cheap way to cover concrete floor

Affordable Flooring Options for Basements

A basement just requires a good, serviceable flooring material that will stand up to abuse and, above all, moisture. Since basements floors are below ground and usually rest atop a concrete slab, moisture is a primary concern.

Garage Floor Ideas

Painting a garage floor is an extremely inexpensive way to improve its look, although the task is labor intensive. Before beginning, be sure to repair any cracks with concrete filler and clean the

How to Fix Up Old Concrete Floors Home Guides SF Gate

If your old concrete floor is beyond the help of patching or painting but you don't have the budget for a concrete overlay, self-stick vinyl tile is an easy, inexpensive alternative.

Inexpensive Way to Finish Concrete Floors eHow

Carpet is a simple method for covering a concrete floor; it is not expensive when you lay the carpet yourself. Finally, epoxy kits provide a simple and low-cost way to finish concrete garage or basement floors. Concrete floors in basements or garages may have moisture problems.

Cheap Flooring Ideas: 5 Inexpensive and Popular DIY Options

You can find cheap flooring products at most of your major home improvement and flooring stores. Seven Trust and Seven Trusts will often offer clearances on boxes of overstocked inventory. So, if there is enough of what you are looking for to cover your floor, this can be a great deal.

cheapest way to cover concrete floor

Amazingly cheap and stunning floors - DIY Stained Concrete 26 Dec 2013 Staining concrete is a very labor-intensive project but very cheap and requires no well it is beautiful the way you done yours..i really like it.

How to Cover Ugly Floors Home Guides SF Gate

The key is choosing the right option based on the room and the type of flooring that you're trying to cover. Area Rug The easiest way to hide an ugly floor is to cover it with an area rug .

Looking for the best and cheapest way to cover a concrete

If it's concrete, then it should be a grey color. Buy a brick colored paint. Pour paint into a tray. Use a large rectangular sponge and dip just the base of the sponge into the brick paint. Dab the sponge on newspaper to remove excess and then use the sponge to "stamp" rectangles on the floor in a pattern that would appear like bricks.

How to Cover Your Concrete Basement Floor

One of the easiest ways to cover your concrete floor is to paint it. There are a number of paints available, which are specifically designed for concrete floors. There are a number of paints available, which are specifically designed for concrete floors.

Cheap Bsement Floors

Cheap Basement Floors Better Concrete Basement Floors. Does anyone have a simple, inexpensive solution to covering Do Your Prep Work. First, you need to check the floor to see if it can be painted. Address Moisture and Then Paint. What will work depends on whether the moisture problem is

DIY Concrete Patio Cover Up Ideas The Garden Glove

Check out these DIY concrete patio cover up ideas try this DIY patio stain project looks like a tile floor. This is a great tutorial to learn how to stain

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Sealed Concrete. For a simple floor surface, consider coating your bare concrete floor with high gloss epoxy. To create the look of tile, rent a grinder with a diamond blade to carve the lines into the finished surface. Try a tinted epoxy sealer for a colored concrete floor. This is a less expensive way to add color to concrete,

Cheap Basement Flooring Ideas

Paint is generally your cheapest basement floor option. Use a good quality epoxy, usually two-part paint, and follow the manufacturer's directions exactly. Some epoxies and concrete paints require sealing, etching or other preparation. You can vary the look by blending colors to make the paint look like granite or some other stone.

cheap ways to cover concrete patio

cheap ways to cover concrete patio. Wood Plastic Composite Decking can be cleaned using soap and water, with a stiff bristle brush. If tough stains, ground in dirt or