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Acoustical panels dont need to cover the entirety of your walls or ceiling to be effective. Nor do they need to attach directly to those areas. With the EchoSky Curved system, you can choose the areas you want to help enhance the acoustics in, then suspend the unique curved panels for a visual impact as well.

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NetWell Noise Control is a leader in soundproofing applications providing acoustic sound dampening panels, soundproof foam, sound absorbing blankets, and noise reduction fabric panels and ceiling tiles.

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Whether you are looking for acoustic panels, curtains, wood systems, windows or doors we will work with you to create the acoustic environment you desire. Talk to a sales rep today about our variety of options.

Zintra Acoustic Panels

Zintra Acoustic ½ Panels is the perfect solution for your application where sound reduction as well as aesthetics are required. Zintras wide range of colors and ease of use make it the ideal material for commercial, hospitality, educational and institutional projects.

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Wall Panels. Our wall-mounted panels fix acoustic problems in: Home theatres, recording studios, classrooms, boardrooms, offices, call centres, gymnasiums, and community centres. Control echoes and reverberations -- Improve speech clarity -- Sharpen stereo imaging -- Tame inconsistent bass APC offers a selection of professionally constructed wall

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Felted FELT 615AW Snow Acoustical View Full Details View 25 Colorways Zoom ORDER Cork Wallcovering NAT 4227 Cork View Full Details View 14 Colorways Zoom

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Sound Channels Acoustical Wall Covering. Sound Channels is resistant to moisture, mildew, rot, bacteria, and is non-allergenic. Produced with no VOCs volatile organic compounds , ODSs ozone depleting substances , heavy metals or formaldehyde, it's the perfect acoustic fabric for offices, classrooms, conference centers or any area where speech intelligibility is a critical factor.

CrossPoint Sound Absorbing Fabric Acoustical Solutions

CrossPoint Sound Absorbing Fabric. CrossPoint acoustical fabric has a sound absorption rating of NRC 0.20, is Class A fire rated and passes the corner burn test NFPA-265. CrossPoint acoustical fabric is great for use as a wall covering for exhibits and displays, conference rooms, theaters, schools and much more.

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Acoustic wood wall panels Veneer laminated wood, Designed for superior sound absorption Seven Trust choice of effective sound control, in commercial, educational and residential Interiors

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Using cork tiles for indoor wall coverings is an option that makes sense: you improve the conditions of thermal and acoustic comfort, and you choose an exclusive and natural decoration. The range of patterns and colours

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MDC- The Trusted Source for design solutions. Youre looking for selection. You need solutions. You want to be inspired. No one understands commercial design and renovation better than MDC.

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It is flexible, decorative, moldable, tackable, sound dampening and super easy to install. Learn More Products We offer significant design potential through the use of office partitions, desk screens, workstation tiles, tackboards and wall panels. Learn More Price Guides ezoBord is available in many markets across the globe.

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There are many vendors to purchase acoustic panels, and acoustic baffles from in the US. But few acoustic panel manufacturers in Canada that both provide the acoustic panels and install them. Read more to find out where you can buy acoustic panels in Canada, We are Canadian. We are physically located in Canada.

Sky-Acoustics Design and Craftsmanship

Sky Acoustics was founded in 2013 and our corporate headquarter is located in Toronto, Canada. We design, engineer and manufacture custom acoustical ceiling, wall panels and grid systems for the high-end niche market.

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Mass Loaded Vinyl. Mass Loaded Vinyl called Noise Blok is used for soundproofing walls, ceilings, ducts and pipes. It is a very easy to use acoustic sound barrier. - Goldcrest Wallcoverings

Our Acoustical Collection wall fabrics come directly from the manufacturers, bringing you this top quality, environmentally-friendly product at the best possible price - Goldcrest Wallcoverings and Contract Sales Ltd.

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Acoustic Panels. Audimutes signature handcrafted acoustical wall treatments. Choose from 16 traditional fabrics, 6 designer textured fabrics, or a custom finish, in framed or frameless options. Prices start at $29 per panel.

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Search all products, brands and retailers of Decorative acoustic panels: discover prices, catalogues and new features. TANGRAM - Acoustic panels on the wall.

Sound Channels Acoustical Wall Covering by Acoustics First

Sound Channels wall covering by Acoustics First is a dimensional fabric that offers excellent acoustical properties, unmatched fade resistance and a fire/smoke retardant Class A rating making it the perfect acoustic fabric for offices, classrooms, conference centers or any area where speech intelligibility is a critical factor.

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Acoustic sound panels for wall and ceiling. Canadian-made and shipped from Canada. Commercial, Office, School, Industrial, Residential noise solutions.

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Our fabric acoustic wall panels is the most popular way to correct acoustic problems and is ideal for cinema, classrooms, offices, worship centers, restaurants, hotel lobbies, home theater, recording studios, etc.

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Acoustical Role. 1 Commercially, acoustical treatment helps to enhance customer experiences in a restaurant or concert hall. Residentially, it helps to reduce the amount of unwanted noise.

Tectum Acoustic Wall and Ceiling Panels for Noise Reduction

Tectum Acoustic Wall and Ceiling Panels for Noise Reduction. Tectum Acoustic Panels are easy to install on walls with conventional wood or drywall tools. Ceiling installations use standard grid suspension components. The natural or factory painted white panels provide a decorative interior finish. They can be field painted to match colour schemes without losing acoustical efficiency.

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Available in a variety of patterns to compliment any decor. Though this cork wall covering tends to be more decorative than the more traditional looking coverings, the tiles are also functional - acoustical, insulation, pushpins depending on thickness .