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Deck Over Concrete Patio

My Bilco bulkhead door is 8 inches above patio level. My only option feasibly is to build a floating deck about level with the top of the bottom concrete step. This would put the level of the deck about 3 inches above concrete patio level.

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Build a one-level deck - 1 RONA. Building a one-level deck or patio is a great way to increase the living space of your. Decking material is available in pressure-treated wood, cedar, composite wood and Anchoring screws; Bags of pre-mixed concrete or 18 concrete patio slabs

Can I build deck on top of patio?

We're considering extending our deck out; at the moment we have a simple 5x5' deck which just leads to a set of steps down to the patio. We want to now build a 12x22' deck, and extend the roof out over the new deck.

Roof Top Deck Construction

Building a deck over a flat roof is very similar to building a deck over a concrete patio. These decks are often referred to as floating, as they are not secured in place as a stand-alone structure. They are merely placed on top of another structure. First you must make sure the roof is strong enough to support 55 lbs per square foot.

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How To Build A Deck Over A Concrete Patio - The ultimate solution for a hopeless slab. Concrete Slab Patio How To Lay Concrete Concrete Cover Concrete Patio Designs How To Install Pavers Deck Over Concrete Patio Deck Designs Concrete Steps Build A Deck

Can You Build a Deck on a Garage? Hunker

A deck atop your garage may well save money compared to a deck build separate from your garage. Another compelling reason to build a deck on your garage may be because you have limited space or if you have a small yard. There are several issues to consider as you plan to build a deck on top of your garage.

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Re: Building deck on top of concrete patio Putting deck joists on top of a slab is a bad idea. As Houstonremodeler explained, you will invite termites, pests, rodents, decay, and other undesirable god knows what.

Should I Build a Low Level Deck Over an Existing Concrete

Building on top of the concrete slab patio is not a good idea for a few reasons. First, laying deck boards on top of the existing patio without any joists to secure it from below will be free to move, twist, or just feel bouncy as you walk on it.

Building a Roof Over a Deck or Patio

Check local building code to see if you can attach a patio roof directly to your deck. Blow out the dust, fill the hole with epoxy, and insert the rod to the required depth. Let the epoxy set leaving it overnight will assure that it is rock solid , and then add the anchor bolt, anchor, washer, and nut and tighten.

DIY Steps for Building a Deck Over a Patio

How to build a deck over an existing patio slab with low clearance. After determining the joist height, rip all of the needed pressure-treated joist material the same size. With some of the off-fall extra material from the rips , rip strips of 3/4, 1/2, 1/4 and 1/8 inch and cross-cut these pieces into 4- to 8-inch pieces. These pieces are now flat shim stock to be used later.

Deck vs Patio: Pros and Cons of Each

As with all renovation projects, your budget will likely impact your choice, and the range for a deck or patio addition project can be large. For instance, Remodeling Magazines Cost Value Report in 2013 states the average cost of a midrange deck addition project runs around $15,000 for a composite deck and $9,327 for wood.

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Cover the patio with a thin layer of sand, lay pavers over it, and the results look like a standard paver patio. Its a fairly simple project and the cost is reasonable $3 to $6 per sq. ft. , but expect a weekend or two of hard labor.

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How to Build a Wood Deck Over a Concrete Patio. Select from a variety of materials including treated lumber such as pine or cedar or lower-maintenance products like composite decking or PVC. Start by securing two-by-four runners, or sleepers, to the concrete, then attach decking to the runners. Keep drainage in mind, and the end result is an attractive, durable surface.

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Drainage and Runoff. A deck is a flat surface, but roofs usually are peaked -- and for good reason. The angle of a roof allows for runoff of rain and melting snow. If you want to build a deck on a roof, first make sure the roof has a covering that will allow water to drain off.

DIY Steps for Building a Deck Over a Patio Slab: The Low Down

How to build a deck over an existing patio slab with low clearance. Hey, some of you have been ignoring our great deck how-tos because you think you cant build a deck over your patio slab. Check this out: My uncle kept bugging me about building a deck in his backyard. I tried to explain to my

Can You Build a Deck on Top of a Concrete Patio

How to Lay Deck Flooring on a Concrete Patio - The Blog. Here's an easy way to lay deck flooring on your cement slab patio in just one day. perhaps her most ingenious idea was laying deck flooring over the cement slab patio. Ripping up concrete and building a deck seemed like a daunting and