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Circular Saw 101: How to Make an Angle Cut This Old House

Circular Saw 101: How to Make an Angle Cut By In this Circular Saw 101 video, This Old House contributor Mark Clement shows how to set the bevel-adjustment lever for angled cuts.

Cutting a 2x4 by Throwing a Circular Saw Blade

Tools In Action Power Tool Reviews. Cutting a 2×4 by Throwing a Circular Saw Blade. By. Dan Maxey. 12. I cant see any way of cutting a 2X4 by throwing

Circular Saw Blade Buying Guide

Standard circular saw blades are those you typically use to cut wood or wood composites. The number of teeth on the blade helps determine the speed, type and finish of the cut. The number of teeth on the blade helps determine the speed, type and finish of the cut.


Learn how to rip cut lumber with a circular saw. Carpenter Ryan Lockman shows you how to rip a 2x4 from 3/4" down to nothing, without a jig. Follow Daru:

Why are there different size circular saw blades?

When power availability was a minor consideration, the standard portable circular saw blade was 7-1/4 inches in diameter. Why? Because it would easily cut through 2x4's at 90 degrees, but it would also easily cut through a 2x4 at a 45 degrees bevel. On the larger saws, a 10 inch blade will go through a 4x4 at 90 degrees.

How To Cut 2x4 With Circular Saw

How To Cut 2x4 With Circular Saw. The Best How To Cut 2x4 With Circular Saw Free Download PDF And Video. Get How To Cut 2x4 With Circular Saw: Learn The Art Of Woodworking Using These Step-by-Step Woodworking Plans.

Versacut 4 Amp Mini Circular Saw

Overall, when I need a quick cut on anything smaller than a 2x4, this is the saw I will reach for. The Versacut 4 Amp Mini Circular Saw is easy to handle and use

How do I stop my circular saw from binding? Yahoo Answers

For example run scrap 2x4 s across the saw horses. Then set the blade depth of your saw to a 1/4" deeper than you need. This way you only score the 2x4 and the piece your cutting won t bind. This is how a power miter saw works when your cutting pieces of trim.

How to Handle Kickback in a Circular Saw: 4 Steps

How to Handle Kickback in a Circular Saw. Kickback is a fact of life for anybody who uses a circular saw often. It is caused by the timber that is being cut, bending in some way, so that it jams on the back of the blade, making the saw

Circular Saw Tips and Techniques The Family Handyman

Rip cut trick. In most cases, a table saw is a better choice for ripping lumber than a circular saw. But if you dont have a table saw handy, and the rip cut doesnt have to be precise, then a circular saw works fine.

Get better cuts from any circular saw

Because a circular-saw blade cuts on an upward rotation, the bottom face, in which the teeth enter the cut, will almost always have a clean, tear-out-free surface. Meanwhile, the top face suffers tear-out so bad it cannot be used in a visible area on a project.

How To Cut 2×4 with Circular Saw

A circular saw offers a much faster solution, assuming that you can deal with it being louder and more powerful. Of course, that raises the question of how to cut 2x4 with a circular saw. After all, if you struggle to control the saw, youre going to get an uneven cut.

How To Use A Circular Saw: Long Cuts The Family Handyman

In fact, its usually easier to cut long pieces of plywood with a circular saw and a strhtedge than to wrestle unwieldy sheets through a table saw. A circular saw wont cut as smoothly as a table saw, but with a couple of techniques, a little finesse and some practice, you can cut almost as accurately.

Circular Saw vs Miter Saw

You technically can cut angles with a circular saw but it would require setting up a jig or strht edge and having to measure the angle and then hope its right. With a miter saw you can adjust the angles in multiple directions.

How to cut 2x4 with circular saw : DIY

Turn one 2x4 on it's side. Set the other one perpendicular on top of it leaving the cut side overhanging. Set the blade depth on your circular saw just deep enough to cut through your 2x4. Put some weight on the 2x4's with your knee or something and let it rip.

4 -1/2 in. 5 Amp Compact Circular Saw

Compact saw with the ability to cut thru a 2x4 in a single pass; 4 -1/2 in. 5 Amp Compact Circular Saw is rated 4.4 out of 5 by 399.

Learn How to Cut 2x4 with a Circular Saw Professionally

If you are using a cordless circular saw, you must ensure the full charge of the saws battery. Otherwise, you will get stuck with your cutting job on the halfway making you unhappy. Now check the blades teeth if there is any cracks or chips removing the blade from the saw.

How to Make Perfect Crosscuts and Rip Cuts with a Circular

Circular Saw Crosscut Guide: Screw two pieces of lumber or plywood together at a right angle to form a T shaped jig. Position the jig on a scrap board, hold the circular saw firmly against the fence of the jig, and cut through both board and one arm of the jig.


"Chop saw" is the proper name for a circular saw on an arm that goes up and down for e.g. cutting 2x4s in half. If the saw can yaw left to right to make angled cuts think baseboard trim then it is a "miter saw."

how to cut multiple 2x4 to a same length with a circular saw

What you just described cutting multiple pieces at the same time is in the construction field referred to as "gang cutting". And, yes, if your only power tool is a circular saw, than to get the most precise and exact lengths, cut them in a gang cut.

Which Is the Best Circular Saw Blade for Various Projects, by

A circular saw blade is only 7-1/4 inches in diameter. Fourteen teeth are ideal for the rough cuts on 2x4 framing lumber, and they cut very fast. If you would attempt to use this type of saw blade

Best Compact Circular Saw

The blade is 5-1/2, so it is perfect for smooth cutting. this particular mini circular saw battery doesnt come with the saw, but any Black and Decker 20V tools can use the same battery interchangeably.

10 Circular Saw Secrets: DIY GUY

At some point, you may need to make a long, strht, vertical cut into a wall, and the circular saw is right the tool to use. Just remember to start the saw at the top of the wall and cut down.

4-1/2" WORXSAW Small Compact Circular Saw

Cut 2x4's in a single pass with an easily maneuverable compact saw that weighs 50% less than a traditional 7-1/4" circular saw. The thin blade makes for less tool strain, resulting in full size circular saw cutting speed and performance.

Selecting the Proper Saw Blade

The two primary types of circular saw blades are the same as the two primary types of traditional hand saws: rip blades and crosscut blades. A rip blade is designed to cut with the grain of the stock.