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Climate-Responsive Architecture and Sustainable Housing in

Climate-Responsive Architecture and Sustainable Housing in Nigeria Abiodun Olukayode Olotuah* Department of Architecture, Federal University of Technology, Akure, Nigeria *Corresponding author e-mail: olotuah gmail.com A B S T R A C T Climate is the prevailing meteorological condition in a given region. It is a measure of the

Building Outdoor Composite Decks in Harsh Climates

Building Outdoor Composite Decks in Harsh Climates. cladding on homes to decks and patios, special care is needed to help ensure each performs as needed for as

Can 3D Printed, Composite Homes Help Us Survive Climate Change?

Here are 10 reasons why I think 3d printed, composite housing is the future and why they might be an important part of how we deal with the impacts of climate change on coastal living: Composites

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Design for climate requires that homes be designed or modified to ensure that the occupants remain thermally comfortable with minimal auxiliary heating or cooling in the climate where they are built. Passive design working with the climate, not against it is an important component, as are energy efficient heating and cooling systems


housing is ground floor with massive walls with large shuttered openings, laid out around a courtyard , This climate is similar to composite climates , with its

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Composite climate is the type of climate which is the hottest in summers and coldest in winters with varying humidity and precipitation, there has been efforts in the past to suggest practices for hot-dry climates and hot humid climates in details such us Tropical housing, but there are very less data available for the Composite type of climate.

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best building materials for tropical climate. composite building material for tropical climate. composite building material Homes for Different Climates

Climate and housing form a case study of New Delhi

Energy and Buildings, 15 - 16 1990/91 837 - 849 837 Climate and Housing Form -- a Case Study of New Delhi ASHOK B. LALL, MADHU PANDIT,.NAVEEN KULSHRESHTA and PAUL APPASAMY B-25 Chiragh Enclave, New Delhi India ABSTRACT New Delhi's climate is a difficult climate to design for, being composite in nature: it experi- ences a dry-hot

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Design considerations for day-lighting in composite region: Area of the openings should be determined by the duration of the predominant season in this climate. Compact internal planning in the form of courtyard type with large projecting eaves and wide verandahs is preferable for this climate type.

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Homes for Different Climates they also must think about the local climate as they design homes and other buildings. pdf Assessment .>> CHAPTER 5 DESIGN GUIDELINES - Ministry of New and 5.5.4 Composite Climate Representative city: New building in New Delhi, which has a composite climate: a Design Parameters i Building

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Regions having similar characteristic features of a climate are grouped under one climate zone. Predominantly, Indian subcontinent is divided into five climate zones, viz. Hot and Dry, Warm and Humid, Temperate, Composite, and Cold.

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Some composite siding is made from shredded wood, binders, glue and Portland cement. James Hardie is a well-known manufacturer of fiber-cement products -- built to withstand rain, wind, hail and insects -- and this siding is available in a variety of colors, boasting a limited 50-year warranty. Habitat for Humanity builds many homes with

Design of Green Building: A Case Study for Composite Climate

Prefabricated cells. building elements or modular units, which can be joined together to create larger or smaller homes, is another Present paper briefs the design of green building for sustainable construction technique 7 . In a study of composite climate zone.


A series of simulations on this particular structure using the IES-VE Software is performed and the acquired data are analyzed in order to be able to find out the most suitable housing design parameters in the region which eventually will contribute in Affordable and self sustained housing designs in developing countries of composite climate

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INTRODUCTION The composite zone covers the central part of India. Composite climate displays the characteristics of hot and dry, warm and humid as well as cold climates. Design here are guided by longer prevailing climatic conditions .

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study for composite climate is considered for green building design. . Key Words: Composite climate, CO2 emissions, . While designing a green building following parameters are taken . together to create larger or smaller homes, is another.

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Read more about using flashing in coastal climates. Advertisement. 2 of 12. Pin. Read more about countertops for beach homes. 11 of 12. Pin. Building Materials.

Design of Green Building: A Case Study for Composite Climate

Design of Green Building: A Case Study for Composite Climate. Homes, offices, schools and other buildings will need to maximise passive measures of more effective insulation, improved

Sustainable Landscaping and Green Housing in Tropical

analysis of the climate and human comfort conditions of Akure, the capital of Ondo State in Nigeria and proposes ideals models for sustainable landscaping and green housing for ameliorating green house effects and thermal stress in tropical environments. 2. GREEN HOUSING IN TROPICAL CLIMATES

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material used in composite climate - The Best PVC Decking For Saleclimate and construction - Development Alternatives. DRAFT: climate and Construction An Impact Assessment. 2.. Figure 12 : Semi-pucca house with composite mud and stone masonry wall and country. share of natural resources used at 32 per cent, in terms of land use and material extraction.

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Eco-housing Guidelines for Tropical Regions Eco-housing Tropical Regions. December .. There is a huge demand for building materials in these areas. The The tropical climate, including the monsoon climate, is mostly .. Composite wood products such as hardboards, block boards, lumber-core.

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We gathered the best tough materials, tips, and ideas for rock-solid coastal tips, and ideas for rock-solid coastal homes. Tough Materials for Coastal Climates.


As part of our exclusive housing system, EchoStone homes are built utilizing our specialized construction materials: Composite Formwork. and colder climates

Design for Adaptation: Living in a Climate-Changing World

Climate scientists have been speaking out for decades about the need to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in order to avoid a significantly warmer and less livable future. Now that climate change is finally part of the public discussion, the future is already hereand its only getting warmer.