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Deciding to convert an existing deck into a screened porch is a great way to expand the living space of your home.

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The same deck will cost you around $6,800 if you live in a city like Austin, If you have an existing deck that is in poor condition and is not very user friendly

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Screened In Porch Cost Factors. The cost of materials for a top-of-the-line screened in porch on an existing deck runs between $860 and $1,070, with an installation cost between $297 and $304. The total cost for a screened in porch on an existing deck will be between $1,157 and $1,374 or an average cost of $6.33/sf.

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Wonder if I can just cover part of the deck. My deck measures 25' wide x 14' long. I wonder if I could put a partial permanent roof over about 16' x 14' so that I could still have a grill on the deck.

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Once the deck is completed, contact your homeowners' insurance company ; tell them how much it cost to build the new deck, and they will determine the cost to add the deck to the existing policy.

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The cost to build a deck in wood, Discuss any changes to your existing deck before agreeing to an estimate. i.e. deck, arbor, gazebo, patio cover etc., keep

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What will it cost to build a roof over your deck? SAVE CANCEL. already exists. Would you like to merge this question into it? The strength of the existing roof members, water evacuation, snow

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Cost To Screen In Existing Porch Has anyone an idea of labor cost to screen in an existing porch hrs.per sq ft of wall space , never had a call for this before and my estimating software has no reference.

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We recently framed and screened in the underneath of one of our decks. Granted the cover was already in place but the materials for framing and screening cost us just under $500. I can not imagine that 12K is reasonable here. Come to think of it, some ten years ago we had the builder of a then brand new house screen in the 12x14 deck.

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For instance: These are just a few items that need to be taken into consideration before a true estimate can be given. However, states the cost of adding a screened in porch in 2013 runs about $4.74-$6.83 per square foot, a cost that takes into consideration the average price of materials and hourly labor wages.

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Remember, these are the estimates to cover an existing deck, not to build a deck from scratch. Building a deck or even replacing a deck can cost an additional $3,000 to $20,000, depending on the size, materials being used, your local labor rates and accessories you may want to have added. Screening in the deck,

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Re: Cost To Screen In Existing Porch I would normally charge $7 a sqft to screen-in a porch. About $3.00 to $4.00 of that is for materials depending on what type of screen they want to use.

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For the vinyl deck cover to work to its fullest potential, you should attach the vinyl deck planks to the existing deck by placing them perpendicularly. Measure the vinyl planks carefully before installing them. Slide the vinyl deck planks under the edging and secure the planks with galvanized screws.

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How to Build Your Own Covered Deck. Updated on September 23, 2017 needed for the existing deck. It was a little small, and built right next to a garage in order