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maintenance. Treated timber has maintained its fire performance in the ASTM D2898 accelerated weathering test, used to approve leach resistant, exterior grade fire retardant treatments. Typical applications Treatment with fire retardant in general, does not alter the appearance of the timber or wood based panel. Some slight

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The people who developed FRX wood for interior applications and the people who developed FRX shakes and shingles now offer FRX wood, fire retardant treated wood that retains its fire retardancy in outdoor use. FRX wood is pressure treated lumber and plywood that is chemically treated to reduce the spread of flames and provide tested

Exterior Fire-X

Exterior Fire-X - Exterior Fire Retardant Treated Wood Overview Exterior Fire-X is pressure-impregnated fire-retardant lumber and plywood that provides tested fire protection for applications directly exposed to the weather or high humidity, outdoors as well as indoors.

Fire-Retardant-Treated Wood

The actual flame-spread rating of treated lumber or plywood depends on the fire-retardant chemicals used and the amount of chemicals retained in the wood, which depends on several factors, including wood species.

Exterior Wood Fire Retardant Spray

Flamex PF-2 exterior fire retardant spray for wood is formulated for high humidity and exterior applications on unfinished wood such as decking, utility poles, covered bridges, etc. Also for use on mulch, thatch. This product has been lab tested for both a Class 'A' Fire Rating and exterior durability.


602.4.1 Fire-retardant-treated wood in exterior walls. Fire-retardant-treated wood framing and sheathing complying with Section 2303.2 shall be permitted within exterior wall assemblies not less than 6 inches 152 mm in thickness with a 2-hour rating or less. 602.4.2 Cross-laminated timber in exterior walls.

Exterior Fire Retardant for Lumber and Plywood

Exterior Fire Retardant for Lumber and Plywood - Gallon The fire retardancy of treated wood, lumber or plywood will need to be re-treated 3-5 years, unless its

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Flame Safe FIRE RETARDANT Coatings / Flame Retardants FOR ALL SPECIES EXTERIOR WOOD PLYWOOD LUMBER TIMBER materials treated with Fire Poly 75 E fire retarant

Fire Retardant Truss Design

structural members pressure-treated with fire retardant chemicals see Table 2.3.2 . 11.3.5 Fire Retardant Treatment Adjusted design values for connections in lumber and structural glued laminated timber pressure-treated with fire retardant chemicals shall be obtained from the company providing the treatment and redrying service see 2.3.4 .

FRX Fire Retardant Treated Wood for Exterior Applications

FRX wood combines the beauty and versatility of wood with the fire safety of non-combustible materials. Complies with major model building codes Tested, proven fire performance Effective for lumber, plywood, logs, siding, LVL Common Applications FRX fire retardant treated wood may be used in exterior applications permitted by

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Eco-Sol Ltd has over 30 years experience in Timber and Textile Fire Retardant treatments for domestic and International markets. Our range fire retardant products are of the highest standard and are highly competitive in cost and performance.

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California Code Requirements - Center for Fire Research and - Similar to California Code Requirements - Center for Fire Research and For decking and stair treads, 'heavy timber' means that deck boards are a minimum of or ignition resistant such as exterior fire retardant treated wood .

Techincal Note: Fire-Retardant-Treated FRT Plywood

sive of the five types. They allow the largest areas. Fire-retardant-treated wood and Heavy Timber construction are allowed limited use in Type I and II as noted in the code. Often, Heavy Timber design is used where the beauty of exposed wood is used to enhance the appearance.

Treated Lumber

D-Blaze is pressure-treated FRTW, meaning that fire retardant chemicals are impregnated deep into the wood and locked into the wood fibers for lasting protection. D-Blaze treated lumber and plywood is highly effective in controlling the spread of flames and smoke.

Intumescent Fire Retardant Paint for Timber

Intumescent Fire Retardant Paint for Timber Fire compliance is becoming problematic for timber weatherboard products, particularly in applications close to a boundary or more than 7m in height Fire compliance is increasingly becoming problematic for timber weatherboard products particularly in applications which are close to boundary or

FX LumberGuard XT Exterior Fire Retardant Wood Product

As the industry innovator in fire retardant technology, our FX LumberGuard XT offers a dual-treatment system that was designed to add both long term rot protection combined with Class-A Fire protection for use in decking applications and much more.

Chapter 6: Types of Construction, California Building Code

Fire-retardant-treated wood shall be permitted in: 1.1. Nonbearing partitions where the required fire-resistance rating is 2 hours or less. 1.2. Nonbearing exterior walls where fire-resistance rated construction is not required. 1.3. Roof construction, including girders, trusses, framing and decking.

Fire Retardant Lumber and Plywood for Commercial Code Requirements

We carry a full range of Pyro-Guard fire retardant lumber and plywood and also supply fire retardant timbers, poles, and timber trusses see below for interior applications. Pyro-Guard is pressure-impregnated fire retardant treated wood for dry interior applications non-damp applications behind/inside the exterior wall envelope .

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Exterior fire retardant treated wood is one type of fire retardant lumber that is especially important to maintaining a safe building. Exterior fire retardant treated wood is used for specifications that will have a lot of exposure to the elements or high humidity.


Wood pressure treated with FRX fire retardant is code-compliant and has been issued an evaluation report ESR-1159 by International Code Council ICC Evaluation Services. It is suitable for permanent and temporary exterior construction such as decks, balconies, stairways, roof coverings, canopies and awnings, store fronts and facades, open

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Fire Retardant Paints for Interior and Exterior Use on Wood and Timber Thermoguard Timbercoat is a fire protection paint for exterior and interior timber surfaces. Its durable and weather proof and protects to Class 0 and Class 1 Surface Spread of Flame.

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Decks in the Line of Fire - Professional Deck Builder Magazine. Jul 1, 2007 The other two methods of complying with the code using heavy timber and using noncombustible or fire-retardant-treated materials are