attaching a to block deck

attaching a ledger to brick walls requires the best methods

Attaching a ledger to brick walls is done using 2 lag screws about every 14 - 16 inches - I prefer to counterbore the pilot holes to countersink the color plated or stainless steel lag screws and washers.

How to Attach a Ledger to a Cinder Block eHow

Typically made of two-by lumber, ledger boards attach horizontally to an existing structure, such as a house or garage, and are used to join a deck, roof or other add-on to the original structure. Successfully attaching a ledger to a cinder block can be accomplished by using the right hardware.

Ledger Board Attachment to a Solid Concrete Foundation Wall

Ledger Board Attachment to a Solid Concrete Foundation Wall. Hollow concrete block can easily break when drilled and doesnt leave adequate bearing support for anchors. If you are attaching to a hollow masonry wall you can fill the cells with grout and use expansion anchors or will need to install epoxy anchors in compliance to the manufacturers installation instructions to a minimum depth of 4-1/4.

Whats the Best Type of Concrete Deck Blocks? DIY

Here are your options: Precast concrete deck blocks are popular for building decks. Some are made with notches designed to hold standard-size posts, beams and joists. Precast blocks that are available at home improvement centers usually are 12 inches square and 8 to 12 inches high.

Can I attach my deck to a hollow block concrete foundation

Be careful to install a sufficient amount of fasteners based on the loads generated by the deck design. The fasteners must be approved for a wet-use, exterior environment and must provide appropriate corrosion protection. Most builders prefer to build a free standing deck rather than attach to a hollow concrete block house foundation wall.

Attaching deck ledger to block wall

Attaching deck ledger to block wall pahammer Posted in Construction Techniques on September 1, 2005 02:38am any ideas or suggestion on how to attach a ground level deck ledger to a concrete block wall.

Attaching deck ledger to concrete foundation wall

Attaching deck ledger to concrete foundation wall. If it for moisture, isn't that what the flashing accomplishes. Good idea on the stainless wedge bolts. I would think that if the ledger is spaced out, you loose the strength of the ledger being up against a solid surface and are now just relying on the actual bolts.

How to Install Blocking Between Deck Joists DIY Deck Plans

Pro Tip. Cut blocking to fit so that joist stays aligned with the string. When using Shadoe Track or joist cap systems, use your mitre saw to nip the top corners of each piece of blocking to allow for the overlap of the fastening system. Another option is to cut blocks down ½ on a table saw, so that they are ½ lower on the top edge,

Attaching a ledger board to concrete block

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Fastening A Ledger To Hollow Block

If I am understanding your question, you are attaching a deck ledger board 2x10 to a CMU wall? IMO, If all you are doing is running 2x10, 16oc, plus deck boards, there is not much load. Sleeve anchors are way better than lead.

Attaching the Ledger Board Deck Building Project

Attach Joist Hangers. Install the joist hangers onto the face of the ledger board. You must have a framing plan for the deck structure in order to know where each joist hanger is to be located. Proper planning involves laying out the framing of your deck prior to getting to this stage of the deck building process.

Installing Deck Ledgers DIY Deck Plans

4. Installing Deck Ledgers. A ledger board is a horizontal piece of lumber attached to a wall to support the ends of deck joists. The ledger can be attached using one of three methods. Through bolts are driven into brick or stone, then protrude through the ledger, where they are fastened with a nut.

attaching deck railing to cinder block

How to Attach a Wooden Railing to a Concrete Attaching a wooden railing to a concrete porch adds a touch of elegance. Many people are Cinder Block Steps http


Now build a deck and drop 4-8 posts in the ground - make sure that you are adequately putting these well below frost line and that they are big enough. By attaching it to the cinder blocks there is a chance that your posts could cause upheaval on the garage wall. - especially with cinder blocks.

Attach-A-Deck ledger mounting system

The Attach-A-Deck is a simple deck mounting system that spaces the ledger off the wall even on existing houses without removing the siding. This article explains the features and benefits of the Attach-A-Deck ledger mounting system.


I'm certain you can't attach a ledger to cinder block that is why the deck is going to be free standing. However, I would like to know if the deck could somehow be secured to the garage.

How to Safely Attach a Deck to a House

Shopping list for How to Safely Attach a Deck to a House: - 2x4s and 2x6s½-inch x 10-inch galvanized lag screws with washers - ½-inch x 10-inch masonry wedge anchors - Pressure-treated 2x4

attaching a ledger to a block foundation

Re: attaching a ledger to a block foundation You might be able to determine the presence of a lintel using rare earth magnets. Even if there is a lintel, it's probably worth having an engineer look this over, or building a free standing deck.

How to Hang a Deck From Cinder Blocks Home Guides SF Gate

How to Hang a Deck From Cinder Blocks Measure up from the point where bottom of the cinder block meets the ground and mark Stage the ledger board flat on sawhorses. Measure and mark the board at the desired length. Set up a power drill with a 1/2-inch-diameter wood drill bit. Install a

Attaching to cinder block

If it's for a deck or a roof system, the connection will likely be in both shear and tension. I would do everything I could to through-bolt the ledger with 1/2" HDG machine bolts AND a backer of 2x treated material.

How Would You Attach A Ledger Board To A Concrete Wall

I have to attach a ledger board to a concrete wall with no access to the inside of the wall. Deck will be 10x16. Ledger board will have joist hangers attached and

Best way to attach a deck Ledger board to a block foundation

Re: Best way to attach a deck Ledger board to a block foiundation. You are far better off making the deck free standing so water can drain between the deck and the house and not get trapped behind the ledger board. Both the house and the deck will last longer.