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Deer Fence Product Finder Search Results The 96, fixed knot, high tensile deer fence is recognized for deer farming, deer exclusion, deer breeding, and deer management and control applications.

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Hualan woven wire fences find extensive uses as field fence, perimeter fence, garden fence, deer fencing, horse fence, poultry netting fence and chicken wire fences. Together with fabrics, we also supply posts, fence gates, barbed wire, wall and bird spikes and other fittings and accessories for building of metal fencing system. We can process

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Fixed Knot Fence, also called fixed knot deer fence, deer fence, Field fence, It has excellent strength, flexibility and ease of installation. It has many sizes and spacings suitable for cattle, deer, goats, pigs, horses, bison, elk, sheep and dogs, and can even be used for safety applications.

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The Fixed Knot. The fixed knot design is considered top of the line. When compared to the makeup of other wires, making The 50-Year Fence the strongest, longest-lasting wire product available on the market.

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Fixed knot fence are mainly used in the farm and pastures for animal fencing including deer fences and horse fences. In regard to the surface treatment, fixed knot fence is available in heavy coated galvanized for a long service life.

Fixed-Knot Woven Wire, 20/96/12, 12½ Ga - 330' Roll

Fixed-knot woven wire fence gives excellent control for animal containment, exclusion, and protection from predators. The combination of high-tensile wire and solid vertical stays allows fence installation using 25 post centers.

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Fixed knot fence machine, also called Fixed knot machine or deer fence machine, is used to produce fixed knot fence for livestock husbandry, grassland protection and other isolation usage. Fixed knot fence machine adopts Panasonic control panel, easy operation.

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With three times the life and almost four times the strength of typical low tensile fencing, your Stay-Tuff Fixed Knot fence will stand strong for generations. High tensile wire, a solid vertical stay wire, and a tight Fixed Knot provide exceptional strength and allow you to use far fewer posts, saving time and money.

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Made in America Bekaert fence products set the bar for quality and durability, offering an industry-leading 40 year Limited Guarantee on our advanced zinc-aluminum Bezinal coatings. Our commitment to quality extends to our technical experts, who answer one-on-one questions for consumers in order to ensure every fence is the right fence for the job.

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FixedKnot 0 --Ideal for keeping in wild game or to keep deer out of yards and gardens --Square Knot joint see ding below Class III, Fixed Knot

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The fixed knot deer fence is favored by stock owners because of its durability to withstand brute force and tough weather conditions. The features for this galvanized fixed knot wire include the high tensile preventing deterioration from acts of nature or predators.

Solid Lock Deer Fence Woven Wire Fence

Fixed Knot Deer Fence, also known as Solid Lock Fence, is the strongest metal deer fence type on today's market for deer deterrence and livestock management.

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The fixed knot fence is available in galvanized or vinyl coated black most common . This fence has Graduated vertical spacing starting at 7" and ending at 3" at the bottom. Deer fence is perfect for a large yard, garden orchard and vineyard applications.

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Fixed Knot Fence, also known as Solid Lock Fence, is one of the toughest deer and livestock fence for sale on today's market. Not only is this woven wire fence meant for deer control, but it is ideal for livestock owners who are looking for a strong agriculture fence to secure cattle, sheep, goats and chickens.

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In addition, the advanced Zinc-Aluminum coating found on The 50-Year Fence is the only one of its kind. Our products will last two times longer than Class 3 fixed knot fence products, guaranteed. If youre looking for a deer or game fence that is impact-resistant, look no further than The 50-Year Fence.

Deer Fence 7.5ft. × 100ft. High Tensile Fixed Knot Fencing

HT-fixed knot deer fence, 2 13/48/6/12.5/330 class 3 galvanized, and 12 20/96/6/12.5/330 class 3 galvanized. Deer fencing wire 2 inch by 6ft by 330ft/roll with black plastic coated, and live stock panels, clips and accessories for garden use.

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Game Lock Fence Co. is a Manufacturer and Distributor of Fixed Knot High Tensile High Fence. We offer 8 and 6.5 tall Fixed Knot High Fence. Our fence is made with the best quality 12.5 gauge high tensile wire and meets/exceeds ASTM A116-11 standards. We also offer custom fence orders.

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The 50-year fence. The 50-Year Fence by StaTite50 is the first and only fixed knot fence of its kind on the market today and it is backed by a 50-year warranty. Solidlock. Solidlock by Bekaert is a fixed knot fence design with high tensile, 12.5 gauge wire making it one of the strongest woven wire fences on the market today. The Fixed Knot

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The knot style combined with the strength of the high tensile wire makes these fences suitable for nearly any fence job. If your fencing project crosses varied or difficult terrain or requires high rigidity for strength between post spacing's, Bekaert Solidlock fixed knot fence is your fencing solution.

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Deer fence 8 foot 2 x 4 black, deer fence 1 1/2 x 4 black, deer fence graduated fixed knot. We offer cost effective ways to provide protection from deer damage. Our fence is nearly invisible after installation, and protects farms, nurseries, gardens and property perimeters.

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Solidlock, sheep and goat fence, deer fence, horse fence. Protects from predators. Class 3 galvanized wire lasts up to 40 years with little maintenance.


Fixed knot fence. Pre-stripped rolls all of the stay-tuff fence rolls come with 18 of vertical stays removed from both ends of the roll .

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Fixed Knot Fence, also called fixed fence, is specifically designed for livestock control, Pasture, cross and fence. Respect to widely use, Fixed Knot Fence is used for livestock, farm isolation, airport, residence security, etc. In terms of animal fence, Fixed Knot Fence can be use for fence of dog, cattle, deer, goat, hog, horse, etc.

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Fixed Knot Fence Posts are the strongest line posts on today's market. Add stability to your solid lock deer fence with the Fixed Knot posts for sale on As with all Fixed Knot products, these line posts for Woven Wire Fences do not qualify for free shipping. Please Note: Freight shipments apply.

Fixed Knot Field Fence for Grassland Fence and Farm Fencing

Fixed knot fence with solid lock construction is mainly used as field fencing to protect cattle such as deer, horse, cow, sheep and goats, and also used as grassland fence and farm fencing. It is also called game fencing.

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Fixed knot fence is a kind of woven wire mesh field fencing with stronger wire fabrics and can be installed quickly with fewer fence posts. This means that fixed knots brings reduced cost and less maintenance compared with other wire structures.