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The Fencing Warehouse are suppliers of Timber Fencing, Landscape Supplies, Pool Fencing, Garden Fencing, Security Fencing, Colorbond Fencing and Slats and Louvres. We are based in Revesby NSW.

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Secure your premises with Jacksons Security Fencing. Security fencing is a superb preventative solution that guards against intruder access, acts as a significant deterrent to crime and helps major public installations combat attacks. Our security fencing provides a solution for a wide range of residential and commercial applications,


FENCE INSTALLATION. Our Security fence panels are designed to be installed by a Do-It-Yourselfer on the weekend or a professional contractor. Simply set our posts in concrete 8 ft. apart, slip the mounting brackets into the horizontal frame at the ends and tap screw into the steel post.

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Hercules is the industry standard in commercial and industrial security and Oxworks are the industry leaders in the design and implementation of security fencing projects across the country . Be it general school fencing, large scale commercial and government facility fencing, or domestic boundary fencing Oxworks will have your project delivered on spec, in full and on time.

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Fencing and Security Garden Fence System. The Garden Fence System combines gates, panels and end panels with posts to create a fence that is sturdy and affordable. Adding style and protection to a garden has never been so easy, simply push the spiked post into the ground; the possibilities are endless.

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Garden security Theft of property from gardens can be a problem. The value of equipment, structures and plants in gardens often amounts to thousands of pounds. Most household insurance policies only offer limited cover for garden-related items check that yours covers theft from your garden and outbuildings .

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Security Fencing. The Benefits and Features of a Security Fencing System The unique benefits and features of a high quality security fence for any home or business are many, with the most obvious being the protection of your family there is nothing more important than protecting your family , valuables and company inventory.

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Fencing. Fences facing the street need to be stronger than other boundary fences, while those within the garden are less at risk from accidental knocks. Durability and maintenance If the fence is only a temporary measure, for example whilst a hedge matures, wire fencing is an easy-care option giving value for money. Timber fences,

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Ornamental Fence. A major benefit to ornamental fences is security. They can be extremely difficult to climb and are among the more effective types of security fencing available. They are nearly impossible to tear down and a tall wrought iron fence with sharp cap posts are also nearly impossible to scale.


Katzecure is the perfect cat fencing solution designed: To keep your cat secure from straying into danger; As a cure for cats straying uninvited across garden borders

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In order to procure best security measurements, it is necessary to install some security doors and security fences in your home. Read on. International Design and Architecture, Interior Design, Home Design, Furniture, Interior Decorating, Sustainable Design, Garden Design, Landscape Architecture News, Trends, Ideas, Expert Advice, Projects

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Security Fencing. This makes every square foot of space usable and safe for family life both in front and backyard. Today's home invasion crimes make this idea a progressively more appealing option for those concerned for the safety of their family and possessions. However, building codes in many neighborhoods are very specific about the kind

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Garden gates should be at least the same height as your fence with hinges securely attached to the gateposts. Tidy up. Don't tempt thieves by leaving your valuable possessions lying around on display in your garden. With the average UK garden now worth £1,928, according to Halifax, there may be plenty on offer for light fingers.

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Danbury Fencing is a specialist manufacturer of timber garden, agricultural and security fencing and stockists of all fencing and gate products in Essex

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Jacksons Commercial. Jacksons offer a specialist range of metal fences, from high security to anti-trap bowtop and classic ornamental to garden railings. Designed for use on bridle ways to enable easy access for horse and rider. Hot dipped galvanized steel anti climb, wall or fence spike.

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Rear garden fencing: Secure fencing panels to the fence posts to prevent them from being lifted out. You can use a variety of brackets for this purpose. Keep your fence or wall in good repair. Old and rotten fences or crumbling walls are not only weak, but advertise that the rest of your home may not be secure as well.

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"Palisade Fence as Factory and Garden Security Fence" "Choosing an iron or metal fence depends upon your likes and dislikes, however, fence always adds the decor to the garden and house as well. It also adds the highest level of protection to the home and keep your place safe from the interlopers." "Simple Tips: Concrete Fence Design dog fence

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How good garden fencing protects against burglary. Strong fences are a deterrent intruders are opportunists and will pick on a garden that has low, weak or easily climbable fencing over one that has robust fencing that offers high security and little opportunity to be climbed over.

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Tri Guard Security Fencing. Tri-Guard is an innovative range of security fencing and gates featuring pales with curved tops, set in clusters of three, coupled by feature steel discs to produce a decorative appearance with anti-climb and anti-scale performance.


Gardien Recommends: Install good quality, robust fencing with concrete posts or metal fixings. Make sure that fencing panels are secure and non-removable. Using "Razor Spike" on walls or fences which are over 2m. high. Security lighting. Thieves hate them, whether, Motion-Activated or Dusk-to-Dawn.