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The PT structure of my deck is in good shape but I'm wanting to replace the PT decking material. Is any composite decking rated for 24" on center construction? If so, does anyone have any actual experience on how it feels -- bouncy or not.

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Seems good in this deck, and the inclusion of a "may" clause for ding a card is very welcome here. Temur Sabertooth - Allows you to bounce creatures to your hand and has the added bonus of making it indestructible. Best used to survive wraths by bouncing creatures to your hand ready for the following turn.

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Decking Span Has A Huge Effect On A Deck. Your selection of decking material will determine the maximum spacing of your joists. Some species of wood are stronger than others so refer to the Decking Span Table below before going to the Deck Joist Span Table. Dont be afraid to go to use a shorter span if you are unsure. Its better to build a deck that is strong than bouncy and unstable.

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3" Composite Corrugated Metal Floor Decking. The deep profile allows a deep and stronger pour of concrete therefore a higher slab depth can be had. As with all the floor decking panels the widths allow for easy installation with the male and female receptors. Deck to be welded to all supports at 8 on center. Available in 16, 18 or 20 gauge.

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I am building a 20' X 20' deck and will be using composite decking or timbertech I framed one half of the deck 16" OC but after stumbling across some internet reviews, it seems 12" oc is recommended to prevent any flex/bounce.

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Does Your Deck Feel Bouncy Or Sway When You Walk On It?

Even though your deck maybe strong and well built if it is bouncing or gives you the feeling of swaying back and forth when you walk on it You'll always wonder if it is safe. There are few simple things that you can do to your deck to help remove the sensation of bouncing or swaying.

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Deck Blocking And Bridging. Install blocking or bridging between joists at mid span to reduce bounce. Install blocking along the perimeter rim joists to strengthen guard rails. Blocking the joists at mid span. Snap a chalk line across the center of your joists to layout your bridging. You can use scrap framing material for blocking and bridging.

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Composite decking has come a long way over the past 15 years and for some it is the best answer to their decking needs. If you are considering a composite for your decking project, this is a product to consider. Voted 1 by the leading consumer research magazine and the annual decking survey.

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With appropriate structural support, composite decking is well suited to first floor and above-ground decks. Plastic structural beams are not readily available in all markets and tend to make the deck bouncy, so pressure-treated wood is most commonly used to support this type of decking.

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How Composite Decking Works. Note: There is now a plastic lumber, USPL's TriMax, which can be used for structural applications. However, unless accommodations are made to oversize the joists and/or space them more closely, the deck can be bouncy source: Hardy .

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our composite porch is bouncy. our composite porch is bouncy Fix for bouncy composite deck - DoItYourself Community Forums. Jul 24, 2010 I had Seven Trust Transcend Decking Porch Flooring The Deck Store. Seven Trust Decking .>>. our composite porch is bouncy - wood plastic composite outdoor

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Fix a Bouncy Deck. A: A bouncy deck is usually caused by long joists between beams. Assuming you can access the support framing, you can strengthen the deck by installing rows of blocking cut to fit tightly between the joists, spaced every 3 to 4 feet along the span. The blocking should be the same size as the joists

Does Your Deck Feel Bouncy Or Sway When You Walk On It?

Add the first row of blocks The down the center of the deck and go on the back and give a try if you're not satisfied or you still have a bounce try adding another row of blocking. If your deck it seems to sway when you walk on you may need to add some diagonal braces to the framing under your deck.

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Create Chalk Lines. Joists are the wood beams arranged in a parallel pattern to support the deck's overlying structure. The chalk line should run from one end of the deck to other. Repeat this step every 3 to 4 feet across the deck. You will place the blocking along the chalk lines. Starting with the first chalk line,

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The concept is the same no matter which way the joists run. The deck must be tied into the structure of the house. In cases when the deck ledger runs parallel to the house's floor joists, install blocking between the outer two floor joists and bolt lateral anchors to each of those joists.

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Re: Bouncy Deck Stairs Sounds like a long run without a landing. This is a "fix", unless you want to rebuild the carre. Look into galvanized "wall angle" from a local welding shop sized for the purpose of screwing to the bottom and face of