how to make above ground pool deck apron

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Size and Appearance. In-ground pools can be made of a hard surface like concrete, which is usually gunite 1, fiberglass 2, or they can have a vinyl 3 liner 4. The plaster 5 / gunite 1 surface can be colored, and ceramic tile can be laid around the top edge of the pool to produce an attractive look.

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An above ground pool deck requires special attention to choice of wood. Rot resistant lumber is important, as it may be wet a good deal of the time. Wood is absorbent, smells good when wet, feels better on your nether parts and is easier to lounge around on than tile or cement.

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Pool Decks and Aprons. The term "deck", in the pool and spa industry, usually refers to a wooden structure added to an above ground pool, or used to hold a spa or just to add more area to put patio furniture. The concrete around an in-ground pool is usually referred to as the apron. Often, this is the most neglected part of the pool,

8 Ideas for Designing an Above Ground Pool

If you're installing a permanent above ground pool but don't want the appearance of a random structure in your yard, there are many different options for designing it to make it more appeasing. Raised Deck. One of the more popular ways to design an above ground pool is to build a raised deck around it.

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The pool is essentially just adjacent to the deck. For most above ground pools, these decks will be anywhere between 3 to 6 feet above the ground and must be laterally braced from the beams/joists to the bottom of the posts. Cross bracing in these regions and in both axiss north/south, east/west or such is necessary.