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Pool Deck Resurfacing

Pool Deck Resurfacing. Our pool deck resurfacing system has a anti-slip grip finish texture, making your slippery concrete safe to walk on even when wet. With an assortment of stylish colors and textures, we make your outdoor living area a relaxing pleasure. There is no need to break apart and remove your existing concrete,

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Safe-Stride resists water, petroleum products, alkalis, detergents and some mineral acids and solvents. Fills holes, cracks, voids in one coat, without shrinkage.


2 If the non skid pattern is damaged or has stress cracks sand flat and paint with Epifanes two part Polyurethane an d Non Skid Beads as above. 3 Epifanes Non Skid Deck Coating is a one part flat no gloss paint with a non skid additive. This is the best paint for keeping you on your feet as it works even when wet.

Tuff Coat Rubberized Deck Coating

Tuff Coat Rubberized Deck Coating - Gallon. Tuff Coat is a high-performance, non-skid polyurethane safety coating that works to effectively coat and weatherproof a number of surfaces. This UV resistant coating protects your boating surfaces, and employs a non-abrasive, crumb aggregate texture that can be sprayed or brushed on,

Life Deck MC Waterproofing System for Concrete Resurfacing

Life Deck MC Waterproof Deck System For Cement Decks. Life Deck MC System is a fiber reinforced deck system installed with a series of three or four separate water-based acrylic application. It is bonded together with a specially formulated acrylic emulsion sealed with Life Deck 10 Series or 28 Series 100% Acrylic Top Coat. The Life Deck MC System is designed for both commercial and residential use.

Materials for Pool Deck Resurfacing

Wooden deck surfaces are easier to modify. The price can vary depending on the type of wood used in resurfacing. Stone, Slate or Brick . These materials are the most expensive as they are natural or authentic products. Rock patterns vary greatly so each deck has a specific design. On the other hand, these decks are the most durable and slip

Pool Deck Resurfacing with Modular Decking by

Pool Deck Resurfacing. The lightly textured surface provides comfortable anti-slip footing for a variety of indoor and outdoor modular decking applications. Both products are available for installation in a variety of designer colors, making an attractive and distinctive design part of its appeal.

Best Wood Deck Coating on the Market

The Safety and Comfort That Your Family and Guests Deserve. Encores synthetic blend of materials dries to a form a skid-resistant, yet elegant finish. Your wood deck will look great and provide a new level of safety for family and guests by locking down splinters and creating a skid-resistance walking surface.

Pool Deck Coatings

ArmorRenew Wood and Concrete Resurfacer. Our ArmorRenew Wood and Concrete Resurfacer is the perfect option for those looking to revamp their pool deck area quickly. This specially formulated epoxy coating, one of the leading pool deck resurfacing products on the market today, is formulated using our proprietary resins, concrete and stone powders,

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Deck Preparation on the Texture Concrete System: Mix 1 pound baking soda to 1 gallon water or mix 1 cup ammonia to 1 gallon water. Follow with at least 3000 psi water blast to rough it up. Sand blasting or bead blasting may be necessary if the concrete surface has paint or other foreign material on the surface.

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Spray Deck. For extremely hot days, the decking does not absorb direct heat and remains cool. Enjoy hot days in your pool without burning your feet when stepping out. Anti-skid surface, freeze resistant, and mildew-resistant. Moist, humid seasons will not affect the beautiful condition of your pool deck.

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Pool Deck Resurfacing Material Options

In addition, we will also get anti-slip pool deck is safe to pass anyone even when wet conditions though. If we want to apply the resurfacing using wood as a material then make sure we have enough budgets because in addition to need a lot of care and the high cost of repairs that we will get, installation is also going to make us spend money in

Restore Your Wooden Deck

Coverage. One gallon covers approximately 75 sq. ft. or 4.6 sq. meters in 2 coats per U.S. gallon or 3.78 Liters. Coverage figures do not include loss due to surface irregularities and porosity or material loss due to application method or mixing.* *Two coats are required for this product.

DECK-O-GRIP Acrylic, Slip-Resistant Concrete Deck Sealer

DECK-O-GRIP Acrylic, Slip-Resistant Concrete Deck Sealer. Provides good blush resistance in damp areas. Applies easily dries to the touch in 30 60 minutes. Provides a clear, tough film that improves abrasion and stain resistance. Offers improved resistance to rain, sun, freezing temperatures and pool chemicals. Seals and enhances the beauty of many concrete surfaces for years.

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Non-Skid and Non-Slip Material manufacturers, service companies and . machines, boats, pools, exercise equipment, walkways and ramps. Melcher Manufacturing, Inc. - Ramp Resurfacing Instructions B: Dispenser with non-skid material.

RM Suppliers Deckgrip Anti Slip Sealer Paint for Decking

Reprotec Deckgrip is a single pack, clear water based matt sealer with Anti Slip texturing agent added. Specifically developed for wooden decking, both internal and external. It is moisture tolerant and designed to maintain the beauty of the wood. The material is easy to apply, and is fast drying to allow rapid access.

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Concrete deck resurfacing is the quick and affordable way to make tired old concrete look new. Learn how concrete deck resurfacing can add slip resistance.

Slip Resistant, Low Maintainence and Long Lasting Outdoor

The initial cost of materials has to be weighed against the annual expenditures associated with cleaning and repair or replacement. In the case of flooring around pool areas and waterparks, a non-slip surface is recommended, and in all practical purposes, required.

Non Skid Deck Coating

Eco-Tuff Rubberized Non-Skid Coating is a 100% Acrylic emulsion and Urethane dispersion with advanced bio-based technology that offers outstanding non-abrasive non skid texture and is abrasion, hot tire pick-up, chemical, water, and weather resistant. Eco-Tuff High Traffic Floor Coating, PreTinted I.R., 5 Gal.

Life Deck Waterproofing System: Concrete Resurfacing

Life Deck waterproofing systems are durable, flexible, long lasting products used by homeowners and contractors for waterproofing decking, concrete resurfacing, concrete waterproofing, and wood waterproofing on commercial, industrial, and residential decks.