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Timber and Wood Removal, Collection and Disposal Sydney

Recently removed a timber fence or timber decking at home in Sydney? Looking for a way to remove your timber and wood debris? Pauls Rubbish Removal can load your timber waste onto our trucks for quick disposal at affordable prices Same-day Timber and Wood Removal. Pauls Rubbish Removal specialises in timber waste removal.

Dispose of Your Old Timber or Wood in the right Skip Bins

Dispose of Your Old Timber or Wood in the right Skip Bins. News > Dispose of Your Old Timber or Wood in the right Skip Bins

Is recycled composite decking recyclable?

Composite decking boards are made from wood, plastic and additives. They can be recycled but would require a facility that can extract/separate the composites.

Safe disposal of treated timber

Safe disposal of treated timber. Treated timber contains chemicals that can be harmful to the environment, your health or your childrens health. It should be safely disposed of, and never burnt or buried. Treated timber offcuts. Only put small amounts of treated timber offcuts in your regular rubbish bin.


TIMBER DECKING 70 x 22 90 x 22 1.1 PRODUCT DESCRIPTION. 1.2 QUALITY AND APPEARANCE Dispose of waste in an approved landfill. PO Box 425 Box Hill Victoria 3128 Australia Phone 132 321

A Builders Honest Opinion: Timber vs Alternative Decking

It costs a lot of money to maintain a timber deck. If its not looked after it can cost up to $6000 to replace depending on the size and of course you need to find a way to dispose of the old deck, he says. Critchley said the type of nails used and the type of timber can also determine the speed at which a wooden deck will rot.

Dispose of Pressure Treated Lumber Properly

Dispose of Pressure Treated Lumber Properly. Its hard to believe but just one 12 foot long 2×6 piece of CCA lumber contains enough arsenic one ounce to kill over 200 people. But whats even more unbelievable is that industry lobbyist in Washington, D.C secured an exemption of CCA treated wood from hazardous waste disposal laws.


How should I dispose of treated wood or manufactured boards? Ask Question 6. Are off cuts of pressure treated wood for internal use or manufactured board such as loft

Flooring and Decking

Timber decking is a marvellous way to enhance the aesthetic appeal of any home, garden or building. A natural product in harmony with the environment, decking lends itself to a tremendous variety of forms and styles - all of which bring added beauty and value to any building or landscape.

How do I dispose of deck wood? The Seven Trust Community

How do I dispose of deck wood? My husband is resurfacing our deck but we have nowhere to dispose of the old wood. It is in terrible shape: warped, cracked, painted/stained on one side, so I do not see it being used for a repurposing project.

Treated Wood

Treated Wood Use, Disposal and Alternatives for Businesses w-hw4-67 September 2010 page 3 In Minnesota, the following items may be disposed of in a permitted, lined, industrial or mixed solid waste landfill provided the landfill operator is notified and approves the disposal. In this case, you do not need to

Recycling and End-of-Life Disposal of Timber Products

CCA-treated timber used as decking and playground equipment, large quantities of CCA-treated timber will still be disposed of over the coming years. There has been some question as to whether it is safe to dispose of CCA-treated timber to landfill. Most studies have found that disposal of CCA-treated timber to lined landfills causes

Seven Trust Wood Seven Trust Decking Kiln Dried

Unlike a lot of the other tropical decking species, Seven Trust decking can be readily procured in larger sizes like 2 by, 4 by, and 6 by. We sell 6×6 or 4×4 posts for exterior structures and 2×4 through 2×12 for a wide variety of projects.

Be Responsible When Getting Rid of Timber Waste

Be Responsible When Getting Rid of Timber Waste Posted on March 9, 2015 by Jack Kyle As a firm responsible for a lot of timber sales in Brisbane, we always encourage responsibility when getting rid of timber waste.

Timber and Wood Recycling

SUEZ offers a range of collection and resource recovery services across Australia for both treated and untreated timber. Recycling used timber reduces your disposal costs and prevents unnecessary logging. Recycled timber can be used in a range of applications including construction and furniture making.


TIMBER DECKING Careful measuring and cutting is required when constructing a timber deck. It would be helpful to have an assistant for some stages of the work. Wear work gloves to avoid splinters, and safety goggles to protect eyes when using power tools. Dispose of treated wood off-cuts as ordinary household waste. Treated wood

Koppers Wood Products Pty Ltd

Koppers Wood Products Pty Ltd Decking, Fencing, Logs, Palings, Piles, Posts, Sleepers Trade and domestic users should dispose of off-cuts and redundant pieces

Timber Recycling

Mulch Maker is a waste timber recieving station where the public can dispose of their waste timber such as; old fence pailings, decking and pallets, these materials are then stock piled and ground down to make a ranged of Recycled Timber Mulch products.

How to Dispose of Left Over Wood Stain Hunker

The leftover wood stain could be used to seal someone else's new wood floors, and paint/stain recycling is not difficult. Since wood stains contain chemicals, their disposal is regulated by community and state laws.

Is recycled composite decking recyclable?

The reason being is that it is part wood, part plastic. Is recycled composite decking recyclable? As a last resort the disposal in a landfill will occupy

Sand Decking Eco Timber Decking

Sand Decking is a genuine eco alternative to hardwood decking with a silky smooth finish. us for the nearest distributor. organise a disposal bin to take away


Timber and Decking Oil is the ideal product for protection of all timbers that are exposed to weather. It highlights the grain and natural beauty of timber with minimum maintenance, will protect for decades.

Dispose of Pressure Treated Lumber Properly

We just took down an old deck . The deck surface was redwood but the wood underneath is all pressure treated wood. The deck was built in 1988 so was the wood really toxic 26 years ago? Do the toxins leach out of the wood over time? It sounds like it will be difficult to dispose of it safely. We live in the north Bay Area in California.

Deck Oil

An independent distributor and exporter of timber cladding and decking, tested and chose our Exterior Oil to give a 15 year warranty on their products. Order sample here Brief: A deep penetrating oil made from tung and eucalyptus oils, waxes and mineral pigments for UV protection.

Not getting a timber deck was the best decision weve ever

Wayne adds: It costs a lot of money to maintain a timber deck. If its not looked after it can cost up to $6000 to replace depending on the size and of course you need to find a way to dispose of the old deck.