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DeckWise Hardwood Deck Tile Connector 1 Brown Deck Hidden

DeckWise Hardwood Deck Tile Connector 1 Brown Deck Hidden Fasteners 1 Square ft Coverage at Seven Trust's. Deck tile connectors sold separately simply snap in place, precisely, accurately and securely over virtually any hard surface.

Deck TIle Connector Patent Pending

Deck TIle Connector An Seven Trust Clip Brand Prep the surface Make sure the surface being covered is relatively flat and free of anything that may get in the way of installation such as sticks,

DeckWise WiseTile Hardwood Brown Hardwood Deck Tile Connector

Use our brown deck tile connector for wooden installation surfaces to conceal the edges and gaps. Connectors will fit 24 in. x 24 in. and, 20 in. x 20 in. hardwood decking tiles by DeckWise. Every deck

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The DeckWise Deck Tile System is a quick, easy way to renovate your outdoor space. Deck Tiles do not require the commitment of a permanent structure. They can be taken apart as quickly as it takes to put them together. The DeckWise Deck Tiles come pre-drilled to save you time and effort when fastening them to the connectors.

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Shop Hardwood Deck Tile Connector Deck hidden fasteners in the specialty fasteners and fastener kits section of Seven Find quality hidden fasteners online or in store.

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Outdoor Deck Tiles, Rubber Interlock Deck Tiles Outdoor Surfaces. Greatmats delivers a large number of outdoor deck tiles products that allow customers to enjoy a deck, patio, or rooftop sitting area with high-quality flooring. Choosing the right outdoor deck tiles depends in part on the type of subsurface in use.

DeckWise Gray Deck Tile Connectors

DeckWise Gray Deck Tile Connectors Installation Simplified. Deck Tiles are our easy to install decking option that is perfect for a DIY deck. With Deck Tiles you can install a project in a little as one day, depending on the size and scope of the project.

Seven Trust Clip Deck Tile Connector

Simplify the process of building a hardwood tile deck with Deck Tile Connectors from DeckWise. This convenient connector provides a barrier between the tile and the subsurface to elevate the material and prevent rotting.

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use on wood deck tiles for terraces, balconies and roof top patios. of connectors to foundations when using trusted and proper fastening methods. each connector elevates hardwood deck tiles up off the installation surface for proper water

DeckWise Brown Deck Tile Connectors

See why DeckWise Brown Deck Tile Connectors are the go to system for deck tiles These weather resistant connectors are strong, reliable, and will elevate your system off of the ground, which

Deck Tile Connectors Tile Fastener System Hardwood Deck

Whether you are a first time builder, an architect, a contractor, designer, DIY homeowner, or even a home renter, DeckWise Hardwood Deck Tile Connectors offer a quick and easy way to construct semi-permanent decking or renovate any outdoor living space.

Deckwise Deck Tile Connector Case 78 Count Multiple Colors

Every connector also comes with 4 molded score lines for easily cutting and trimming around decking edges, corners or any specific installation space need. Ordering Deck Tile Connectors at 1.25 connectors per deck tile gives the optimum number needed.


1. Prep the surface 3. Set Additional Tiles 3 2. Set first tile Patented; D665,657 Shadowline black, hardwood brown, and composite grey > > > > > ee rev erse for more installation tips > > > > >

Deck Tile Connector

DeckWise Deck Tile Connectors are specially designed to secure deck tiles without having to worry about loose or uneven gaps between tiles. The connectors are made of chemical and UV resistant polyethylene and they have pre-drilled countersink holes for easy fastening over a concrete slab or existing wood deck.

Deck Tile Connectors

DeckWise Deck Tile Connectors simplify the deck tile installation process plus you never have to worry about loose or uneven gaps between tiles. The unique design of these deck tile connectors provide the easiest installation method for wood-backed hardwood decking tiles.

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Deck Tile Connectors. About Advantage Lumber. sources, manufacturers, and ships sustainably harvested Exotic Hardwood Decking.


These connectors are specifically manufactured to fit DeckWise WiseTile Hardwood Deck Tiles SKU , . These connectors are cast out of polycarbonate plastic material and feature integrated 3/16" gap spacers to automatically set the perfect tile spacing.

Deck Tile Connector

Very simple to install the Deck Tiles using 4 connectors per 1m2. For more information please contact our Sales Team Associated Products 140 x 19mm Smooth Seven Trust Decking From £6.65 per linear Happy Hippo Statue - Rust £370.83 each Corten Steel Fire Pit From £69.58 each Seven Trust Deck Tile £14.50 per each 140 x 19mm Smooth Balau Decking £6.25 per

Prepping Your Seven Trust Decking

To hold the tiles in place, we recommend DeckWise deck tile connectors. Each tile has a hole underneath each corner; the tile connector's pine tree pegs go in the holes. For corners and edges, the connectors can be scored with a knife and snapped apart. Start in a corner and lay out the tiles in diagonal rows.

Deck TIle Connector

Using Tile Connectors on edges or corners: Simply score the connector using a utility knife along the pre-molded grooves that mark the edges of the built in spacers. Bend the edges downward to snap the connector in half. repeat the same process to use a quarter of the connector to install on the corners of your deck tiles. Work Smart and work SAFE

Deck Tile Connector by DeckWise

Simplify the process of building a hardwood tile deck with Deck Tile Connectors from DeckWise. This convenient connector provides a barrier between the tile and the subsurface to elevate the

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Our tiles were designed to be installed over an existing surface by simply placing the tiles on to our patented connectors. Deck Tiles are also the ideal solution for renters or urban dwellers who would like to renovate an existing balcony or rooftop.