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How to Repair a Water-Damaged Subfloor how-tos DIY

Remove the Damaged Floor Material. Start by completely removing the damaged materials. Use a circular saw set to 1 depth to cut the subflooring back beyond the damaged areas until you reach solid structural framing. Use a pry bar to remove any protruding nails and vacuum up the demolition debris.

How to Replace Damaged Areas of Hardwood Flooring - dummies

Cut a replacement strip to the same length as the one you removed. Cut off the bottom side of the groove on the board. Removing the bottom groove enables you to install a board between two others by inserting its tongue side first and then lowering its groove side into place.

How to Replace Damaged Areas of Hardwood Flooring - dummies

If your hardwood floor is in generally fine shape, with only a damaged spot or two, it is easy and economical to make small repairs by replacing a strip or plank of flooring. You can also fix buckled areas of flooring and avoid having to completely refinish your floors. Most floors use a tongue-and-groove design for connecting adjacent strips.

How to Easily Replace a Damaged Laminate Floor Plank

Step 2: Replacing Damaged Laminate Floor Plank in the Center of the Room. Here is an easy way to replace a damaged laminate floor plank located in the middle of the room. Although this is time consuming and requires precision, you can take it up as a DIY project.

How to Remove Ceramic Floor Tiles This Old House

Removing Ceramic Tiles. Take out the toilet and any pedestal sinks and disconnect all the water pipes or drains that go through the floor. If you don't know what's under your ceramic floor tile, you'll have to do some detective work to find out whether it's plywood, cement backerboard, or a thick bed of mortar.

How to replace laminate flooring HowToSpecialist - How to

This repair project is not difficult if you use the right tools and techniques, so we strive to show you the best way to replace laminate flooring, in a step by step guide. Replacing a damaged laminate flooring can be done in several ways. First of all, you might find easier to dissemble the laminate flooring back to the affected area

How to Replace Subflooring in a Mobile Home

Step 1: Remove the Trim and Floor Covering. The first step will be removing the trim and floor covering. If its carpet you will need to remove the strips. Vinyl will usually need to be cut around the parameter perimeter of the room and tile will need to be ripped up.

Cheap Flooring Ideas - 15 Totally Unexpected DIY Options

FLOR tiles are an affordable way to customize a carpeted floor covering for any space. Make anything from runners to wall-to-wall designsno glue or tacks requiredand by simply adhering the

How to Easily Replace a Damaged Laminate Floor Plank

Here is an easy way to replace a damaged laminate floor plank located in the middle of the room. Although this is time consuming and requires precision, you can take it up as a DIY project.

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Grout Types. Never use sanded grout with metal, glass or marble tiles. The sand will scratch the surface. Instead, use an unsanded grout. Acrylic latex grout is comparatively easy to work with, but requires sealing. Epoxy grout is highly resistant to stains and doesn't require sealing, but is more difficult to apply.

3 Options for Uneven Floor Repair DoItYourself.com

Dealing with uneven floors is a part of the trade when installing flooring. Before you can do a good job of installing wood, laminate, or any other flooring, you need a good subfloor to start out with.

How to Replace a Rotten Floor in Front of a Bathtub Home

Inspect the floor joists below to ensure they are solid. If they are slightly soft, cut boards of the same dimension to run the length of the rotting area plus 3 or 4 feet on either end. From below, hold the new boards up and against the existing floor joists. Ensure they are flush with the joists at top.

A quick and easy way to repair buckled hardwood flooring

A Quick and Easy Way to Repair Buckled Hardwood Flooring Theres nothing like luxurious hardwood flooring for transforming a home into a spectacular showplace. With all its benefits and allure, theres no real downside to hardwood flooring; but, as with any type of flooring, it does require a certain amount of maintenance to prevent damage.

How to Replace the Floor of a Mobile Home Hunker

With the right tools and some basic instructions, you'll be on your way to a new, more durable floor. How to Replace the Floor of a Mobile Home By C.H

4 Ways to Replace RV Flooring - wikiHow

How to Replace RV Flooring. Travelling in an RV is a great way to explore new places while riding in comfort, but sometimes changes in climate can cause the flooring in your RV to crack, warp, or rot.

How to replace laminate flooring HowToSpecialist - How to

How to replace laminate flooring. Although laminate flooring is very resistant to scratches and easy to maintain, there are cases in which you have to replace several boards due to visible issues: chipping, scratches or water damage. If you move furniture on the laminate flooring without using felt pads or drop heavy objects on the floor,

How to fix a hole in the floor - subfloor repair DIY - YouTube

It's pretty easy when you know how. We removed an old chimney and that left a big hole in the living room floor We filmed step-by-step repairing that big hole and it looks great.

How to Repair or Replace RV and Camper Trailer Floors

Care is needed to keep from cutting through the outer sheet metal on the bottom. A floor heating ventran the length of the unit and was flattened by the weight of those walking on the soft floor. It was almost impossible to keep from cutting this aluminum vent during the floor removal but this is easy to repair.

What Is the Easiest Floor to Use for Replacing Linoleum

Replacing Linoleum and Adhesive. When the old linoleum and adhesive residue come up readily and the subfloor is in good shape, or you are able to set down a new underlayment over the old adhesive, consider a self-adhering vinyl floor. Self-stick vinyl tiles require no additional adhesive or grout.

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Rule 2 It must be durable and easy to clean. If you have to replace the flooring in a few years, either because its too dirty to look at or its falling apart, its not a bargain. Given these rules, the four most realistic options for cheap kitchen flooring are ceramic tile, vinyl, laminate, and cork.

How to Replace RV Flooring MountainModernLife.com

So, unfortunately, theres no cookie cutter way to replace the RV flooring in a slide-out. So we did what anyone would do, and attacked it head-on. Installing the flooring in the slide-out was as easy as installing it everywhere else in the RV.

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Place your linoleum on the floor as a run-through before the actual adhesion process. Cut the appropriate tiles or sheets to move around bathroom or kitchen fixtures or components such as counters and plumbing. Spread adhesive to a small area on the floor. Press the linoleum onto the adhesive firmly.


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How to Replace the Floor of a Mobile Home Hunker

Cut the plywood to the proper size to fit the width of the room. You may need to nail and glue an additional two-by-four so you have a ledge to lay the new subfloor down. At each seam, where a piece of plywood ends and another begins, reinforce with a two-by-four between the joists. Make sure the floor is level.