can i install any wood decking on a roof top in manhattan

Wood deck over roof

"Idea Rooftop Deck Design the roof of the get off is a crucial portion of the structure of a building." "Construction - Custom homes and additions" "roof top was built and it is a statement for a movement of people.

Metal roof .osb decking or no?

Also pull out force depends on your design wind speed and can be improved by increasing the diameter of the screws. There's a table in the installation guide. Fabral makes metal roofing used by many installers and I followed their instructions when I built a small outbuilding using OSB decking for the roof.

Metal roof .osb decking or no?

I can see it as a cost and big time saver with not having to install all of the osb and then roofing paper. plus the pull out issues of the screws in osb . What are some of your thoughts on this type of construction vs either metal ribbed panels on osb or a standard osb/shingled roof?

We Installed Interlocking Deck Tile Over Our Old Deck DIY

"Modular Outdoor Floor Patio and Deck Tiles make a great overlay for any solid surface." "Wood Deck Tiles - cover up ugly cement slabs" "One of the prettiest patio or deck remodels is also one of the easiest. Just lay interlocking deck tiles over a plan concrete patio, dated."

Deck on Flat Roof help

Two 2x4's laid flat with the decking attached to the 2x4's. Approx 3' x 3' square. I lifted two of them to look for damage. The home is a Dutch Colonial. The old shingles were replaced a few months ago. See all the loose, washed off granules acting like sand paper under the wood deck? All the wood was warped and rocked when walked upon.

Requirements for decking a roof Remodeling Decks

A second problem is load. Deck posts placed on flat roofs, even those resting on 2-by block to distribute weight, risk puncturing the roof membrane, causing leakage. Decks without wood. Some contractors get around that by treating the deck like a roof, instead of the other way round.

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If you want to install trims to the end rafters, the roof decking should overhang about 3/4. Fitting the roofing sheets You can see in this image that you need to make a few cuts, otherwise the plywood sheets wont fit into place properly.

How to Build a Deck on a Flat Roof

Building a Deck on a Flat Roof. To build it, you will need 4 16 foot 2 x 6, and 44 12 foot 2 x 6. Order 1 box of 16d nails. Step 2: Material Delivery If you order the lumber from a major hardware store and let them know that you are building a deck on a flat roof, the material can be delivered on a truck with a lift.

Using PVC Roofing for Flat Roof Deck Waterproofing

Cost of building a roof deck out of pressure-treated wood will vary depending on local conditions, and details number of posts, etc , but typically you can expect to pay $12-15 per sq. ft. This means the cost of a 216 sq. ft.floating wooden deck would be $2600-3250.

How to Fix a Rotten Board on a Roof Home Guides SF Gate

Rotten boards on your roof can lead to leaks and more rot. It's a problem that demands immediate attention, and there are no quick fixes. Rotted boards are the result of moisture reaching the wood

How To Turn A Roof Into A Rooftop Patio Boru Carpentry

The most important consideration when youre looking to turn a roof into a rooftop patio is to figure out if its possible. Rooftop decks work with most flat roofs, and some sloping roofs in particular situations. If your roof is showing signs of damage and deterioration, you may need to strengthen the structure before you can install a deck.

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Roof deck tiles can be installed over any rooftop surface and will not damage rubber or urethane roof membrane surfaces. Keep in mind that not all deck tiles are intended for all kinds of rooftops, however. These tiles are lightweight, conveniently sized, and very portable.

Building a floating deck on an epdm rubber roof surface

Building a floating deck on an epdm rubber roof surface. by Paul WA I have an interesting problem. I am taking a 25x25 roof over a garage that was done in decking then tile and leaked. I tore everything up, replaced the wood that needed it and built up the base and covered everything in EPDM.

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What is Roof Decking?

Wood generally stands up to the weight of almost any type of roofing material placed on top, although tile may require extra reinforcement. For commercial or industrial buildings, steel, concrete or cement are the more frequently chosen roof deck materials.

Building a Deck on a Flat Roof A Builder's Blog

Building a Deck on a Flat Roof. With the new deck were running the sleepers parallel to the slope of a new rubber membrane, water will run-off like its on a ducks back. Note the strips of rubber to pad the sleepers. Rip the tapered sleepers. Lay the sleepers down on the rubber strips and dont use any fasteners that penetrate the membrane.

Decking Recommendations for Built-Up Roofing and Modified

The Asphalt Roofing Manufacturers Association ARMA recommends that the structural roof deck meet certain minimum requirements to be an acceptable substrate for the specified roofing system. Generally, all decks should be clean, dry, and securely fastened to the building structure with no abrupt level changes exceeding 1/8.

How to Build Elevated Roof Decks

This enables a conventional wood plank deck to be built on a rooftop but potentially overcoming restrictions the building owner may place on permanent structures being built on the roof top. You can see more details about this application here.

Deck Over A Flat Roof

When we do install wood decks over the flat roofs, we ensure they are floating, so that there is no punture or penetration of the rubber membrane. The flat roof should be sloped appropriately as always and the decking should be laid parallel with the slope run, so that drainage is possible.

Building a Deck on a Flat Roof A Builder's Blog

That will make laying deck boards on top tricky as theyll run parallel to the sleepers in spots. Have you considered laying the deck boards in a square/diamond shape? That way your deck boards will run perpendicular to your radial sleepers. Pine is not an ideal material for decking kind of a soft wood and tends to be knotty.

Decking Over a Roof

Framing the roof Whenever I install decking over a roof, I make sure the framing is structurally sound and properly pitched to drain water. The project illustrated here was a com-plete teardown and rebuild, so I framed the roof with 2x8s spaced on 16-in. centers, supported by a beam and a ledger as on most decks. Because these 2x8s were also

How to Install Wood Sleepers on Roof Top

how to install wood sleepers on roof top Architecture: Installing deck over flat rubber roof, rubber rubber roof , porch deck, porch sleepers are sloped 2 x members that sit on top of Online Service

Building a Rooftop Deck Roof Deck Considerations

Perhaps the best place for a roof deck is near the top or at the far of the roof. Often times, you can take extra materials from your deck project and build steps on your roof leading from the roof access to the deck. Again, make sure your roof can accommodate this extra installation.

Roof Decks RAND Engineering Architecture, DPC

For buildings replacing their roofs and planning to install a roof deck or paving system on top, owners can get what is called an "overburden clause" from the roofing manufacturer. This clause specifies additional structural and waterproofing protection that a recreational roofing system requires.

Roof Top Deck Construction

Next, you will need to install a watertight EPMD rubber membrane over the top of the roof deck for protection against water infiltration in place of roofing materials. Then, you will install sleepers or flat 2x6s laid flat every 16 on top of the roof surface. This will provide the surface for you to attach the decking.