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Our engineered hardwood flooring, for instance, is capable of producing many times the square footage of solid hardwood, while sacrificing nothing in performance or aesthetics.

Environmentally Friendly Floor Finishes

There are products that dont contain harsh chemicals. These eco-friendly products are not only better for your health; theyre better for the health of the planet. Natural Oils. Before chemical solvents and waxes came on the market, people used natural oils on their wood floors. Linseed Oil Finish For Wooden Floors

Eco Fast FS Floor Finish Stripper

EcoFast Heavy Duty, Eco-Friendly Floor Finish and Sealer Stripper Inventory Clearance Special. While supplies last. Product Data Sheet EcoFast FS PDS Safety Data Sheet EcoFast FS MSDS EcoFast FS is a powerful water dilutable neutral pH organic-based floor finish and sealer stripper engineered to remove the most difficult finishes in minutes.

270 Hardwood Floor Oil Eco-House Inc.

Home / Shop / Natural Wood Finishes / Penetrating Oil Finishes / 270 Hardwood Floor Oil 270 Hardwood Floor Oil A natural, penetrating oil finish for untreated or oiled-primed wood.

OSMO Australia

natural wood finishes, osmo oils, osmo timber oils, osmo finishes, eco-friendly natural wood finishes, based on natural oils and waxes. Osmo penetrates the wood surface, protecting from deep within. Naturally beautiful wood, protected and durable.OSMO Australia

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ECO WOOD STAIN is a non toxic wood stain, treatment and comes in four pre-mixed colored tints. Our stain comes in red, black, brown, weathered, as well as original untinted verson.

What Are Some Eco-Friendly Wood Floor Waxes?

Eco-House Inc., based in New Brunswick, Canada, manufactures a similar formulation for wood floors called 300 Carnauba Floor Wax. It contains beeswax, carnauba wax, refined linseed oil, rosemary oil, and a mild citrus-based thinner, and natural resins.

Natural Wood Finishes, Wood Paint and Varnish

We have many types of eco friendly, non toxic, safe and natural water based wood wax and water based wood varnish available to buy online today. Auro 251 is always a best selling natural gloss varnish, with Auro 261 as the matt silk alternative. If you're looking for natural floor varnish or natural floor wax, we have a few differing options below.

Environmentally Friendly Low VOC Floor Finishes

Dear Rob: I am refinishing the hardwood floors in an older home. Im looking for a natural/eco friendly stain and gloss that is non-toxic. Do you have any suggestions? -Bridgette Dear Bridgette: Its great to know that you are looking to use an eco-friendly and non-toxic floor finish. Choosing a finish is important, because the

New york City Wood Floors

choosing eco friendly zero voc wood finish Posted on August 6, 2017 New York City Wood Floors Posted in WOCA , Wood Flooring Trends , Wood Floors New York City , Zero Voc Floor Finishes Over the course of time a wood floor will need to be loved, nourished

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Floor Finishes: VOC. The evil elements that make so many floor finishes--and many other household items--eco-unfriendly are the volatile organic compounds VOCs , toxic fumes released by solvents that cause air pollution and serious illness in humans. One VOC, formaldehyde, which is great for preserving dead things, is common in Swedish finishes.

Oil Finish vs. Urethane Finish Flooring: Pros and Cons

Oil Finish vs. Urethane Finish: How to Pick the Best Finish for Your Floor March 30, 2016. After 60 years in the wood flooring industry, Garrison has learned a thing or two about finishes.

Green Step Flooring, Inc. Eco-Friendly Wood Floor Finishes

Eco-friendly Finishes. Green Step Flooring, Inc. is using the most durable and eco-friendly floor coatings available in the hardwood insdustry. We offer the floor finish elite brands available today. Do your research and find out, what is best for you, your family, your pets and the world you live in.

Hardwood Finishes More Eco-Friendly than Ever

Hardwood Finishes More Eco-Friendly than Ever Todays Finishing Facts. Finishes are vital to protecting the beauty and performance of hardwood cabinetry, flooring and millwork.

ECOS Wood Shield Varnish Clear Polyurethane

And, you can use our varnish where you would use a clear coat on floors, furniture, woodwork, cabinets and doors. THE ECOS WOODSHIELD VARNISH ADVANTAGE. As the worlds best eco-engineered clear coat, ECOS WoodShield Varnish has a truly outstanding performance.

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VOC-Free Stain and Varnish for Sale Eco-Friendly Wood Stain

ECOS WoodShield Interior Satin Varnish is a water based, medium to low sheen, protective finish that dries to a hard, durable film - ideal for wood floors, window frames, doors, trim, and furniture.

Zero-VOC floor finish Rubio Monocoat Wood Floor Finish

Pete's Hardwood Floors searched for two years and finally found Rubio Monocoat. We wanted a zero-VOC floor finish. NEW Eco Refresh $52 .

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There are a lot of hardwood floor finishes out there. Use our at-a-glance guide below to choose the one thats right for your home. We also help you decide if you want to refinish floors yourself .

Eco Hardwood Floors

Eco Hardwood Floors did a horrible job finishing our new hardwood floors sanding, staining, top coat . We were on a short timeframe to get our floors done so we gave Yoav a try since he said he could finish the job in three to four days.

Dbacks To Environmentally Friendly Floor Finishes

First I should dispel the myth that wax is the only floor finish you need and that it is EF. The truth about wax is that it is merely a top dressing for a film finish that is already cured and dried on the floor. You might try to apply a paste wax on a wood floor, but you can never build a protective film on it.