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Cladding for Houses. It is a good idea to research the cost, durability and maintenance of your exterior cladding options before selecting a product for your building façade.

11 Exterior House Cladding for New Australian Homes

Both the interior and exterior parts of your home needs attention. In this blog, were going to discuss a few exterior house cladding materials which can add function and style to your new home or addition. Some of these are widely used in Australia, some are new brands available in the market.

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When it comes to exterior cladding options, there are two major types namely the masonry products and siding products. Masonry products include stucco, brick and natural stone while siding products encompass materials such as aluminium, vinyl, wood fibre and cement fibre.

Home exterior cladding ideas to increase curb appeal

The exterior of a home presents the best chance to make a great first impression and add value. For a new build or a spring makeover, there are plenty of ways to add warmth and wow factor. Think masonry brick, block veneers and stone cladding, for starters. Lightweight choices include metal, plywood

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The choice of exterior cladding materials has never been greater and there are new products coming on to the market all the time. Award-winning architect Daniel Marshall says choosing the right cladding means taking into account a number of factors: Any cladding must be appropriate for the context, environment and condition of the house

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Top Six Exterior Siding Options. Siding gives you a great way to add color and definition to your house. There are lots of options these days to help you create

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Building modern weatherboard homes? Undergoing renovation and need new exterior timber cladding? Weathertex is a specialist exterior wall panels supplier and weatherboard company offering the best quality products available on the market.

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Exterior board cladding. The same applies when you choose what particular types of siding, as there are also various cabin siding options such as shingles, sheet materials, metal siding or façade profiles with gaps. We are going to examine one of them in this article; the exterior board cladding, which consists of boards vertically or

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For the best house cladding materials and services in Australia, locate your closest Gunnersen outlet and revitalise the exterior of your home. Gunnersen is proud to offer an extensive distribution network from our warehouses located across Australia and New Zealand.

Lightweight Cladding Options Explained

Fibre-cement cladding is a great solution for use as a wraparound or as an accent that complements traditional building materials such as stone, wood and brick.

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Using lap board with other exterior materials can create an interesting look for a house. This one is a combination of lap board and a painted brick base. Contrasting the painted brick with the red brick stairs and flower bed edging makes a lovely and eye-catching visual.

External house cladding: What are your options?

Changing your houses exterior design may be subject to planning rules set down by your local council. One of the more popular options for house cladding is brick slips they are thin

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Caroline Rodrigues reveals some of the best cladding materials for timber frame homes. Build It Education House: Initial Design Stages Choosing External Cladding.