maple or bamboo decks. Other Popular Types of Skateboards. Apart from the newly innovated and developed skateboards introduced earlier, it also pays to know about the other popular types of skateboards today.

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Six kinds of Porches for your home. Of all porches, the most popular is the SCREENED PORCH . It is usually in the back yard and has a range of options: kneewalls or rails; cathedral or flat ceilings; gable, shed or hip roofs; skylights or not; rustic beams or finished trim. A Screened Porch is cool in the summer

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Pressure Treated Wood Deck Boards Pressure treated wood is the classic low-cost deck board. Pressure treated wood in longer lengths 10 feet or greater and wider widths 6 inches or greater can work as an effective deck board, but with a few limitations.

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5 Types of Decorative Deck Railings. Not only does the railing provide a necessary safety measure, but it also defines the space, giving it a definitive frame. You can use different materials to create different aesthetics that match your home. Sometimes the same base material can provide completely different looks depending on finish and design.

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There are a few different types of joists. The rim, band, or end joists are floor joists that are the outer most joists. These are typically the only joists you will see when looking at the porch. Typical floor joists connect to the beam s and directly support your decking materials.

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There are different shapes of skateboards depending on the type of skateboarding you like to do. Modern or New School The almost symmetrical double kick or new school deck is by far the most common.

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Synthetics, such as composite and PVC decking, and tropical hardwoods, such as ipe and mahogany, offer ease of maintenance and longevity that put the traditional favorites in the shade. These new contenders are pricier initially, but dont have the annual maintenance costs of softwood decks.

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Types of Deck, Balcony and Porch Railing Systems Todays Top Options. Steel/Wrought Iron Railing: These beautiful systems are decorative and easily customized. They come with a manufacturer's 10 year warranty. Pro: The thinner profiles allow for the back drop to be the focus and not the railing.

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By learning about the different types of skateboards and what each one can do, figuring out what works for you the best is a lot easier. As most people know, skateboarding is a really fun and exciting activity but you cant expect to experience such fun and excitement if you own a low quality and subpar skateboard.

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Different types of Skateboard Decks. Old school This style of skateboard became popular in the late seventies when skaters invented the ollie. The kick on the tail allowed you to pop the board and enter the air.

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Start here to plan for the construction of deck or porch stairs. This article defines basic stair terms: rise, run, stringer, tread and othe rcomponents. We describe options for different types of stair supporting stringers and we give advice about choosing lumber to build deck stair stringers, treads and risers.

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Features of skateboard decks. EFP indicates the part of the deck between the front and rear trucks. You can think of EFP the space of a skateboard deck that isn't the nose or tail. Rails Rails are the edges along the length of your board, and their shape can make a difference in how your board rides.

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Different Types Of Skateboards Skateboarding has come a long way since the early days of clay and steel wheels. Then, there were only a couple options for those intrepid souls who wanted to fly on concrete.