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Most pool decks sealed with an acrylic sealer will need to be resealed every two to three years. Once the concrete is clean and dry, apply the sealer spraying is always the best method and allow to dry. Repeat. Two coats is always better than one with acrylic sealers.

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Deck-O-Seal Pool Deck Sealers; CLICK TO PURCHASE CS-309-25 DECK-O-GRIP BELLATRIX DECK-O-SHIELD DECK-O-SHIELD PLUS; COPING: Brick good good better better best Concrete good good better better best Pavers good good better better best Travertine good good better better best Natural Stone good good better

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Choosing the Right Color For A Pool Deck. One of the best things about adding a stain to a concrete pool deck is that the homeowner can pick the perfect color for their project. However, it is important to keep in mind that climate should play a role in this decision along with personal style and preference. Pool Deck Sealer

Deck-O-Grip Water Based Slip-Resistant Concrete Pool Deck Sealer - Swimming Pools, Patios, Sidewalks Porches 2 Gallons. by Deck-O-Grip. $195.97 $ 195. 97.

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A concrete pool deck provides stability for your swimming pool and surrounding area, as well as a sleek surface where you can customize your pool decks decor. Weather, time and wear can take

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Update for 2019: Best Sealer for Pool Concrete Patio or Pavers. In this updated article, we discuss the qualities to look for when choosing a sealer for pool concrete patio or pavers. We continue to recommend SuperSeal and Surebond.

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From penetrating water repellent sealers to non-slip high gloss coatings, Foundation Armors line of sealers offer a great solution to protecting and enhancing your stamped concrete, poured concrete, aggregate, paver, or natural stone pool deck.

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call your local concrete redi mix plant ask them what they recommend for a high gloss sealer. I'm a concrete contractor in minn. for 35 yrs. and do a lot of pool decks.

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Applying concrete sealant to a pool deck is very important since pool decks are often exposed to water and moisture. These factors often wear out the color of concrete or develop mold when the pool deck is not often exposed to sunlight if it is an indoor pool.

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Update 2019 on the Best Stamped Concrete Sealer As of 2019, we have found that the Super Seal 30, Super Seal 25, Supreme Shield SB-600, and the Masonry Saver Decorative Concrete Sealers are the most popular sealers for Stamped Concrete Patios, Driveways, and walkways.

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DECK-O-GRIP is a non-yellowing, high solids, transparent, easy-to-apply concrete and tile sealer, designed for exterior swimming pool decks, patios, sidewalks, and porches. It is specifically designed to retain and enhance the appearance of your deck.

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Sealers For Stamped Concrete Pool Decks and Patios Just like an exterior wood deck, sealers for stamped concrete pool decks and patios should be reapplied every few years. This is a fairly simple project that will protect and restore your pool deck, patios and driveway.

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A plain concrete pool deck isn't very attractive, and it can be hazardous, as well. Smooth concrete is a fairly slippery surface, and hot concrete baking in the sun can burn your feet.

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Home / Applications / Pool Decks / Seal / Clear Seal CLEAR-SEAL - Concrete Protective Sealer SEAL-KRETE Clear-Seal Concrete Protective Sealer is a ready-to-use sealer that penetrates deeply to seal and protect painted, stained or bare concrete.

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Pool decks are typically stamped concrete, aggregate or paver based substrates that greatly benefit from a wet look decorative sealer. Wet look sealers are typically solvent based acrylics that will immediately bring to life the appearance of a pool deck.

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InTheSwim is proud to carry the Deck-O-Seal line of pool deck sealers. Deck-O-Shield : Use Deck-O-Shield for broom finished concrete, stone or exposed aggregate pool decks. Coverage is 100-150 sq. ft. per gallon, depending on the porosity of your deck material.

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Pool Deck Paint Vs Stain: Whats Best for Concrete Pool Decks? Posted by Mark Donaldson on January 3, 2018 in Blog, Uncategorized. Enhancing a pool deck doesnt have to be something that involves the use of expensive materials and complicated work.

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Having an outdoor pool is one of the best ways to maximize the use of your outdoor space. There is nothing better than spending a hot day lounging poolside with friends and family. In order to maximize the appearance and safety of your outdoor pool, be sure to choose the right concrete pool deck finish from Seven Trust.

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What should you know about the best pool deck surface? There are different materials you can use when building your deck such as wood, vinyl, plastic, concrete, aluminum, tiles among others.

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Best concrete sealers for use on exterior concrete driveways and pavers, stamped concrete patios and pool decks, concrete sidewalks and more. Foundation Armor AR350 Wet Look Driveway Sealer In order to have success with a concrete sealer, you need to understand the different types of concrete sealers and how each type of concrete sealer should

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The DECK-O-SEAL line of pool deck products has expanded to include sealers used to seal your decks, copings, and waterfalls. For use with concrete, brick pavers, natural stone, or decorative concrete.

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When it comes to choosing a patio sealer or a pool deck sealer you must first decide the finish and the level of protection you are looking for. If you are looking for a sealer to enhance the colors and textures with a wet look or gloss finish you are going to want to use a decorative concrete sealer.

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Sealing and Protecting Concrete Pool Decks No decorative concrete installation is complete without the application of a sealer. This final layer of protection will not only prolong the life of your deck, but also enhance its beauty and make the concrete easier to clean and maintain.

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Pool decks present a different strategy than a regular deck when considering finishing options. Wood can be left to age to a natural gray without any stain or sealer applied. The deck may be pressure washed to remove mold or mildew and followed with sanding to remove any splintered areas created