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decking on existing patio. Discussion in 'Carpenters' Talk' started by wayne richardson, May 31, He wants a timber deck built over an existing patio, done loads

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Then the groove of the next board slides over the other side of the clip. So both boards are held securely in place, and there are no fasteners visible on the surface of the deck. Once they wrap up the deck boards, they can begin installing the new railings to the existing posts which have been painted to match up.

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Deck Build Over Existing Patio Some people choose to build their deck over the top of an old patio. During these builds, the timber frame will normally be constructed directly over the top of the old paving slabs.

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I'm going to be decking over my existing patio. I'm planning to sink posts either side of the patio in the garden and then span the support beams accross from post to post. However it is quite a long span approx 5m so i also need to support the beams at a couple of points on the patio itself.

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Diy Concrete Patio Deck Over Concrete Patio Slabs Deck Construction Back Patio Backyard Patio Backyard Ideas Low Deck Ground Level Deck Forward With the low deck joist system in place, you can use standard decking techniques to complete the job.

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Hi, I am about to install a wooden deck over my 2 ugly but solid concrete slab patios. Wood decking over existing concrete slab patio. Discussion in 'In the

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Attaching roof posts to existing deck I want to build a roof over our deck and I'm wondering the best way to attach the support posts to the existing decking structure. I've asked two of the builders that built the place and both tell me that they would just sit the posts directly on the deck and bolt/screw the post strht through into the

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Put my deck over the rubble and s t left from old conservatory, dug posts in to ground and filled with postcrete where possible and used post holders where we couldn't dig due to solid floor. Much

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Decking is generally easier to install than paving, and can be used to hide a variety of sins in the garden. It can be laid over an existing concrete patio without having to dig it up and, with a bit of regular care, can remain in good condition for many years.

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How to build a deck over an existing patio slab austere concrete slab, the patio door would love to have a deck in place of their concrete patio Online Service build composite decking over concrete patio,

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laying decking on top of existing patio? want to make the job easy by building the deck on top of the patio rather than having to rip it all up. are fitting

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Questions and answers about porches, decks, stairs, rails and walks. one takes a tumble over the rail or a child falls through the rail or becomes stuck. rear deck, but my contractor insists on removing the existing deck, adding to the cost.

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Existing Deck Surface Factors Moisture and decay aside, there are just a few more things to check off your list before deciding if installing outdoor tile over wood deck materials is right for you. Wooden deck tiles are most easily installed over hard, flat surfaces.

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I have cool deck over concrete around my pool. My landscaper installed pavers over my existing patio using a sand base and filling the spaces between with sand

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i want to put some decking down on top of my existing patio to raise the height of it . You could even just notch the rafter and put a big staple over it into the ground. Make sure the

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Concrete patios can give your home a dated look. One option when considering how to give that backyard living space a face-lift is to lay wood or composite decking directly over your old concrete patio. Both products provide a softer feel and will give long-lasting wear.