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wood - Should I let pressure treated lumber dry before

TheSean, you're actually working with that pressure-treated lumber in its IDEAL condition for working. After it dries, it'll become much much harder and more prone to splitting. Right now it's very resilient, and every fastener you drive into it "wet" will become tighter as the wood dries out.

Using Pressure Treated Lumber in Raised Garden Beds

Should you go out and buy CCA pressure treated lumber to build your raised beds? Well no, you cant. You see, despite the tiny safety risk, CCA pressure treated lumber was banned for consumer use by the EPA in 2003.

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If you are really attached to certain pieces of painted lumber, a set of dull blades may not be a huge issue. A bigger concern is the fact that painted and therefore used lumber is notorious for hiding metal fasteners that can ruin your planer blades and seriously damage your planer.

can you plane pressure treated wood -

Safety · Layout, Measuring, and Marking Tools · Hand Saws · Hand Planes · Chisels PT lumber can have a moisture content percentage into the low-to-mid 20s. board Some freshly pressure-treated lumber holds so much moisture that puddles form around the heads of driven fasteners.

wood - Should I let pressure treated lumber dry before

8 Answers. You should consider the project and for things that will be exposed to the weather or high humidity, wet wood is OK, just heavy to work with. Two years of drying would only be required if you are building fine furniture, and hopefully you're not using Pressure treated stuff for that.

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In this case, only use it for outdoor projects where you will not be in contact with the pallet too often and avoid growing food on or near used pallet wood. For your safety and your familys , and for the sake of our planet, never use questionable pallet wood or treated lumber in your fireplace or outdoor fire pit.

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For a soft wood cedar knots are really hard. You can plane it no problem but I would stabilize any loose knots w/ epoxy before planing and as others mentioned, light cuts are best. Thanks for the tips. The cedar is 3/4 to start, and Im a little wary of planing knotty wood thinner than that even with epoxy .

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So I would like to plane down some treated wood and make a farm-house style table with breadboard ends. But with it being exposed to the elements, wood movement would probably make this thing explode in no-time.

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After the first pass, you can cut a bit deeper, but shallower passes will be less taxing on the tool and less likely to produce tear-out, stalls and burning. As with the jointer, swing the board around and send the other end through if you get any tear-out. Before you get to the final thickness, plane out any tear-out on the first side.

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Pressure Treated Lumber For Interior Wall Framing I was just asked by an inspector in a shore town to frame all my interior and exterior walls with pressure treated lumber. This house is 2 feet below the FEMA flood plain level for this area and this is his reasoning.

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Allow the wood to dry for at least 48 hours to lessen gumming issues on the planer blades. As your planing the boards make sure to blow the dust off after every 5 or 6 boards, this will help keep the blades sharper longer. You will also want to check the blades for nicks and such every 20 boards or so.

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Pressure-treated lumber is wood that is engineered for use on projects that are exposed to the elements. Pressure-treated wood typically starts off with one of the SPF varieties Spruce, Pine or Fir or other similar Softwoods, and a sealant formula is pressure-applied to the wood, so that the sealant soaks in to the core of the wood.

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Pressure treating does make wood rot resistant. But it doesn make wood water resistant. Pressure treated wood still soaks and looses moisture. And as a result, the wood moves, cracks, twists, bends, cups and virtually tears itself apart. There is hope. You can enjoy pressure treated decks for a very long time.

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You can decide for yourself. The Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry in Atlanta, Georgia currently recommends that if you use arsenic-treated wood in home projects, you should wear dust masks, gloves, and protective clothing to decrease exposure to sawdust.

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You can saw, drill and plane treated timber. After it has been assembled and coated with paint or a sealant, treated timber can be used indoors, but it is not recommended or necessary. Use natural pine or other timber for indoor applications.

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The same goes for pressure treated lumber. If you know what potential danger may exist you can avoid a possible injury. Pressure treated wood is normally light green or brown in color and is nothing more than good old fashioned wood treated under high pressure with a pesticide.

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And, of course, you want to avoid breathing in any sawdust particles from treated lumber source: McClintock . At a minimum, you should wear a dust mask/facemask while working with treated lumber. And, if you have one, a respirator would be even better. At the end of the day, the ease of mind that comes with using untreated lumber may be worth

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Re: Raised garden bed - Pressure treated lumber. keith3267 wrote: When you compare the cost of plain old pine to the cost of the naturally resistant woods, you can rebuild the beds several times over using the pine and be money ahead.

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Planing Pressure Treated Wood. Do not leave any shavings or pieces of that pressure treated wood in contact with the plane after using it. From what I'm hearing,the newest stuff is not very friendly to iron or steel, it corrodes it. I can see a tiny shaving getting wedged somewhere in the frog or under the cap iron,

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Risk Reduction. ACQ-treated wood is a sound alternative to CCA for a compost bin. If you are concerned about copper toxicity, use naturally resistant untreated woods for your compost bin, such as cedar, ironwood, juniper, locust, redwood or white oak. If you're concerned because these will likely deteriorate before pressure-treated lumber,

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When can I apply a water repellent to pressure treated wood? If you plan to let your deck's natural appearance and color shine, it is recommended that you apply a water repellent as soon after installation is complete as is possible.

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don't use treated wood for that type of project. there should be limited to zero contact with any type of treated wood. use an exterior wood finish instead.

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4 replies so far. It should not hurt the blades.This lumber is usually treated with a copper solution under high pressure to infiltrate the wood and to slow the growth of fungi . You should wear good breathing protection as the copper can be harmful and is an irritant.

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You'll find labels printed on treated wood warning those who are using it to wear masks and protect their skin source: Austin . It's also important not to let any type of treated wood come in contact with drinking water. So if you want to know when it's better to use untreated lumber, the answer is almost always.

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Timber Treatments. Southern Yellow Pine Timbers can be pressure treated for use in ground or fresh water .60 pcf or .80 pcf and saltwater 2.5 pcf . We will accommodate your needs for any level of treatment. CCA and ACQ treatments are available. Ask about our polymer coating for ultra longevity. Visit our FAQ page to get more answers

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So you can imagine what might happen when nailing drywall to treated lumber. I am not sure what I would do if I were you, are metal studs an option? I would call the PT company as well and ask if there is a way you can attach drywall.