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1. Install all siding and accessories over a smooth, flat surface. Always install siding over a rigid sheathing, and never install it over open studs. 2. Vinyl siding is not a watertight material. Install a weather-resistant barrier, like CertainTeed CertaWrap and flash around all windows and doors before installing vinyl siding and trim. 3.

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NovikStone offers the hand-laid look of stacked stone masonry at a fraction of the cost and is resistant to Quick and easy to install; See Siding Warranty.

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Hang Gutters On Vinyl Siding In 9 Steps. Set out the gutter lines on the ground next to the area along the house where you will be installing them. Snap together the length of gutter as much as possible. Place hanging hooks approximately every 2 feet along the length of gutter. Step 3 With help from an assistant, hold the gutter in place.

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Since Polymer is the newest siding on the market I thought we should take a moment to investigate a litter further. According to Wikipedia: Vinyl Polymers are a group of polymers derived from vinyl monomers.

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Introducing the perfect, distinctive finishing touch that accentuates a home's architectural elements, the Novik Half-Round Accent Panel This siding from Novik is resistant to warping, expansion, contraction, and cracking, and it's also impervious to moisture, so it won't rot.

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CertainTeed vinyl siding products are warranted for the lifetime of the original owner against manufacturing defects. Upon transfer of the property, the siding is warranted from the date of installation for fifty years. Check the Warranty section add link for complete details and limitations.

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It's essential to have quality siding around your home in order to protect yourself from extreme weather, exterior damage, and accidents. Siding installation is something TNT Home Improvements has specialized in since 2005. TNT takes pride in providing quality products and offers vinyl, polymer, and more Click here


There are three recommended ways to cut vinyl siding: For rip cuts, score the panel with a knife or vinyl blade and bend the panel back and forth. Use aviation snips or shears to fit panels around windows and doors. For cross cuts, use a circular saw with a plywood blade in the reverse position.

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Durability and Installation. Polymer siding is typically made in a shake and shingle style, but can also be made for horizontal or vertical installation as well. No matter what the shape or size of your siding, polymer is a lightweight material, which makes it easy to install. If polymer siding sounds like the perfect type of siding for your home,

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Do-it-Yourself Here are the the steps to install your Novik Dry Stack Stone panels and matching accessories.

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Gentek offers polymer siding by both Novik and Foundry . Composite Siding : Composite siding can be constructed from a wide variety of materials and made to look like wood.

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If you dream of finishing your house in brick, stone or cedar, heres another solution for you to consider. Polymer siding systems from Canadas Novik offer a unique and affordable alternative, with the great looks of traditional materials enhanced by the tangible benefits of modern technology.

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POLYMER Siding. We offer SEAMLESS Polymer Siding to go from one corner of your home to the other without any seams or gaps. Other companies may boast Seamless but when you get down to it, the most they can do is a 29 section.

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Instead of painting over and over, install beautiful, new vinyl siding. Not only is it low maintenance, but it will save energy save money too. Call 508 269-8469 for a free consultation from an experienced professional.


Durable enough for exterior and lightweight enough for interior wall installation polymer faux stone siding can be installed on exterior siding coverings, exterior skirts, enclosures for bay windows, outdoor sheds, accent walls, washrooms and entry ways to mention a few. Your imagination is the limit.

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When covering over masonry or bricks, its better to use 1" x 3" furring. For bestB thermal performance, install a minimum of 1/4" foam over furring strips. Furring and/or foam is also used below eaves and windowsills to maintain correct slope angles when siding panels must be cut to a narrower dimension to fit.

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Under each section there are several topics that will help you with any uncertainties you may have with the installation of CertainTeed polymer shakes, vinyl siding, soffit and accessories. TOPIC/SECTION

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Vinyl and Polymer Siding. STUDfinder is the only system in the industry engineered with an integral installation guide on every panel, designed for fast accurate and secure installation. Nail slots align with construction standards of 16 on center, with indicator letters centered under each nail slot, making it easy to locate studs.

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How to Cut Vinyl Siding and Installation. Vinyl siding installation is designed to hang loosely on the sheathing so that it can expand and contract with temperature changes. To prevent the relatively thin panels from buckling, observe these fitting and nailing rules. Leave a 1/4-in. gap at all ends. The siding slides behind trim pieces that hide the gap and the cut end.

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The difference between polymer siding and standard vinyl siding also lies in the process in which it is made. Polymer siding involves using an injection molding process to form certain dimensional forms in different sizes, textures, colors, and styles. The results are a lifelike product that looks very real.

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At ABC Seamless Siding, our expect installation contractors are happy to install vinyl or polymer siding on your home, however we recommend steel siding for a number of reasons, including longevity, strength, and low cost of ownership due to the fact that it is low or no maintenance.

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The Perfect Shake system is the ideal choice for those who want a seamless and bolder look on their home, competitive pricing, and an alternative to regular vinyl siding and wood composite siding products.

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Vinyl and Polymer Siding certainteed corporation P.o. Box 860 Valley forge, Pa 19482 true when it comes to installing vinyl siding, soffit, trim and accessories.