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A fire pit pad should extend at least 24 inches beyond the fire pit in all directions. Always make sure your deck can handle the weight of the fire pit and the pad. If your fire pit comes with a screen, keep it closed as much as possible when youre burning to reduce the chance of jumping sparks.

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If your wood burning fire pit doesnt come with a spark screen, then you will need to buy one. Get a fire pit mat or pad: A fire pit mat or pad, will protect the coals from damaging your deck. You will need a pad because, sometimes the temperature of coal can reach up to 1500 degrees.

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Fire Pit Pads: Safely Burn your Fire . If you are holding off getting a fire pit because you don't have a patio or area other than your deck, wait no longer. The Deck Protect Fire Pit Pad is a product that .

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How To Build A Fire Pit On Wood Deck Kit Pad Home Improvement Stores Gas Elegant Diy Loans For Mobile Homes Fresh Be Creative With Stone December 29, 2018 Leave a comment how to build a fire pit on wood deck kit pad home improvement stores gas elegant diy loans for mobile homes fresh be creative with stone .

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Also features Z-Block technology, the same technology used to protect military equipment and air-crafts from the risks of fire and heat. Comes in just 2 sizes: 16 diameter and 24 diameter. The reflective silver side of this fire pit pad should face up towards the fire pit when in use.

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Fire pit pads or fire pit heat shields are basically insulative materials making them prefect for use under a fire pit on grass, wooden deck or any other surface and can generally with stand temperatures of up to 1400 degrees.

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Take measurements of the legs and then you can determine the size of the pad that you will need. The pad will come in five square sizes, 12 inches,16 inches, 24 inches, 27 inches and 36 inches. All pads will be the same thickness. Sitting the legs of your fire pit on the pad will not damage the fire proof material.

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If you prefer something manufactured specifically for this purpose, then thats even better because there are fire pit heat shield pads designed for use under a fire pit or on grass to insulate against damage.Take a look at this article, What To Put Under A Fire Pit On Grass Or Wooden Deck. Has some really helpful information.

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Use Decorative Elements. Another option is the use of pavers and decorative stones. These elements can be arranged nicely to create an attractive area for your fire pit. Create a base for your fire pit with the pavers or stones and securely place your fire pit on top. This way, your fire pit and your wooden deck dont even come in contact.

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For maximum safety on wood decks, our DeckProtect Fire Pit Pad will withstand up to 1,400 degrees Fahrenheit. These American-made pads for decks wont rust or rot. Theyre layered with carbon and woven with volcanic rock fibers. Place your fire pit directly on top of the pad or place it on a stand above the pad. : Deck Protect Fire Pit Pad Combo 36" X 36

The DeckProtect pad will protect any wood or combustible surface from extreme heat generated by portable Fire Pits and Chiminea's. Simply slide the DeckProtect pad under your fire pit and enjoy the fire without the worry of damage to your deck.

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how to build a fire pit on wood deck kit pad home improvement stores gas elegant diy loans for mobile homes fresh be creative with stone.

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Although the patio you build for your fire pit should be separate, it will look misplaced if you don't relate it to the house with the materials you choose. The tie-in can be direct, such as using the same brick as your house's foundation, or subtlesay, using stucco in a color that echoes your siding or trim.

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Choose the Deck Protect fire pit pad that will slide between the legs and rest directly underneath the bowl of the fire pit. This will protect any surface from the radiant heat fire pits and other heat sources produce. ***SAVE 10% on your Deck Protect fire pit mat when you add it to the order of any fire pit. Enter discount code: SAVE10 at checkout.

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Fire Pits on Your Wood Deck? Absolutely by using a Fire Pit Pad read for more info "Deck Protect Fire Pit Pad" Cinder Block Fire Pits Types, Design Ideas, and

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If you have a roaring fire, you often cant be any closer than 4 or 5 feet to the edge of the fire or you will roast. This means that the seating area needs to be at least 10 feet deep from the edge of the fire pit so theres enough room in front of any chairs and room to walk behind the chairs.

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Want a fire pit on your deck but don't want heat damage? Check out the DeckProtect fire pit pad Found here: fire